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On this Thanksgiving day, Lake Oswegans give thanks for the blessings of the season.

REVIEW PHOTO: CLAIRE HOLLEY - Kindergartners Emery Kroeger (from left), Charlie Parker, Emma Cho and Aiden Ye show off the 'thankfulness books' they made at River Grove Elementary School in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. This week, families all across Lake Oswego are sitting down to holiday meals and giving thanks for the blessings of the season. We count family and friends among our most precious gifts, delighting in the simple pleasures of laughter and love, of quiet acts of kindness, of smiles and handshakes and greetings happily shared.

We are in awe of the bounty and beauty of the seasons. And we are overcome by the pure joy of a walk in the woods, an early morning horse ride, a chance to row on the river or paddle on the lake.

We are, all of us, Lake Oswegans. And as we gather in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all of the blessings of lives lived in this beautiful and wondrous place.

— The Review

MUSICK"Lake Oswego is a community that loves its children. I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead passionate professionals in service to our students. It is my privilege to see the growth and development throughout the year as our young people deepen their relationships, build their skills and become caring citizens themselves. I am thankful for the chance to be part of the process of nurturing students, supporting parents and building community. It is an honor that few people get to experience. Thank you, Lake Oswego, for this moment to be of service to you.

— Michael Musick is the superintendent of the Lake Oswego School District

CHILDRESS"I grew up on the Texas plains with people rich in love and community values. Any plant over 15 feet tall was a tree, creeks were muddy and mountains were a destination. Terri, our three children and I moved to Lake Oswego 23 years ago to towering trees, rich fauna and mountains in our backyard. The people care for each other and generously give to their local and world communities through Rotary, church and many wonderful organizations. I'm forever thankful for the blessing to call this paradise home."

— Craig Childress is a certified financial planner and president of the Lake Oswego Rotary Club

COLVER"I am overwhelmingly grateful to have the time, the health and the means to pursue my passion for travel. After more than a decade of community service, including founding the Lake Oswego Preservation Society in 2011, I am stepping down from nonprofit volunteer work. I'm immensely proud of my contributions, but now my focus will be on enjoying life, spending time with friends and traveling as much as possible. I agree with whomever it was that said this: ?"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

— Marylou Colver is the founder of the Lake Oswego Preservation Society

Jenny Slepian celebrates with her Hood to Coast team."Losing my dad unexpectedly at the end of 2017 meant I started 2018 in a very dark place. I didn't think I would crawl out for some time. I know now what depression means. But there is something about losing a close loved one that teaches you strength, resiliency and gratitude. In the depths of sadness, I felt deep love for my friends and family who were there. By opening my eyes to what was around me, 2018 became a magical year. My dog is still alive 15 months post-cancer diagnosis, which is a downright miracle; I found new community at the Oregon Humane Society, where I volunteer; on my amazing Hood to Coast team, there is someone in my life I can share my fascination with Bill Walton with; and the Timbers are in the playoffs! Let the holiday season begin (in a responsible, low-waste way, of course!)"

— Jenny Slepian is the sustainability and management analyst for the City of Lake Oswego

ALLENBAUGH"Thanksgiving. What a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the many blessings we get to experience — blessings that we often take for granted during the course of the year. Family and friends certainly come to the top of my list. These special people energize me and provide incredible life vitality. I am grateful to live in such a free and generous country — warts and all. I appreciate the many opportunities available for people to learn, grow and prosper in our nation — and to give back some of what we have received. I value our right to choose and shape our own destiny. I appreciate those in our military services who have elected to serve our nation and protect our freedoms. I highly value the warmth and generosity of so many in Lake Oswego who strive to make this community the special place that it is. Life is good!"

— G. Eric Allenbaugh is a leadership consultant and executive coach

DICKINSON"Each day feels like a big gift. I am happy we take this time as a community, as families, and as individuals for thanks. I think about what Brene Brown wrote: 'What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.' And I think about how our students thank our teachers after each class, even when they were just given a big test and a big homework assignment, and how cool that is. And I think about how privileged I feel to work with such inspiring, grateful, passionate educators each day and to have a family as deeply sweet as the one I've got, and so much more."

— Rollin Dickinson is the principal of Lake Oswego High School

"I'm grateful that I have the pleasure of working with people whose company I truly enjoy."

— Scott Lazenby is Lake Oswego's city manager

STEIN"I read a news story the other day that said only 6 percent of people grow up to do the job they dreamed about as a child. And so on this Thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live my dream and share my love of community journalism with the people of Lake Oswego. I have met so many wonderful and welcoming people who live and work and play in a town that I have come to love, and I thank all of them for sharing this place with me. I am also thankful for my three children, my two grandchildren and a network of good and loving friends who remind me every day that, in the end, it is the connections we make and the relationships we nurture that truly define who we are."

— Gary M. Stein is the editor of The Lake Oswego Review

"As always, I am grateful for my wonderful family and for their continued good health. Beyond that, as I witness what is going on in the world, I am very grateful I live in a country where we are free to speak our minds, where we are free to pursue our own goals, and where we are free to worship as we choose."

— Kent Studebaker is the mayor of Lake Oswego

SIMON"This year has been an incredibly busy and transformative time for us in the police department, and I'm incredibly grateful for the hard work of our department members and the immense support from our citizens and City. I'm thankful to work in an environment where the people both inside and outside of the organization value you as an employee and a person. Last but certainly not least, I'm grateful for the love and support of my family, whose generosity allows me to serve the City and citizens of Lake Oswego the best I can."

— Clayton Simon is the traffic lieutenant for the Lake Oswego Police Department

WRIGHT"I am thankful for dirt, for our sweet-smelling soil, for the 15,000-year-old Missoula alluvium that organically produces half the food my wife and I eat, that nourishes shrubs in which birds nest, and that shoots up a thick mat of weeds where mice and snakes find balance. Thank you, loam, for the bounty of leaves — their movements and colors, their graceful descent to rejoin you, the homes they assemble for salamanders, earthworms and beetles, for making the perfect seedling nursery. Thank you too for an explosion of flowers all summer — magnets to hummingbirds, honeybees, bumblebees and praying mantises. And with respect to the old-growth firs that shade our house during hot spells and keep inside temperatures as much as 20 degrees cooler, many long sighs of relief. Thank you, soil, in particular for letting us give back, for your tireless acceptance of our wastes, for reconnecting us with the eternal, sacred cycle of life.

— Peter Wright is a Lake Oswego resident

DUNIS"What a great opportunity it's been writing for Jottings From 5th & G. Don't recognize that address? It's the Adult Community Center, were the Jottings writing group originated in 2000 — and is still going strong. I have been writing with that group for seven years. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many terrific writers — Helen Mahle, Tonsy Sylvester and a host of others, including those in the group now. I will miss hearing your stories and laughing until our sides split, but it's time to move on to other writing projects. Thank you for your friendships."

— Nancy Dunis writes The Review's monthly History Connection column

WENDLAND"I am so thankful to my friends and family who answered the call to help me with my campaign for City Council. No matter the need, people stepped up. I am appreciative that our localness kept the campaign vibe positive and constructive. And I am thankful that in the past four months of campaigning, I was able to meet people from all over town who are engaged and care about our city. We live in a very special community, and I am grateful I am a part of it."

— John Wendland is a Lake Oswego city councilor-elect

"We're grateful every day to see how art plays a vital and recognizable role in one city. When we see a child and adult engaging and learning about the basalt benches and dish rocks, ?"The Ocean and the Moon," at the Maintenance Center, see a group of seniors citizens enriched by a docent-led bus tour and adults having a great time practicing their art-making skills and communing with new friends and neighbors, we can't help but be thankful. Arts-rich neighborhoods are more connected to their fellow citizens, and art and community development strengthens social networks. The Arts Council of Lake Oswego appreciates each and every one of our citizens, volunteers, visitors and friends who help us ensure art is an integral part of life in our community."

— Nicole Nathan is executive director and Robin Krakauer is development and communications associate of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego

CLEMENTS"On this Thanksgiving (and every other day of the year), I am grateful for the Lake Oswego Public Library — for the art history books that enrich Art Literacy; for the Children's Library walls filled with art projects; for the genealogy databases I use to find ancestors; for the reference librarians who graciously accommodate obscure interlibrary loan requests; for all of the programs I have attended or wish I could have attended; for the Lucky Day shelves; for Cyndie Glazer and LO Reads; and for the Booktique with its friendly volunteers and amazing selection. Our community is a better place because of our outstanding library!"

— Courtney Clements is a parent and volunteer for the Lake Oswego School District

MATTERSDORFF"I have so many things for which to be grateful that it's difficult to know where to begin. I'm grateful to live in this beautiful place during an era of relative peace and prosperity. I'm grateful to my parents, who first brought me to Lake Oswego at the age of 2, who showered me with love and, in so doing, who set me on a path for success. I'm grateful for numerous superb teachers whom I have met along my way, who shaped my thinking. I'm grateful to my clients, whose loyalty and friendship have been crucial for the success of my business. Most of all, I'm grateful for the love of my family and friends. They bring me joy and contentment beyond words, and give me the strength to carry on in all of my endeavors."

— Lake Oswego resident Donald Mattersdorff is an investment advisor and a recent candidate for City Council

FREED"This year, I am particularly proud and grateful to live in Oregon, where we vote by mail. Our recent elections were orderly and organized, and allowed every voter ample opportunity to review issues and candidates thoroughly while perusing the voters' pamphlet or other relevant materials. Not a single one of us had to endure long lines or malfunctioning voting machines! Oregon was the first state to institute vote by mail, later joined by Washington and Colorado. When will the other states come to their senses?"

— Joan Freed is an actress and singer and president of Lakewood Center Associates

WIRTZ"This year, it is with a grateful heart that I am abundantly appreciative and give thanks for the gift of love that is given and received to and from family, friends, community and the universe. I am filled with a consciousness of plenty and a sense of possibilities, and it flows easily as I humbly serve with an attitude of gratitude. I give thanks and celebrate abundance and wish peace and love to all at Thanksgiving and always."

— Jan Wirtz is the recreation superintendent for the Lake Oswego Parks & Rec Department

"During this Thanksgiving season, I am extremely thankful for all of the students, families, staff, faculty, directors and administrators in Lake Oswego. They continue to add deep value to my life and I am very grateful for their continued support over the years! Working in Lake Oswego is truly a blessing!"

— Jennifer Schiele is assistant superintendent of the Lake Oswego School District

Lakewood Executive Director Andrew Edwards proposed to Oswego Heritage Council Executive Director Nancy Niland during a trip to Paris earlier this year. "As always, I am grateful for this wonderful community of Lake Oswego, which feels smaller and more tightly knit with each passing year. I feel so fortunate to have enjoyed the most amazing year with Oswego Heritage Council and the partnerships that resulted in some really interesting museum exhibits, a new historical Archive Room and even a wall mural in downtown LO! But most of all, I am eternally grateful to Andrew Edwards, the most giving, loving and supportive man, who swept me off my feet and up to the top of the Eiffel Tower to ask me to be his forever. I am an incredibly lucky woman. It has been wonderful to be able to share my joy with so many in this community! Thank you!"

— Nancy Niland is executive director of the Oswego Heritage Council

"Working at Lakewood Center for the Arts gives me an amazing opportunity to meet so many talented and dynamic people of all ages! The audiences, supporters and artists provide a rich tapestry of knowledge and experiences, and I am so very grateful to be part of the mix. Our theater productions, classes, art exhibits and Festival of the Arts get better each year, and I couldn't be more proud of the work and the people who devote so much passion to the arts. But this year, I am especially grateful to a most loving woman, Nancy Niland, who has agreed to forever share my adventures in life. She brings so much joy and love into my life and makes each day truly better than the one before. I am so grateful. Thank you Lake Oswego for being such an amazing community!"

— Andrew Edwards is executive director of the Lakewood Center for the Arts

"This year I am grateful for our civically engaged community members, who made their voices heard; for a healthy family; and for the fact that my son can drive so I don't have to give him rides everywhere. I hope you and your families have a safe holiday season."

— Rob Wagner is a state senator and member of the Lake Oswego School Board

ROCKWELL"With each year that passes, the more I realize how blessed I am. Not only for my immediate circumstances — good health, a wonderful family, great colleagues, a caring church and community — but for an entire life of freedom and opportunity. I recently reread a favorite quote by Richard Carlson, author of 'Don't Sweat The Small Stuff': 'People who live the most fulfilling lives are the ones who are always rejoicing about what they have.' May we each rejoice!"

— Mark Rockwell is principal of Anthem Memory Care

"I am thankful I live in a place where I can see a tree line on every horizon. I am thankful I live in a place where I can garden 365 days a year. I am thankful I live in a place where I can eat food harvested locally. I am thankful there is a sweet dog waiting for me when I get home. I am thankful for the laugh I shared with a stranger. Of course, I am thankful for the Big Four: family, friends, opportunity and good health. But it is the multitude of simple pleasures I encounter every day that remind me how lucky I am."

— Jayne Jablonski is the general manager at Five Spice and Pizzeria sul Lago

"This holiday season, our grateful hearts are full of thanks for the many volunteers who so generously give their time, talent and often their treasure too in support of those touched by cancer. These leaders inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and to help us keep perspective when life's everyday chaos threatens to overwhelm. Cheers to the many volunteers who bring light to the darkness of cancer!"

— Lake Oswego resident Julie Davidson is a member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man and Woman of the Year Leadership Team

FORD"I am thankful to be able to do what I love on a daily basis and be surrounded by such an incredible team and community here in Lake Oswego. When we opened our doors earlier this year, we were welcomed with such an outpouring of love and support and have received that ever since. For that, I am so grateful."

— Nick Ford is the executive chef at Pizzeria sul Lago

"I am thankful for 40 years of marriage to my beloved Duke and the partnership with our daughter Mariah, who helps children find their own voices through Theater Arts!"

— Jan Castle is chair of McVey-South Shore Neighborhood Association, co-chair of PrepLO and co-founder of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network

BARMAN"Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday, because it allows all of us to reflect and really focus on the joy in our lives. This year is a really joyful year for my family, as Katy and I celebrated our 35th anniversary. It just seems like yesterday that we began this incredible journey. Katy makes every day amazing as a spouse, mom and friend.

"I'm grateful and indebted for every teacher, coach, friend and relative who helped shape Ryan and Chris into the nice young adults that they are. I really do believe it 'takes a village' to help raise your child, and we won the lottery raising our sons in Lake Oswego.

"I rarely talk about our business and all the awesome employees that work at our company. Danny, Gil, Larry, Tom, Jeannie, Peggy and our entire team work so hard day in and day out, which allows me the time to volunteer as a School Board member. No one has better, more loyal and loving employees than we have. Our team has taught me how important it is to be open to new ideas, and the importance of really trusting each team member.

"Finally, I'm particularly grateful that I get the privilege to see firsthand your children learn and grow into amazing citizens. The miracle of education happens at all 10 of our schools every day, and to have a seat at the table is the honor of a lifetime."

— Bob Barman is chair of the Lake Oswego School Board

Members of Beit Haverim celebrate Simchat Torah, a Jewish holiday marking the completion of the annual cycle of Torah readings."Beit Haverim has a lot for which we are thankful! First, we are thankful for sharing space with the Lake Oswego United Church of Christ. They are the most inviting and kind church, and we feel very lucky to have them as part of our lives. Next comes the Lake Oswego Police Department. They have been wonderful at taking care of our concerns about safety. They especially help to make our congregation feel safe by supporting us when we have a big event. And finally, Lake Oswego in general is a special community and we are very happy to be part of the life here!"

— Jeanell Innerarity, office manager and religious school administrator, on behalf of the congregation at Beit Haverim

WATERBURY"I am grateful for the kindness of strangers, which has the power to restore my faith in humankind. I am grateful for people who perform everyday acts of courage and go outside their comfort zone to learn, grow and lead, inspiring me to do the same. Lastly and most importantly, I am thankful for my family and friends, who can always make me laugh and whose love rejuvenates and grounds me."

— Amy Waterbury is a co-founder of LO for LOve

"I am grateful to live in a community of caring people who often take the time to go the extra mile to help a neighbor in need or a natural disaster victim somewhere in the country or the world. Because we have so much, we are able to give back. And we do. As we gather around the table with family and friends and express our gratitude, the place we live in is part of the bounty that we have in our city to be so appreciative of."

— Jeff Gudman is a Lake Oswego city councilor

MALEK"We're thankful for the Lake Oswego community, which welcomed us so warmly when we opened our doors earlier this year. We've been floored by the reception since. When we opened, Tyler and I and the whole team really wanted to create a great community gathering place for families, and we just love that we see so many neighbors — some of whom we've seen for years at the Lake Oswego Farmers Market — visit us in our new home. We're also thankful for one very special Lake Oswego resident who designed her own ice cream flavor this past spring, part of our Inventor Series!"

— Kim Malek is CEO and co-owner of Salt & Straw Ice Cream

MBOUP"Gratitude is a sentiment, a behavior, a demeanor, a noble gesture. In my culture, when you are asked how you are doing, the answer is, ?'I am still here.' I am grateful to not only still be here, but in a great community that showed my family and I so much love and support. Lake Oswego is a great community where I am so happy to live. I am grateful for my friends and all the people who supported me these last months. I made so many friends who will always be part of my network of friends. Thank you."

— Massene Mboup, the executive director of the International Leadership Adacemy, was a recent candidate for the Lake Oswego City Council

SHUM"This year, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with some really wonderful people in some really beautiful places. In July, my best friend and I took four Girl Scouts on an unbelievable backpacking trip into the backcountry of Glacier National Park. These young women fill my heart so much, and experiencing the outdoors through their eyes was an amazing experience. I also get to spend my workdays working with fun and conscientious coworkers at the City of Lake Oswego while working on a project, Boones Ferry Road, which will enhance our community."

— Crystal Shum is the Boones Ferry Road Project lead for Lake Oswego's Engineering Department

POULSON"I'm grateful for being blessed with a loving family and a life full of opportunity. I'm grateful for learning the hard way what I should have been grateful for. I'm grateful for a family who loved me anyway, and for living in a country that provided me with a second chance. I'm grateful for all the responsibilities I have been trusted with. I'm grateful for understanding others who are not yet grateful themselves.

"I'm grateful for all those I know who are truly grateful and inspire me daily with their gratefulness. I'm grateful for seeing that selfishness is necessary for gratefulness, and gratefulness is necessary for selfishness. It is this vision that, every now and then, gives me a glimpse of what it means to be free of selfishness and gratefulness. Because, what is it exactly that is being selfish and what is it exactly that is being grateful? I'm grateful for the something that is not there and the nothing that is."

— David Poulson is chair of Lake Oswego's Development Review Commission

Kathy Schilling poses with her husband, Dennis, and their grandchildren. "When I reflect on what I am grateful for, my first thought is, 'My cup runneth over.' Truly, I have more blessings than most people get in a lifetime — six children and their beautiful families, 10 grandchildren (two brand new and one to arrive in January), my dear husband Dennis, his three children (my bonus kids) and my warm, constant friends. I do have blessings beyond compare!

"Oh, and did I mention that I'm now retired? I delighted in my job with the City for 18 years, but now I have time with my family, which I treasure more than ever. I'm thankful too that my children have taken the tragedy of losing our Tony, formed TP and now are assisting so many families dealing with their grief. Yes, my cup runneth over!"

— Kathy Schilling is the former recreation supervisor for the City of Lake Oswego

GLOVER"So much to be grateful for, but it all boils down to one all-encompassing word: love. For proof, look no further than Paradise. Among the ashes and detritus that they once called home, our friends are left unanchored, confused and grieving. But through that, before and after that, there is one infinite saving grace that cannot be incinerated or lost forever. Human love. It's what we're left with, always. On this Thanksgiving, I remind myself that not only is love enough, it is everything."

— Cindy Glover is mother to two young adults and works for a Swedish tech company; she came to LO from California a year ago and says she fell in love with the landscape and people

LARSON"I am thankful for many things, most of all my family and friends. This year, though, I'm feeling especially grateful for my Lake Oswego Schools Foundation board of directors. These volunteers are some of the most dedicated, caring and thoughtful individuals who inspire and challenge me. I am in awe of their unwavering commitment to making our community a wonderful place for citizens young and seasoned. Some of my best friends have been made working together on something special, and my experience with this board is the same. They have become like family and friends to me, and I know they will always have a special place in my heart."

— Mary Kay Larson is the executive director of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

WILLIE POINSETTE"As the co-founder of Respond to Racism, I am grateful for our Steering Committee, the Lake Oswego United Church of Christ and The Review for embracing and supporting the work of interrupting racism in Lake Oswego. I am grateful that City leaders and many residents in our city are waking up, seeing and taking actions to address the engrained policies, curriculum and practices that promote systems of racism and oppression. Thank you. Your work gives me and others like me hope that Lake Oswego will become a welcoming city for all people."

— Willie Poinsette is a co-founder of the Lake Oswego grassroots organization Respond to Racism

"From the early years of celebrating Thanksgiving at Forest Hills Elementary School, I remember the excitement of the Thanksgiving assembly before going home early and the singing of 'We Gather Together' under the direction of Mr. Kern. Smiles everywhere, including my mom somewhere in the audience. To the later years and seeing all of us siting around the table at our North Shore home and wondering how many more times would we all gather together. Little did I know that the wonderful aromas from my mom's incredible cooking would inscribe those images into my mind forever. To my own home on Westview and having my own Thanksgivings and trying to do justice to my mother and the way she did things, but never coming close.

"For all these wonderful memories and so many more, I am beyond thankful. For my loving parents Helen and Lou, a class act all their own; my partner Gary of 40 years, who is always there for me; my sister Nancy, my wonderful bosses John and Greg and those before them; my precious animals that continually make my heart sing; my great friends, who understand me and like me anyway; my terrific jobs at Ace, the Lake Corporation and the Sheriff's Office before that; and the honor of being the boss's son and working with my Dad in the early years.

"For all these things, I am indeed so very thankful. I am humbled, I am honored and I know I am loved. For I know that I have been and hopefully always will be, surround by truly exceptional people who have given my life so much meaning. Thank you."

— Stuart Dunis is a manager at Lake Oswego Ace Hardware

INGLIS"When I think of all that I am grateful for in my life, I'm reminded of the Irving Berlin tune ?"Count Your Blessings," which was sung by Bing Crosby in ?"White Christmas." The tune has always served as a gentle nudge to encourage me to reflect on all the incredible things in my life, including my remarkable family, spunky and spirited friends and the colleagues and community members and volunteers who inspire me each and every day. It's the people in my life that make it truly special and fill my heart with happiness!"

— Jamie Inglis is the recreation supervisor for Lake Oswego Parks & Rec

"First and foremost, I am thankful for my loving family — my mother, my father and my sister — and for the moments we spend around the dinner table or on a walk, talking about our day.

LEE"I give thanks to my kind, funny, intelligent, uniquely weird friends, who can always cheer me up with a joke or even a homemade birthday cake. Finally, thank you to the world for the small joys it gives me: the sunrises over the football field as I walk up to school in the morning; the bright yellow of the maple tree leaves in my yard; the wonder that is cream cheese frosting. For one bit of time in this craziness that is senior year, I would like to stop, breathe and say thank you to everything and everyone that makes me smile."

— Elena Lee is a member of The Review's Student Writers Advisory Group and a student at Lake Oswego High School

LYONS"So many events and activities this past year have filled my heart with gratitude. Helen and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary. Our adult children are living wonderful lives. Our Friends of Springbrook Park board has managed many planting projects, with great turnouts of neighbors helping restore the park, which has been cleared of invasive ivy. There is so much to be grateful for while living in our wonderful community. Thank you."

— Paul Lyons is a founding member of Friends of Springbrook Park

"I try to live my life in gratitude. I'm thankful for a job I enjoy, and for energetic, committed co-workers. I'm grateful for good health and my recent recovery from a partially detached retina. I'm thankful for a loving family that supports me, where each member has exciting new purposes of their own. I'm grateful for an active church life that involves and engages all my family members. And I'm thankful to live in an era of prosperity, a time of peace and in a country that gives people the opportunity to pursue happiness."

— Miles Vance is the sports editor of The Lake Oswego Review and prep sports editor for Pamplin Media Group

"This holiday season, Rotarians will deliver 65 food and toy baskets to needy families in our community and provide gift cards to the principals of our schools and to our police officers to use to assist others at their discretion. I am grateful for the wonderful community we live in and the generosity of the citizens of Lake Oswego when a true need arises."

— Rob Le Chavallier is an attorney and shareholder at Buckley Law PC

Jean Ashby poses with her mother and twin sister."It's been four years since dear Mom passed; she was a farm girl from North Carolina, the sweetest, most loving and selfless person I've ever known; a 'hugger' who greeted folks from all walks of life, be they a friend, pastor, stranger or person living on the street. She rarely met anyone who wasn't elevated to 'huggy' status soon after first greet. That aching loss, still in my heart, diminishes by implementing her 'huggy' tradition, and I am warmed by her memories, the gift of a HUG. I'm carrying on her tradition to make someone's Thanksgiving a blessing, a win-win!"

— Jean Ashby, member of the Pride of Portland Sweet Adelaines International Chorus

SIEGEL"I am thankful for all the small-business owners in town. Having worked in the private sector half my life, including 10 years operating my own business full-time before returning to public service a few years ago, I know how much work it takes to start a business and run it successfully over the long term. As a City staff member now, I try to demystify City code requirements and help residents and business owners achieve their visions. Please do not hesitate to give me or my staff a call if you have questions or ideas for how we can best serve you. Happy Holidays, to you and yours."

— Scot Siegel is Lake Oswego's planning and building services director

KLIOT"Gratitude, like grief, comes in waves. I recall grieving the loss of a job, but am grateful that what followed was a new direction leading to a rewarding professional career, sustained for a period of over 30 years. I am saddened by a difficult situation, but am grateful for the insight and wisdom born of that challenge. My greatest teachers have been the most difficult people in my life. I have learned, over a long lifetime, to value all of it ... everything that makes up the slaw of life. It is through contrast that full appreciation for our blessings is achieved."

— Rosalyn Kliot is a Lake Oswego artist

WIENS"I feel blessed to be living in Lake Oswego and being able to enjoy the wonder of each season. I am so happy to hike in Tryon Creek, enjoy our amazing City parks and explore the incredible outdoors. I am grateful for the large, beautiful trees in our community. I am thankful to be on the Public Art Committee and volunteering with the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. I am grateful to be on the board for Friends of Luscher Farm, which is such a gem in our community. I am thankful for my husband and two sons, our California family and friends and the relationships that have developed since we moved to Lake Oswego three years ago."

— Kathleen Fox Wiens is the manager of Foxy Family Properties

O'NEILL"The Lake Oswego Police Department is more than 'Protect and Serve'; they have big hearts that make us all proud. Back in June 2018, a citizen came into our police lobby at City Hall, needing some help. The citizen had fallen on hard times and had lost their housing. This person was struggling to find their next meal, and needed just a little help. Our Lake Oswego Police Department came to this person's rescue, giving them some funds from our community assistance fund that was just put into place, as well as some money for a bus ticket. Four month later, this same citizen came back to our police lobby with a note and money. This citizen was so grateful for what our police department had done that they brought the money back and donated a matching amount. Now that's 'Grateful Hearts.'"

— Skip O'Neill is a Lake Oswego city councilor

BUCK"Every day during the summer, our 'little girl' garden fountain beckoned all kinds of forest visitors, from chickadees and squirrels to rabbits who came for a daytime drink. I often wonder who came unseen during the night, but each day I filled it for the joyful return guests. These creatures sometimes braved their small swallows even when friends and family were over. So I am thankful for this company that is part of our larger community under the trees, whose prayer to the clouds for fall rains I joined and celebrated. Truly grateful for the everyday grace in neighbors' gestures and words, and for my new granddaughter, who will hopefully see what I have witnessed."

— Mike Buck works with friends of natural open spaces and watersheds

GERATHS"Ten years ago, I fell in love with an amazing woman named Cathy from New Zealand — 8,000 miles of ocean between us, while I was experiencing my most challenging self-employed year since 1996. Her visitor visa was expiring, my travel money was spent, but I proposed anyway. (DHS gave us five days). I am grateful for the miracles that ocurred for her to be with me; that she accepted me at my worst financially; that our five kids merged so well; and for this community that has allowed me to thrive enough to share my life with them all!"

— Brian Geraths is the owner of Photo Media Productions and Prints Charming Photography

ARPIN"This Thanksgiving, I reflect on the trials and experiences that got me to this point in marriage, fatherhood, career, art, play and the pleasure of knowing all the family, friends and mentors along the jouney. I appreciate the passion, perseverance, love and professionalism that you have taught me. How could I possibly keep it creative, positive and pushing ever forward without the support of you all that surround me in thought or in body? I grow off of your energy, so like it or not, we are in this together. Live long and prosper."

— Parks & Rec employee Dave Arpin (Duct Tape Dave) is a photographer, graphic designer and all-around creative thinker

MANZ"This has been an eventful year for me, some of it wonderful, some of it sad, some of it trying my patience. But within all of that, I am forever grateful for the people in my life and for this community. I am grateful for the music of summer, the bounty of the garden, the sound of children at play, a chat at the market, a wave when I'm out walking. I am grateful for the changing of the leaves, the storms and early darkness. Perhaps not so grateful for the darkness, but grateful for the expectation of our long summer nights. Life is ever changing; the one constant is simply that I am grateful."

— Jackie Manz is a Lake Oswego city councilor

CYNDIE AND PETER GLAZER"I'm thankful for the community we live in and all the things that make Lake Oswego wonderful. I have practiced law in Lake Oswego for 37 years and lived here 36 years. Let us never forget that this is a very special place. We have a sense of community found nowhere else in the metropolitan area.

"I'm grateful for our local fire and police departments. As I have said for years, I'm extremely grateful for our community newspaper that fosters Lake Oswego's special sense of community, The Review. I'm thankful for leadership and volunteerism throughout Lake Oswego, in my Rotary club and other service organizations, and I am grateful for our mayor, city councilors and others who serve as volunteers all over town.

"I'm grateful for longtime and dedicated employees, for a lifetime of good and loyal friends. I'm thankful for the success and support of my wife, Cyndie, and for two of the best grandchildren in the world in sunny Seal Beach, Calif."

— Peter Glazer is a Lake Oswego attorney

BROWN"I am perennially thankful for being born in a country where peace and hope for a bright future are the norm, a place where people reach out to assist each other when hardships occur, a place where my children and grandchildren can thrive with a good education preparing them for their future success. I am thankful for the love of my family and most thankful for the opportunities before me to 'pay it forward.'"

— Linda Brown is the chairwoman of Clackamas Education Service District and a board member of Lakewood Center for the Arts.

LAMOTTE"My wife Jennifer and I would like to give thanks this holiday season to our community volunteers, including those that help our groups, committees and events; those appointed to advisory boards; and our elected officials. This thanks also goes to folks who step up and run for office, whether they win or not.

"When you look deeply into the City's culture and experience our quality of life, you see many volunteers who give time, money, expertise, commitment and love to Lake Oswego on a daily basis. There are estimates that we have between 600 and 1,000 folks who volunteer in our community — from the helpers for parks events and those working with Meals on Wheels to our active Chamber businesses and Rotarians who put on the Lobster Feed and help keep sculptures clean; from the hundreds of folks dedicated to our renowned Lakewood Center and Arts Council to the Heritage Council and Preservation Society keeping our past in the present; from the parents groups and Schools Foundation helping keep teachers and resources in classrooms to our numerous church groups.

"Other tremendous resources include our civic, neighborhood and homeowner associations, Sustainability Network, Planning Commission, Development Review Commission and advisory boards, which help shape issues and ideas for the City Council.

"When we look around town, we see so many folks making Lake Oswego the great city it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

— John LaMotte is a Lake Oswego city councilor

Christopher and Kristine Boyer"No matter how much change we experience in this life, the value of the connections we share with others remains constant. This year, after 26 years in downtown Lake Oswego, my wife Kristine and I moved our martial arts school into the Lake Grove area, and we couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful reception we have received in our new location. Additionally, we are humbled and appreciative of all of the community support that we received in the process of the move and building out the new facility. We had a tremendous outpouring of help from our students, families, friends and the Lake Oswego community as a whole. We might've even had a city councilor slap a little paint on our new walls, but John LaMotte shall remain nameless, and blameless, in this process. We really wouldn't be where we are today without the connections that create our community."

— Christopher Boyer is an instructor at the Academy of Modern Martial Arts and a Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce board member

ATWOOD"Earlier this year, I started a gratitude journal where I jot down four or five things I'm grateful for each day. Well, most days. Here are some highlights and reoccurring themes:

-- Family: my husband, son, daughter and extended family;

-- Working with my Lake Oswego Sustainability Network colleagues;

-- Ability to ride my bike in our community;

-- Rowing on the Willamette River;

-- The incredible slate of City Council candidates — I hope they all stay involved;

-- And, I'm grateful for having started the journal. It helps keep gratitude in the forefront, which is a good place.

— Dorothy Atwood is a co-founder and board member of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network

"I'm thankful for life, love, family, friends, knowledge, art, natural beauty and peace. I'm grateful for a sense of responsibility that makes me work toward maintaining these gifts for as long as possible, a sense of decency that wants fairness and justice for all, and a sense of wonder that opens my mind to diversity and new experiences. I'm thankful for a sense of humor that helps even out life's bumpy road. Last, but certainly not least, is profound gratitude for all the people who help us, keep us safe, offer support, feed us, cure us, teach us, inform us and think of ways to make things better. Happy Thanksgiving!"

— Kathy Lundeen is a member of the Lake Oswego Women's Coalition

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