Brenda Elmore, 64, was walking in a crosswalk with the green light when she was struck, police said

DREAMSTIMEA Lake Oswego Police officer responding to a call on the evening of Dec. 4 struck and injured a pedestrian near the city's downtown Safeway store as the woman was headed home with her groceries.

Police said the unnamed female officer was reportedly turning left onto A Avenue from Fourth Street at around 4:30 p.m. as the pedestrian, identified by her husband as 64-year-old Brenda Elmore, walked south across A Avenue from the grocery store on her way to her apartment in The Windward.

Elmore, who was dressed in dark clothing, was in a marked crosswalk and crossing with a green light when she was hit, police said. She was taken by ambulance to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital with what Elmore later described as "a broken foot and bruises." Her grocery bags remained in the middle of A Avenue, surrounded by orange caution cones.

"I never saw her coming because I was looking down, watching my steps, so as not to trip," Elmore said, adding that while she was wearing dark clothing, it was not yet dark outside. "It could have been much worse. I'm thankful for God's protection, as I know I could have been much more seriously injured or killed if she had hit me with the front of her vehicle instead of the side."

Police closed westbound A Avenue at Fourth Street and restricted eastbound traffic to one lane as they waited for investigators from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office to arrive. The investigation is ongoing, but Elmore said the LOPD has been "up front accepting responsibility, and I appreciate their concern and their honesty."

— The Review

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