Students across Lake Oswego return to school, both nervous and excited about 'the promise of what is to come'

Monday's journey to Lake Oswego Junior High was a bit longer than the usual commute for sixth-grader Emily Kitchen and her seventh-grade sister Ava, who just moved to Lake Oswego from Germany.

Across town, Lakeridge Junior High eighth-grader Landon DuPuis also found himself at a new school in an unfamiliar town; he and his family recently relocated from Seattle.

Talk about new beginnings!

But Emily, Ava and Landon weren't alone this week. Filled with equal parts excitement and anxiety, hundreds of students filed out of minivans, SUVs, cars and buses and into their respective schools, many accompanied for support by parents and younger siblings. And everywhere you looked, there were smiles.

"There is so much positive energy on the first day," says Lake Oswego High Principal Rollin Dickinson. "The reunions, the new connections, the opportunity to take such great classes with our outstanding teachers, the promise of what is to come — it is all really fun and exciting."

Lakeridge High Principal Desiree Fisher says back-to-school week is also an exciting time for staff.

"It is always great to have students back in the building. They bring energy and enthusiasm to the planning that we spend our summers making for the upcoming school year," she says. "The students are the reason for everything we do here at Lakeridge, and finally having them back from summer break is the best."

Review reporters and photographers visited the secondary schools Monday and planned to be at the elementary schools Thursday when kindergartners reported for their first day. Look for lots of photos from the week on Pages A13 and A16 of the Aug. 30 Review, even more in the Sept. 6 issue and still more online here.

— The Review

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