The optimism accompanying a new year too often proves misplaced. Not to be cynical, but before 2013 becomes tarnished by reality, let’s dream about what could be — as opposed to what will be.

Here are just a few of our wishes for Lake Oswego, Clackamas County and the Portland area as we enter this still very young year:

  • With a changing of the guard — a new mayor and three new councilors were sworn in Tuesday — lets hope the Lake Oswego City Council can find a way to work together when possible and respectfully disagree when it can’t. There are a number of expensive projects facing the city; hopefully, the council can make top-notch decisions on all of them.
  • The Lake Oswego School District — and all public school districts for that matter — can see the formula and methodology change for state school support so that school board meetings can be more about making improvements and content and less about budget cuts and school closures. This would include seeing state leaders truly stand up to fund public education.
  • That the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners — which also has an infusion of new faces — works together for the overall good of county residents.
  • On the subject of Clackamas County: How about a small reprieve from all that bickering?
  • For area workers: that Nike fully justifies the support it received from the Oregon Legislature by creating more than 500 new jobs in this state. And what about Intel?
  • Is it too much to hope lawmakers in Salem can continue the practical, bipartisan approach they demonstrated in the 2011-12 sessions?
  • For baseball fans in the metro area: an all-day TriMet pass so they can watch Single A ball in Hillsboro, which snagged the team it tried to land.
  • For everyday bus and train riders: an end to posturing by TriMet and the transit union. Let’s get down to business and negotiate a contract that helps control the agency’s budget problems while still providing employees with decent wages and benefits and riders with good traveling options.
  • Meanwhile, let’s hope Metro and its supporters wake up to the fact its multi-modal transportation plans aren’t working equally well everywhere in the region. Downtown Portland is benefiting from the emphasis on mass transit far more than Clackamas and Washington counties, which have growing congestion problems that need to be honestly addressed.
  • We all should hope the gun debate quickly focuses on practical solutions that include reasonable, enforceable restrictions on high-capacity firearms and effective intervention for those with mental problems.
  • We encourage more people to attend live cultural events to support an ailing arts industry.
  • For Portland Community College: the right person to fill the large void being left by departing PCC President Preston Pulliams — and that means not only someone with the skills to run the state’s largest institution of higher learning, but also a leader like Pulliams who understands our community and is willing to commit for the long term.
  • Here’s wishing for success as health care providers adjust to monumental changes on the way for the local, state and national medical system.
  • While we’re dreaming, let’s hope for an NCAA slap on the wrist to the Oregon Ducks to conclude the investigation of alleged recruiting violations rather than big-time penalties.
  • For Oregon State football coach Mike Riley, the poorest-paid head coach in the Pac-12: a pay raise. Plus, more money in the coaching pool so he can retain his solid staff of assistants.
  • It’s going to be an interesting year. We wish nothing but the best for all of our local residents.

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