Most water fixtures deemed within safe levels, but five had new filters installed, district said

No fixtures used for drinking water or food preparation at Lakeridge Junior High School were identified as having unsafe lead levels in the latest round of testing, according to results posted on the Lake Oswego School Distrct website.

LOSD staff drew water samples in November 2016 from 42 fixtures in the main Lakeridge Junior High School building and 28 fixtures on the former Bryant Elementary School, now the LJHS sixth-grade campus. The results were received by the district on Jan. 31.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends schools take fixtures out of service if they're used for drinking water and lead levels exceed 20 parts per billion. No water fixtures in the Bryant campus tested above 20 ppb, but three fixtures in the LJHS main campus did and one was close to 20 ppb. All four have been shut off.

Two of the fixtures were in the kitchen, where they are used for hand washing, not food preparations; one tested at 54.8 ppb and another tested at 20.6 ppb.

Another fixture in a math classroom, Room 24, tested at 25.2 ppb, but it has "very limited use," the LOSD website said. A fourth fixture tested at 19.4 ppb in the science classroom, Room 25, which is used for "cleaning experimental glassware," the website said.

These fixtures will remain out of service until filters are installed and samples of these fixtures have been retested and deemed safe, the district said.

Lead testing is being conducted at all schools in 2016-17. Results also were received on Feb. 1 for tests at River Grove Elementary School from samples drawn from 26 fixtures in November. That included every fixture that "could be used to fill a water bottle, drinking fountains, hand washing stations, and sinks," the district website said. No water fixtures at River Grove tested higher than 20 ppb.

At 18.1 ppb, one sink got close to that EPA marker in kindergarten classroom B6. It was the highest reading.

"As a precautionary measure a reverse osmosis filter will be installed and samples from this fixture retested," the district website said.

— Jillian Daley

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