There's no call too small for the men and women of the Lake Oswego Police Department


9/7/18 9:02 a.m. A backpack containing a passport and cash was stolen from a car in the 600 block of Second Street.

9/8/18 12:04 p.m. Someone broke into a blue Honda Fit on Terwilliger Boulevard by smashing a window. It was unclear if anything was taken.

9/8/18 12:31 p.m. A woman whose house is for sale on Glacier Lily Street told police that a jewelry box was missing from a nightstand. Her realtor is now checking records of who visited the house, the woman said.


9/4/18 8:21 p.m. Homeowners called police after returning to find that a door had been pried open and jewelry was missing from their house. The victims said they had left for the day around 9 a.m. and that a neighbor reported seeing the open door around 3 p.m.


9/7/18 1:27 p.m. Someone tried to pass a phony $50 bill at a business on South State Street, and employees told police they have the suspects on video.

9/7/18 3:14 p.m. A woman told police she was convinced that her mother was the victim of a lottery scam after stopping her from mailing cash at a UPS store on State Street. Mom inists it's all legit, the woman said, but several money transfers have already taken place and she needs advice about what to do next.


9/1/18 11:50 a.m. A man and woman emerged from the park at the end of Palisades Crest Drive, loaded two duffel bags into a small white sedan with no license plates on it and drove off, prompting a concerned neighbor to call police.

9/1/18 11:51 p.m. A whispering caller told dispatchers that someone was repeatedly knocking on her door and ringing the bell. A search of the area came up empty.

9/1/18 8:41 p.m. Several callers reported hearing and seeing illegal fireworks along the Willametter River in the vicinity of Marylhurst University.

9/3/18 8:25 p.m. A group of more than 20 people were reportedly walking in the middle of Lakeview Boulevard, a caller told police. They were yelling and screaming, the caller said, and generally acting like they were having fun.

9/3/18 11:07 p.m. A woman who headed into some bushes on Sherbrook Place raised suspicions when she stumbled out of the shrubbery a few minutes later, barefoot and smelling of cigarette smoke. The woman just didn't seem well, a caller told police.

9/3/18 11:02 p.m. A mom told police she felt unsafe after catching her 15-year-old son doing drugs. The boy was now crying, she said, and had apparently hidden the contraband elsewhere.

9/4/18 5:33 a.m. File this one under "It Could Be Worse": A man told dispatchers he needed help because he was stuck in a Rolls Royce dealership.

9/4/18 10 a.m. When a crowd of onlookers gathered and starting taking pictures of a landscape company's workers near a path to Cooks Butte Park off Atherton Drive, a homeowners' association reperesentative thought it best to be proactive and let police know that it was all just part of regular tree maintenance.

9/4/18 6:12 p.m. An apartment manager asked police to patrol her complex in the morning and watch for the owner of a white Tesla who allegedly speeds through the parking lot every morning betweeen 8:45-9 a.m. The driver had almost struck a resident, the manager said.

9/4/18 8:23 p.m. A worried neighbor called to report that a small dog was trying and failing to keep up with its young owner as the boy rode his motorized bicycle along Deerbrush Avenue. The panting pooch kept stopping, the caller said, and it just looked like it wasn't being taken care of.

9/4/18 9:16 p.m. A man called to complain about people flying drones over the intersection of Boones Ferry and Oakridge roads. Dispatchers told him it wasn't a violation of city ordinances, but that he could report the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration.

9/5/18 8:25 a.m. Someone forget their lunch? A dark grey SUV appeared to be following a school bus on Twin Fir Road, a caller told police, and its driver was "honking their horn like crazy."

9/5/18 11:58 a.m. A wallet found in a restroom contained a baggie with what looked like a small amount of cocaine inside, prompting a call to police.

9/5/18 2:34 p.m. An elderly jogger headed westbound on Kruse Way seemed "out of it," a concerned passerby told police. The grey-haired man, who looked to be in his 60s, was dressed in a long-sleeve shirt and shorts and was running in the street instead of on the sidewalk.

9/5/18 4:13 p.m. A man had nothing in his hands when he started wandering around a parking lot on Eagle Crest Drive, a caller told police, but he was carrying two bags when he crawled up a hill to leave the area.

9/5/18 4:20 p.m. A teenage boy was riding his bike near Royce Way and Bryant Road without a helmet and he wasn't stopping at stop signs, a woman told police.

9/6/18 9:34 a.m. A concerned mother told police that her son was in jail and that she wasn't sure what to do about the dogs in his apartment. Officers offered some adivce.

9/6/18 11:41 a.m. A resident told police they could use his driveway as a staging area if it would help stop young drivers from speeding through the area near Westview and Overlook drives.

9/6/18 12:53 p.m. A property owner asked to talk to an officer about a tenant who apparently has been smoking marijuana in a downstairs apartment. The landlord said he was currently out of the country, but could easily chat about the problem via Skype.

9/6/18 2:23 p.m. Two women near the beach at George Rogers Park reportedly refused to stop smoking or leash their pitbulls when asked, prompting a call to police.

9/6/18 3:49 p.m. When the doors to an elevator at the Lake Oswego Public Library got stuck, firefighters were summoned to pry them open and free a child stuck inside. The rescued youngster was uninjured, and library staff was told to have a service company check on the elevator.

9/7/18 11:32 a.m. A hiker discovered men's underwear, shorts and drug paraphernalia on a picnic table near the Iron Mountain trailhead off Glen Eagles Road. The items' owner was nowhere to be found.

9/7/18 12:09 p.m. A ranting, raving man dressed in a blue shirt and sweatpants was yelling at himself and at other people near the water feature in Foothills Park, a startled woman said, but the gentleman was gone by the time police arrived.

9/7/18 12:33 p.m. A woman asked to speak with an officer about an argument she had with her maid over the Labor Day weekend.

9/7/18 4:57 p.m. A construction crew working at his neighbor's house on Fourth Street cut down a tree, a man told police, and then left it on his property.

9/8/18 7:12 a.m. Someone illegally dumped tires and other rubbish on the side of the road near Goodall and Knaus


9/8/18 6:18 p.m. Police told a group of youngsters near Tualatin Street and Lower Drive that it probably wasn't a good idea to use a spray can as a torch, even if they weren't actually burning anything at the time.

9/8/18 7:34 p.m. Every night, a man and woman in a blue Prius pull up in front of a home on Westview Court and start looking for their cat, a caller told police. Seems awfully suspicious and absoluetly unwanted, the caller said.

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