Calls keep police and firefighters hopping, but only minor damage and no injuries were reported

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Members of the Sanchez family had to opt for pizza after an 85-foot-tall tree came crashing down on their backyard barbecue Sunday. The good news: No one was hurt, and the tree became a convenient (if temporary) place for the entire family to sit.Lake Oswego police and firefighters responded to a handful of calls about downed trees and power lines Sunday evening as a powerful thunderstorm passed through the metro area. There were scattered reports of minor damage, officials said, but no reports of injuries.

"There were a bunch of trees down," LOFD Assistant Chief David Morris said. "It was just enough to keep us going from call to call for a few hours."

The storm, which crossed over Lake Oswego around 5 p.m., packed winds gusting to 40 mph and caught many Father's Day celebrants by surprise. A family barbecue on Tualata Avenue came to an unexpected end when an 85-foot tree dropped branches and then came crashing down in the backyard. Another tree fell between houses during a tribute to Dad on Rivendell Road, barely missing a car parked nearby.

Several roads were blocked by downed trees, including River Run Drive, Edenberry Drive and Westview Drive. A home and car were damaged on Skyland Drive when a tree fell there.

Branches fell onto power lines on Lower Drive, on Pamela Street and at Laurel Street and Highway 43, and lighning struck a power pole at Norwood Road and Southwest 89th Avenue. In most cases, crews used chainsaws to cut up the trees and brooms to sweep up the debris.

No significant power outages were reported, Morris said.

— The Review

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