Police seek clues on Lake Oswego man's disappearance

Soon after putting part of his stamp collection up for sale on Craigslist, Alfonso Cotton of Lake Oswego disappeared.

Cotton has been missing since Dec. 10, but few clues have offered a reason why, although his wallet was found in the Willamette River and his car was also discovered. He was last seen Dec. 9 at a condominium he owns on Eagle Crest Drive.

The 50-year-old father and avid stamp collector was trying to sell one of his prized collections for $5,000 and had posted an online ad seeking a buyer.

His abandoned van was found at a gas station on 98th and Division in Southeast Portland and his wallet was found floating in the Willamette River last week near the Burnside Bridge. But nobody knows where he is.

And his family suspects foul play.

“In my heart, I just know he didn’t commit suicide or walk away,” said his wife, Lori Young. “The not knowing is killing us.”

His brother, Anthony Cotton, agreed. “Never. He would never (just walk away). I know him.”

They fear the quest to sell the stamps could be what led to this.

However, a spokesman for the Lake Oswego Police Department said that nothing has yet been found that indicates Cotton’s disappearance is connected to foul play.

“It’s an open case,” said LOPD Sgt. Tom Hamann. “Mr. Cotton has been placed in our missing person file. There is no evidence there has been foul play. His ex-girlfriend (Wendy Rodgers) and some of his friends think foul play may have been involved, but there is no evidence that is the case.”

As soon as Cotton was discovered to be missing, the LOPD contacted all area law enforcement agencies. It was the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office that discovered his wallet, which included Rodgers’ contact information. Since then the only lead on Cotton’s whereabouts was a tip to the Portland Police Department that somebody resembling him was seen.

“We can make no conclusions until we have facts,” Hamann said.

— KOIN 6 News contributed to this report.

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