Can I drive around ''Road Closed' signs in Lake Oswego if I live in the neighborhood?

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OLIVERCan I drive around '"Road Closed" signs if I live in the neighborhood?

That would depend on the type of sign that is present.

If it states ROAD CLOSED, then you cannot go past the sign into the closure area. The only exception is if you were contacted by the appropriate party with control of the area and given permission to drive around the sign to get to your homes. Without that permission, a driver cannot disregard the ROAD CLOSED sign.

If the sign is a ROAD CLOSED — LOCAL ACCESS ONLY sign, then only residents or those needing to conduct business within the closure zone are allowed to enter. This does not apply to someone trying to use the route as a shortcut to another neighborhood or business location. A driver in that instance would have to find another route.

If a driver disobeys the road closure sign, it is punishable as a violation of ORS 811.265-failure to obey a traffic control device.

Often, ROAD CLOSED signs are present in construction zones in order for crews to safely perform their work and to protect the area under construction. If a driver entered a road closure zone and, as a result of driving through the protected area, caused damage within the construction zone, that action could result in a charge of criminal mischief.

For the safety of workers and the preservation of the construction area as well as your vehicle, please obey the road closure signs and find an alternate route to your destination. If you have questions about a particular area, you can call the police non-emergency number at 503-635-0238.

— Officer Jeff Oliver

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