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Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the Lake Oswego Police Department.


6/10 11:40 a.m. A hit-and-run accident involving a sign and landscaping was reported near the 15800 block of Boones Ferry Road. No one was injured.


6/11 7:32 a.m. A caller said their ex-girlfriend stolen their wallet and threw their phone out the window near the 10 block of Jefferson Parkway.


6/10 2:36 p.m. A vehicle that had last been seen in April was reported stolen at an undisclosed location.


6/11 10:20 a.m. A caller said a scammer impersonated their manager and asked him to buy gift cards, but Apple store employees stopped him.

6/11 3:07 p.m. A caller said they had a rental house near the 16700 block of Graef Circle and a tenant just moved in, but someone else showed up and claimed the house was rented to her.


6/10 9:22 a.m. A vehicle had its tire slashed near the 4800 block of Sage Hen Circle.

6/10 10:58 a.m. A caller wanted to report a dog being left in a car for eight hours, if not more, on multiple days, leading to excessive barking near the 5700 block of Willow Lane.

6/10 11:36 a.m. A resident said a car alarm had been going off for 15 minutes near the 15000 block of Davis Lane and someone was looking around the car.

6/10 12:20 p.m. A caller said a group of children saw a cat stuck in a ravine near Boones Ferry Road and Country Club Road. The cat eventually was delivered back to its owner.

6/10 1:44 p.m. A resident said a homeless man was sleeping on a bench and possibly needed help near the 200 block of B Avenue.

6/10 2:00 p.m. Kids were apparently being loud in a backyard, despite being asked to quiet down, near the 4400 block of Chapman Way.

6/10 3:07 p.m. A caller contacted police on behalf of someone who apparently had a developmental disorder and had been threatened by someone regarding their pride flag. The person used hate speech, made threats and stole the flag.

6/10 5:49 p.m. A resident was worried about their neighbor because their door had been wide open since 7 a.m.

6/10 5:51 p.m. A caller said an iPhone under someone else's name was delivered to their address.

6/10 6:01 p.m. Someone said they were dealing with a neighbor who had a reputation for being "unusual" and there were rumors of him being violent. They'd had a sign removed from in front of their house and the neighbor said he knew who did it, but wouldn't say.

6/10 6:07 p.m. A resident said their 17-year-old daughter had someone walk to the back of her car and take pictures near N State Street and B Avenue.

6/10 6:34 p.m. A caller said their son's father was continuing to call them at work and threatening to take the son.

6/10 8:26 p.m. "Sustained" noise that sounded like gunfire was reported near the 10 block of Buckingham Terrace.

6/10 9:04 p.m. Someone was sitting on a stairwell and possibly trespassing near the 100 block of Leonard Street.

6/10 10:00 p.m. A possible DUII was reported near S State Street and North Shore Road.

6/10 10:17 p.m. A caller said someone had a DJ playing in their yard near the 400 block of Iron Mountain Boulevard.

6/10 10:57 p.m. A possible domestic incident was reported.

6/11 2:19 a.m. A suspicious looking vehicle was parked near Kerr Parkway and Hidalgo.

6/11 10:21 a.m. A caller said a man who previously threatened their life was back outside their door and pacing.

6/11 10:47 a.m. Someone was worried about a client who did not come to a class that day. The person was fine.

6/11 12:35 p.m. A caller said their tires were slashed overnight near the 2000 block of Ridgewood Lane.

6/11 2:17 p.m. Two people were seen "tying something" to a bridge near South Shore Boulevard and Kelok Road.

6/11 3:21 p.m. Someone said they kept getting calls from a man who was asking for a haircut and coloring, and after hanging up he would call back with the same questions.

6/11 5:20 p.m. A caller had questions about disposing of old ammo.

6/11 8:58 p.m. Someone was going through recycling bins near the 200 block of Burnham Road. When confronted he said he was "a good guy" and drove a $30,000-dollar car.

6/11 9:31 p.m. A resident said kids walked by their house and kicked their rose bushes near the 600 block of A Avenue. When confronted, they swore at the resident and kicked the bushes again.

6/11 10:26 p.m. A suspicious looking vehicle parked in front of a house near the 15100 block of Glen Eagles Court. When a porch light was turned on, the car moved to the next house.

6/12 5:41 a.m. Loud music was reported near the 15000 block of Davis Lane.

6/12 6:29 a.m. A loud TV was reported in an apartment near the 15000 block of Davis Lane.

6/12 10:13 a.m. A caller said someone was honking their horn "like an S.O.S." near the 90 block of Kingsgate Road and a woman was also seen running into a building.

6/12 12:01 p.m. A resident said a vehicle drove by their daughter and her friends near the 4700 block of Jean Road and people in the car yelled at them.

6/12 12:44 p.m. Graffiti was found in a bathroom near the 17800 block of Stafford Road.

6/12 3:14 p.m. The cover for a pedestrian switch near N State Street and Foothills Road appeared to be tampered with.

6/12 8:06 p.m. Kids were fishing on a bridge near the 700 block of North Shore Road and there was also a fire nearby.

6/12 8:28 p.m. A high school graduation party was apparently supposed to stop at 6 p.m. but it was still going and possibly involved underaged drinking near the 17200 block of Chapin Way.

6/12 10:30 p.m. A caller said she was leaving her boyfriend and left items with him including her dog, medical records and computer. The ex then sent a text message showing the computer smashed up.

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