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Annie Arkebauer wants to know who's dumping the gloves on roads and sidewalks in downtown Lake Oswego

REVIEW PHOTO - Lake Oswego resident Annie Arkebauer found these gloves near A Avenue and State Street in downtown Lake Oswego. Where did they come from?Lake Oswego resident Annie Arkebauer wrote a letter to The Review this week, saying she's troubled by all the trash she sees along the side of the road during her walks from her home near Foothills Park to downtown. Normally, we'd just add her missive to the Readers' Letters section of the paper and call it good.

Except for The Mystery of the Green Gloves.

"What I have found recently really has me puzzled," Arkebauer wrote, and that goes for us, too.

Seems that in the past week or so, Arkebauer and her friends have found green rubber gloves in the gutter and along the sidewalks in front of the stores and businesses at A Avenue and State Street. Lots of gloves.

"I have taken two bags of green rubber gloves to the City, and my friend took a bag of them to the City's maintenance group," Arkebauer says. "I have continued to pick them up every time I go by there. Who is doing this?"

That's a good question.

We checked with Lake Oswego Police Lt. Darryl Wrisley. "I asked around and no one knew what I was talking about," he says.

We checked with Public Works Director Anthony Hooper and Parks Director Ivan Anderholm. No luck there, either.

"This is truly strange," Hooper told us. "I double-checked and made sure, and you can cross Public Works off the list. We use either white, blue-and-grey or blue Atlas gloves."

Arkebauer says she knows this isn't a vital issue. What she really wants is an official "War on Trash" in Lake Oswego.

"I would like to see us have at least a day of clean-up like the beaches do and start a campaign to keep Lake Oswego the most beautiful city in the nation, and the cleanest," she says.

We agree. A great idea. But honestly, it's hard to let The Mystery of The Green Gloves go.

So we're turning to you. Where do you think the gloves are coming from? Who's leaving them on Lake Oswego's downtown streets and sidewalks?

"Why do people do that," Arkebauer asks, "when we live in such a beautiful city?"

The truth, we know, is out there.

— The Review

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