There's no call too small for the men and women of the Lake Oswego Police Department


9/18 18 9:01 a.m. Two $100 bills were taken from a safe in a home on Oswego Shore Court while windows were being installed and the homeowner was away.

9/19/18 8:09 a.m. Thieves tossed everything out of the glove boxes of a Chevy Tahoe and a Ford Edge on Terrace Drive, but it was unclear what if anything was stolen.

9/19/18 1:31 p.m. Photo albums, a laptop and clothing were stolen on July 4 from a storage unit on Foothills Drive. The property's owner said she suspects a former roommate, and that she tried to resolve the incident with them before reporting it to police.

9/19/18 6:11 p.m. Makeup and other miscelleneous items worth approximately $667 were stolen from a store on Boones Ferry Road by a man and woman in their 20s who fled the scene in a red car. Police and employees are reviewing security video.

9/21/18 5:25 a.m. Someone stole tires from the used-tire area at the Les Schwab Tire Center on Boones Ferry Road and then drove off in a blue Chevy pickup.

9/21/18 9:48 a.m. A customer stole a soda from a store on Boones Ferry Road and then slammed the door on an employee who tried to stop them.

9/22/18 12:21 p.m. After a group of hooligans allegedly stole e-cigarettes from a shop on A Avenue the night before, one of the them returned around noon and tried to steal more. A store employee told police he had video of the original theft and a photo of the blue BMW the juveniles used to get away.

9/24/18 6:12 p.m. A student's MacBook Air was taken from a classroom at Lakeridge Junior High.


9/18/18 2:26 p.m. A fraud victim told police that she is now being threatened by the scammers, who say they'll report her for money laundering if she doesn't cooperate further.

9/19/18 11:31 a.m. Someone tried to open a Kohl's credit card account using a Lake Oswego woman's personal information.

9/19/18 12:23 p.m. The IRS refused to accept a Lake Oswego woman's tax returns because someone else had already used her son's Social Security number.


9/15/18 9:52 a.m. A man with a shaved head and a bleeding face ran across Kruse Way from a building on Meadows Road and hid in trees north of Kruse, according to a caller who also reported seeing a car pursuing the man. Turns out it all started as a domestic violence incident in Tigard that ended with a car crash in Lake Oswego; the suspect was never located.

9/15/18 1:50 p.m. A woman who stopped by City Hall said she needed a witness to sign her son's Irish passport, and she hoped a police officer would oblige.

9/15/18 8:10 p.m. A runner asked for extra police patrols after a man on a bicycle followed her so closely that he clipped her heels. The hoodie-wearing cyclist reportedly stopped when the woman ran to a nearby residence.

9/15/18 2:42 p.m. A 3-year-old became separated from his mom when he stopped to admire rocks while on a bike ride through the First Addition neighborhood. He was quickly reunited with his parents.

9/15/18 7:07 p.m. Kids were urged to keep their distance and parents were told to call police the next time a grouchy neighbor yelled at or threatened their children while the youngsters played on their cul-de-sac. (The man has shouted obscenties in the past and threatened to "get his car and hit you," one parent said.) When the man started playing "vulgar music" while the kids were outside on Sept. 23, parents called police again. This time, officers contacted the man; they determined he was not a threat to himself or others, but they did get him to promise to call police in the future instead of yelling at the kids.

9/17/18 1:30 p.m. A woman told police that her ex's new girlfriend now flips her off every time she walks through the neighborhood.

9/18/18 11:29 a.m. A man told police that he was hit by a sound wave three weeks ago that literally knocked him to his knees and caused neighborhood dogs to start barking in the vicinity of Summit Drive and Lakeview Boulevard.

9/18/18 6:46 p.m. It sounded like kids and adults were screaming at each other, a caller said, and there were slamming sounds too. But officers responding to the domestic violence call found it was just a loud movie playing on the family's big-screen TV.

9/18/189 8:54 p.m. A concerned patron asked police to make sure that an intoxicated man got home in one piece after he walked away from a pub on McVey Avenue. The man left his car at the establishment and said he only lived a few blocks away, the caller said, but she was still worried. Officers checked, and sure enough, the man's wife said he did get home and that they would pick up his car in the morning.

9/19/18 5:01 p.m. Police were unable to locate the man in a "weird" hat and dirty clothes who has reportedly been camping in Tryon Creek Park off Stampher Road. A neighbor said the man arrives at 11 p.m. and leaves at 6 a.m. every day.

9/19/18 6:41 p.m. Someone called a realtor's co-workers, used her name and asked "creepy things."

9/19/18 8:22 p.m. A caller asked police if they could help him retrieve his bike from a rack on Monroe Parkway after the lock broke and left him stranded. Officers responded with a pair of bolt cutters.

9/20/18 9:46 a.m. There was no problem with the lights at Country Club and Boones Ferry roads, but that didn't stop a helpful gentleman from taking it upon himself to direct traffic from the middle of the intersection.

9/20/18 12:09 p.m. A man responded with a slanderous comment after a woman posted a remark to his online forum. Imagine that!

9/21/18 8:32 a.m. An elderly resident of Prestwick Road called to report a dead deer in her yard, only to learn that officers aren't allowed to remove wildlife from private property. Police pointed her toward someone who could.

9/21/18 9:51 a.m. A cyclist upset about tables and chairs on a North State Street sidewalk pushed the furniture against a restaurant's door and threatened to toss it all through the windows if they're still out tomorrow. Extra patrols were requested.

9/21/18 2:34 a.m. A mom and her three children were spotted panhandling in the downtown area, prompting a handful of calls to police — including one from a woman who was convinced the mother was avoiding taxes and endangering her children. Officers determined that the woman was on private property, her children were just fine and no illegal activity was involved.

9/21/18 5:44 p.m. A man from Arizona told police that he and his mother had rented a room in Lake Oswego from a woman on Craigslist, only to find what looked like blood stains on a mattress and blood splattered on a door when they moved in. Now he doesn't feels safe, he told officers, and he thinks he was scammed.

9/22/18 8:08 a.m. When a woman kicked her boyfriend out, he took all of his belongings except a baggie containing an unknown powdered substance. Police determined that it was only kava root powder, though, and advised the woman to dispose of the baggie herself.

9/22/18 12:12 p.m. A distraught woman called to report that she had just run over and killed a cat in a parking lot on Burnham Road. She thought the cat was under her car as she was leaving, she told police, and now was just too upset to go back and check. An officer found the cat, but was unable to locate its owner.

9/22/18 4:57 p.m. A man told police that a group of kids ages 6-8 were hanging out in the middle of the street near Majestic Court and Duncan Drive, riding scooters and bikes and making all sorts of noise. The youngsters were too young to be unsupervised, he said, and could get hit by cars and delivery vehicles.

9/24/18 11:34 a.m. Several callers reported that blue-and-orange graffiti was sprayed sometime overnight on the North Shore Bridge.

9/24/18 12:14 p.m. Someone's first mistake was dumping their recycling at Lake Oswego Junior High. Not cool. And their second mistake? Two of the three large cardboard boxes still had names and a Lake Oswego address on them. Oops.

9/24/18 2:12 p.m. A man pulled into the parking lot at the downtown Shell station and appeared to pass out behind the wheel, prompting a call to police from a station attendant who got no response when he knocked on the car's window. Police said the driver was later taken to Clackamas County Jail after officers determined he had a blood alcohol content of .26, more than three times the legal limit.

9/24/18 2:31 p.m. Vandals poured paint remover on a car in the parking lot at One Jefferson Parkway sometime over the weekend.

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