LOPD will conduct Pedestrian Safety Enforcement; LOPD arrests 7 impaired drivers in June; Post Office says mail delays are temporary

LOPD will conduct Pedestrian Safety Enforcement

The Lake Oswego Police Department will conduct a pedestrian safety enforcement event next week at the intersection of B Avenue and Second Street in downtown Lake Oswego. The event is scheduled for Monday, July 16, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting.

Officers will place a cone 131 feet from the intersection's crosswalk, either in the center of the road or at the edge; 131 feet is considered the safe stopping distance for a vehicle travelling 10 mph over B Avenue's 20 mph speed limit.

A plainclothes police employee will play the role of a pedestrian and will step off the sidewalk and enter the crosswalk. Drivers must stop and remain stopped until the pedestrian is out of their travel lane and the adjacent lane.

Plainclothes police officers will monitor the scene and notify police cars to pursue violators. Failure to stop and remain stopped is a Class B traffic violation and will result in a citation with a base fine of $265.

The enforcement event is funded by an overtime grant as part of a program intended to raise awareness about pedestrian safety. This will be the ninth year in a row that Lake Oswego has received the grant. A total of 14 pedestrians have been struck in Lake Oswego since the beginning of 2016.

LOPD arrests 7 impaired drivers in June

Lake Oswego Police officers arrested seven drivers for DUII incidents in June during regular-duty patrols, the department announced last week. Six of the arrests involved alcohol-related offenses; one was for controlled substances.

LOPD Lt. Doug Treat said officers also continue to partner with Oregon Impact in a nationwide campaign to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road. A driver can be impaired by a number of intoxicants, Treat said, including alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription medication.

If a driver is arrested for DUII, he said, they can be subject to a number of monetary fines, have their license suspended and spend time in jail.

"Stay safe, take care of your friends and family, find a designated driver if needed and keep others from driving if they appear impaired," Treat said. "Please act responsibly and drive sober."

Post Office says mail delays are temporary

Lake Oswego residents may have noticed slight delays in some of their letter and package deliveries in the past few weeks, but U.S. Postal Service officials told The Review that those issues are only temporary.

Three weeks ago, regional mail sorting operations at the downtown Portland post office and two other facilities were all consolidated and moved to a new USPS facility in northeast Portland near the airport. The new processing facility has been years in the making and is the second-largest of its kind in the country, but officials said the transition has caused some mail to be delayed by a day or two while everyone settles in.

"We're working through a brand new building and some issues with the machinery," said USPS spokeswoman Lynn Yut. "As you start up anything new, usually there are some kinks to work through, and we're working through that diligently right now."

Yut said USPS expected all of the issues to be resolved quickly.

— The Review

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