There's no call too small for the men and women of the Lake Oswego Police Department


10/2/18 9:39 a.m. A gray X-Calibur mountain bike was stolen off the porch of a home on Canal Circle sometime over the weekend.

10/2/18 6:30 p.m. A white Ninebot electric unicycle worth $500 was stolen while parked at Uplands Elementary School.

10/3/18 2 p.m. Three days after the back door of a downtown shop was found open, one of the owners called police to report that cash was missing and that she had been getting fraud alerts on her credit card.

10/4/18 9:46 a.m. A bag of recyclable cans was taken from a carport on Hemlock Street.

10/5/18 3:03 p.m. A package containing Cole Haan shoes worth $180 was taken from a porch on Megan Place.

10/5/18 3:59 p.m. Two chainsaws, a backpack blower and other equipment was stolen from the back of a Ford F350 pickup on Boones Ferry Road near Lake Oswego High School.

10/6/18 5:17 p.m. A suspected thief left her tennis shoes behind after taking a pair of tan ankle boots and a winter coat from a store on A Avenue.

10/8/18 9:25 a.m. A woman told police that her grandma's clothing, jewelry and personal writings were taken from a storage unit on Rosewood Street. Estimated value of the loss: $5,000.


10/7/18 3:36 p.m. Someone apparently entered a woman's apartment while she was at work and took a shower. There were no signs of forced entry, but the woman told police no family members have access to the unit and she has the only set of keys.


10/5/18 9:49 a.m. A man who had reported his vehicle stolen discovered that it had actually been borrowed by a friend and then parked in a different spot.


10/2/18 12:32 p.m. A caller wired $160 to what they thought was their title company, only to discover that they had been scammed and that it was too late to stop the transfer.

10/2/18 1:25 p.m. In a case of identity theft, scammers used a Lake Oswego man's personal information to purchase an airline ticket.

10/2/18 4:23 p.m. A woman was advised to exchange her wireless router, change her passwords and check her credit reports after telling police that scammers had made repeated attempts to hack her computer over the past year. So far, she said, those attacks had been unsuccessful.


9/30/18 7:17 a.m. Someone scraped anti-Semitic and pornographic graffiti into the dirt near the stairs into George Rogers Park. An officer brushed it away.

9/30/18 1:24 p.m. A woman asked for officers' help after loading her mother's revolver and then forgetting how to unload it. She was advised not to have the gun near her when officers arrived.

9/30/18 4:37 p.m. An elderly woman stopped a passerby in a parking lot on Mercantile Drive and asked for help getting back to King City. Police contacted the woman's son and arranged for a ride home.

10/1/18 10:01 a.m. Mailboxes on Kerr Parkway and Bryant Road were vandalized and pried open overnight. No reports yet of missing mail.

10/1/18 3:15 p.m. Police responded to an audible alarm at a house on Lords Lane, only to discover that a nanny had turned on a robot vacuum cleaner and then accidentally left the home's motion detector on when she left.

10/2/18 8:26 a.m. Homeowners on Parkview Drive told police that a scrawny black cat had been following them around for a while and clawing at their door, and they weren't quite sure what to do with the stray. Officers referred them to agencies that might be able to help.

10/2/18 8:27 a.m. Several callers complained to police about a woman who was protesting in front of a tanning salon on Boones Ferry Road. Police determined that she wasn't blocking the sidewalk, though, and explained that she had a right to protest in a public right-of-way. A day later, counter-protesters hit the sidewalk, carrying signs offering discount rates on tans.

10/2/18 11:16 a.m. A First Addition resident told police that one of her neighbors continues to park cars on the street near Second Street and C Avenue and then leave them there for months. Most of the vehicles have Washington plates and expired tags, she said.

10/2/18 6:20 p.m. When a family parked its car in the parking lot of a downtown service station and began panhandling on the sidewalk nearby, station attendants called police. The family — a man, woman and three kids — moved their car off the property when police asked, but were allowed to continue asking passersby for gas money.

10/2/18 11:51 p.m. A woman called from the downtown transit station to say she had missed the last bus and was now stranded without enough money to pay for a ride home. Police found her a free room for the night at a local motel.

10/3/18 3:43 A resident on Cumberland Road told police that a Portland newspaper continues to land on her driveway twice a week, even though she isn't paying for it and has repeatedly asked the company to stop.

10/3/18 5:24 p.m. A homeowner on Indian Trail asked if police could put down an injured deer that had found its way under a deck and wouldn't come out. The deer left when officers arrived, though — injured but mobile.

10/3/18 7:01 p.m. In what appears to be an ongoing issue, a caller asked for advice about what to do about neighbors who smoke pot in their car, urinate on the street and engage in other "bad behavior" at all hours. Police contacted the suspects, who weren't doing anything wrong when officers arrived, and let them know about the complaints.

10/04/8 12:30 p.m. Firefighters responded to report of a blaze on the back deck of a home on York Road, only to find that a quick-thinking neighbor had already extinguished the flames with a garden house. No one was home at the time, officials said; the fire was blamed on improper disposal of cigarette butts.

10/04/18 1:32 p.m. Highway 43 was closed in both directions between A and E avenues for a couple of hours and several nearby businesses were evacuated after a construction crew hit a gas line while digging with a backhoe. All traffic was diverted to First Street until NW Natural could finish repairs; no injuries or other damage was reported.

10/4/18 4:37 p.m. A large Husky dog was reportedly circling a woman's chickens on Westview Court. The dog also tried to bite the woman, she told police, before it headed home. Officers contacted the pooch's owner and warned him about allowing the dog to roam wild.

10/4/18 9:50 p.m. An anonymous caller returned home to find a neighbor wandering around outside in his boxers with his, uh, parts hanging out. The man wasn't touching said parts, the caller reported; he was just walking around, looking like he might be on drugs. And what's more, the caller said, the man often walks around naked inside his abode too. Responding officers contacted the man, who told them he had just returned from a run and was walking around the parking lot to cool down.

10/5/18 7:34 a.m. File this one under 'You Just Can't Win': When construction crews start too early in the morning, they usually generate noise complaints to the LOPD. So when a team from Indigo Construction arrived on the job about 45 minutes early, they planned to sit in their truck on North Shore Road and wait until 8 a.m. to start work. Problem solved, right? Nope. A neighbor still called police, saying a "suspicious vehicle" was parked on the narrow road and making difficult for school buses to get by.

10/5/18 8:01 p.m. In what appears to be an ongoing problem for a frustrated resident of Mapleleaf Road, six young hooligans knocked on her front door twice within 15 minutes and then ran off. They were last seen heading toward Fernwood Drive.

10/5/18 11:51 p.m. An elderly woman called to report that the lights in her apartment weren't working and she didn't know what to do. She tried to call the manager, she said, but got no answer. Responding officers provided assistance.

10/6/18 4:45 p.m. A pet owner told police that her small dog was almost run over at Second Street and A Avenue by a fast-moving skateboarder with a tattoo on his neck and his black hair tied up like a sumo wrestler. Niether man nor beast suffered any injuries.

10/6/18 5:16 p.m. Someone keeps eating in front of a house on Foothills Raod and then leaving trash behind. It seems to always happen overnight, a caller said.

10/8/18 1:15 p.m. A candidate for City Council told police that someone had taken her political signs from supporters' yards.

10/8/18 7:02 p.m. A contractor working later than city code allows agreed to turn off his pressure-washing equipment after police told him a neighbor had complained about the noise.

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