Please join us in voting for John Wendland

We have known John for more than 10 years and have been impressed with his leadership, decision making and tireless support of our community. Our children have attended Lake Oswego schools together from elementary through high school and John has been involved at the schools every step of the way in numerous positions from hands-on projects to leadership responsibilities. He understands firsthand the importance of the high quality education our district provides and how we must make tough decisions to maintain it in these challenging times.

John has managed difficult decisions with integrity and compassion, making sure all voices were heard. He has maintained excellent relationships with the district staff and teachers and continues to demonstrate an unwavering dedication to serving all children of Lake Oswego. And, as the only incumbent running it is important that we maintain some continuity on the board, especially as we seek a new superintendent.

We trust John to help lead our district into the future. Strong schools are key to the strength of our community. Please join us in voting for John Wendland.

Greg and Gina Chandler

Lake Oswego

Vote Robertson in for board position 2

As parents of elementary school-aged children, our family has a vested interest in the long-term success of our district. For this reason, we are enthusiastically supporting Kevin Robertson for school board position 2.

Kevin is the most experienced candidate on many levels. Kevin’s high school-aged daughters have been enrolled in Lake Oswego schools since kindergarten. All these years of experience as a parent in the district give him a valuable perspective. His 33-year career in professional money management combined with his eight years of service and leadership on the foundation board also inspire our confidence in him. 

Kevin Robertson takes a big-picture look at the district. He is not a part of advancing any special interest agendas. We are parents of a general education child and a child that receives special education services.

Kevin Robertson will pursue opportunities for smart innovation in areas like technology and world languages in a manner that benefits all students in the district. We want a school board that values excellence and equality in education. We trust Kevin to make the needs of all students at all schools his priority.

Please join us in voting for Kevin.

Vince and Jennifer Nimmoor

Lake Oswego

Vote Robertson ‘for generations to come’

My daughter will graduate this spring from Lake Oswego High School, marking the end of an amazing 15 years in the district for our family.

I want future generations of kids to have the same educational opportunities that my children did but the future of schools in Oregon is in question. The decisions voters are making in the next few days will directly affect the future of our tremendous school district and we must choose wisely. The class of 2025 needs experienced leaders now.

Join me in voting for Kevin Robertson for position 2 for the Lake Oswego School Board and help keep our schools the best for generations to come.

Jeanne Kistner

Lake Oswego

Support offered for Kevin Robertson

I am writing in support for Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board, position 2.

I have known Kevin for a number of years and watched him lovingly nurture his two daughters, now in high school. Beyond raising them, though, he has gone beyond to devote considerable energy to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation, including leading the group as president.

What seals the deal for me, though, is his expertise in finance, collective bargaining and other areas key to the success of the school district.

Please compare the candidates and consider a vote for Kevin.

Greg Williams

Lake Oswego

School district needs Robertson’s skills

The Lake Oswego School District needs Kevin Robertson’s skills, his ability to form and lead a team, to craft and manage budgets and to develop a lasting and sound economic footing.

Without a robust school board containing these critical skills, there will be insufficient funding for special programs, for stellar sports programs, for academic excellence. It is so simple — if we want a winning and thriving school system, vote in the best talent with the most experience. Do it for your kids. Do it for your property values.

Vote for Kevin Robertson for position 2.

Paul White

Lake Oswego

We are supporting Kevin Robertson

With our two children, ages 10 months and 6 years old, we recently moved here from Hawaii.

My husband’s employment opportunities were fairly evenly distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest and our decision of where to land was based on the strength and reputation of the school systems available to us — we chose Lake Oswego.

As we explore this community and understand more about the school board contest, it has become clear that Kevin Robertson should be elected to the Lake Oswego School Board. He has already done more for the school system as foundation member than most people accomplish in a lifetime and it is precisely this kind of talent, experience and dedication that give Lake Oswego schools their strength.

We are happy to support Kevin’s candidacy and we appreciate being made to feel welcome in Lake Oswego.

Rachael and Robert Mulholland-Shirley

Lake Oswego

Political sign removal proves bothersome

Like many of you, I am passionate about the current school board candidate race. We are facing new challenges within our district, and understandably, we feel strongly about the candidate(s) we support.

I am bothered, however, by something I’ve heard (last) week. It seems that several candidate signs have been removed and replaced by those of the opponent. I find this both disappointing and sad.

Sure, we may have differing opinions and viewpoints, but we share a beautiful community together. We send our children to school together, work together and play together. We are the examples for our children.

We are not perfect, but as adults, we should certainly be expected to play nice. Respect our differences. And celebrate the idea that the mere showing of so many candidate signs demonstrates passion for and commitment to this community and its future. 

Kerry Hinrichs

Forest Hills parent

Editorial cartoon bothered reader

As a veteran Scouter, former Scoutmaster and father and grandfather of an Eagle Scout, I was greatly saddened that the Review, through its (May 2 editorial) cartoon, supported admitting openly gay boys to Scout membership

By its own analysis, the BSA might gain 10,000 to 30,000 new members by admitting gays but would lose between 100,000 and 300,000 members who do not approve of this sexual behavior.

Just look at what happened to Scout membership in Canada when it admitted gays. Its membership plummeted from 260,000 to 100,000. Scouting, which serves boys from 7 to 17, is not an appropriate place to interject a lifestyle that thousands of religious organizations and millions of parents find objectionable.

The proposal would force religious organizations to accept gay Scouts regardless of their principles or terminate their Scouting program. Such a change in its moral values will place Scout leaders in the untenable position of selecting the tent mate for a gay Scout.

When a gay Scout is reprimanded or dismissed, for whatever reason, the ACLU and litigious parents will likely sue the leaders and the sponsoring organization on the basis that the action was taken because of the boy’s sexual orientation.

Or, imagine this nightmare when a gay Scout earns the Eagle rank, is, perhaps, elected to the Vigil Honor of the Order of the Arrow, at 16 and 17 serves on the summer camp staff and then at 18 is denied membership in the BSA. The courts will soon be full of these cases.

Scouting should retain its current policy. The parents of homosexual boys are free to form their own program, take their boys camping and give them all of the experiences which Scouting provides.

Clifford Mansley

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: The editorial cartoon was a satirical look at the issue of admitting gay youth into the Boy Scouts of America by cartoonist Mike Lucas. It was not an indication that the Review supported — or for that matter, didn’t support — this issue.)

Howell supported for school board

It was during my terms that Sarah Howell made her first of many appearances before the Lake Oswego School Board. I am pleased to now endorse her election to that same board.

Sarah was impressive from the beginning. Her proposal to add world languages to our curriculum was fact-based, organized and respectfully pursued. When the school board organized a world languages study, Sarah was the obvious choice to lead it.

I was pleased the board adopted the languages program, and judging by its long waiting list, the program is serving the district.Sarah Howell is the right person for the board at this time. She’s a collaborative and effective leader with initiative to seek out the best ideas. We need her positive energy and vision to choose our next superintendent and move our district forward.

I strongly urge all Lake Oswegans to vote for Sarah Howell.

Bill Swindells

Former Lake Oswego School Board member

Lake Oswego

Robertson, Wendland for a balanced board

Composed of only five members, we require a school board composed of people who possess multiple strengths representing a variety of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

As I retire from the board we need experienced, informed leadership to hire our next superintendent.

Serving with John Wendland on a hiring committee, his insightful questions astonished me. John’s done a superb job navigating extremely challenging conditions, inspiring by his can-do example. John leads by listening closely, analyzing carefully and acting on what is most likely successful.

Thank John and vote to retain his knowledge.

Mandates for increased educational rigor combined with severe financial constraint require a deep understanding of successful business and financial practices. Kevin Robertson has these essential skills, and his parenting experience kindergarten through high school informs Kevin with knowledge of where new programs can provide the greatest value to students.

Robertson adds what the board needs for successful school improvement.

Combined with Liz, Patti and Bob, the board’s a winning team for kids.

Linda Brown

Lake Oswego

Retiring LOSD Board member

Robertson, Hartman, Wendland supported

With children in Lake Oswego schools for 15 more years, we enthusiastically support Robertson, Hartman and Wendland for school board.

Three years ago, we moved to Lake Oswego from a neighboring city for one reason: schools. We have four young children and wanted to find a community where we could feel confident that our children were getting a good education. Every day we are grateful for our children’s schools, the amazing opportunities available to them and their wonderful teachers.

Fortunately for our children, Kevin Robertson, Liz Hartman and John Wendland were working hard for LO schools long before we ever attended our first back-to-school night. Kevin, Liz and John have all given so much of themselves serving in leadership roles that benefit everyone, whether it be in parent clubs, foundation or school board.

Not only do they have great leadership experience, they have broad parenting experience: They all have had children in our elementary, middle and high schools and understand the challenges at each level. We trust them to make difficult decisions that will affect our children’s education.

Please join us in voting for Robertson, Hartman and Wendland. Young families can only benefit from their experience and steady leadership.

Alistair and Kate Firmin

Lake Oswego

Join us in choosing Robertson for school board position 2

Last week when special election ballots arrived in the mail, we couldn’t help but feel grateful to have the opportunity to select those who will be key in shaping the future of our school district. We are thankful to be a part of a community where several citizens want to invest tremendous amounts of time and energy for the betterment of all our kids’ educational experience.

Faced with continued uncertain economic times, which drives the major part of school funding, we need strong leaders who are fiscally responsible and can continue the difficult but necessary cost-cutting measures initiated by our current board while embracing the high educational standards we have set for ourselves in this district.

We need leaders who have experience and integrity, who demonstrate grace under fire and who have a balanced perspective of the entire educational picture (elementary through high school).

For position 2, our choice is Kevin Robertson. He is the right choice to make the best decisions for all our kids. 

Don and Stephanie Lum

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘will be an independent voice’

One reason many of us choose to live in Lake Oswego is for its high quality and high-performing schools. In the election for position 2 of our school board, I am supporting Sarah Howell.

I first became aware of Sarah through her efforts to add a world languages program in our elementary schools. This type of program is essential for our children to thrive in the worldwide economy. This is just one example of the kind of energy and ideas that Sarah will bring to our school board.

Sarah will also bring the perspective of an elementary parent. The current school board consists of parents of high school students or graduates. We need all perspectives represented as this school board will choose the district’s first new superintendent in 25 years.

Finally, Sarah will be an independent voice. There have been difficult issues before our school board in recent years: school closures, school parity and national rankings. Sometimes there are no easy answers. But it is essential that our school board consider points of view from our entire community. Sarah will work hard to unite our entire community.

Please join me and vote for Sarah Howell for school board.

Doug Thomas

Lake Oswego

Robertson brings the right perspective to board

We are writing to give Kevin Robertson our highest recommendation for LOSD Board position 2.

We have known Kevin for many years and have watched him take on many important leadership roles. Most notably, he has been an impressive leader on the foundation for the past eight years. He is smart, dedicated, positive and highly effective.

Kevin has been an involved parent over the past 12 years as his daughters have attended elementary, junior high and high school in Lake Oswego. He has had years of hands-on parenting and volunteer experiences that will help inform his decisions on the school board.

As parents of three children who have been in the district a long time, we especially value the depth of knowledge, experience and perspective Kevin will bring to the board.

We strongly encourage you to join us in voting for Kevin Robertson. 

Garb and Kay Mechigian

Lake Oswego

Hoping for a dog park in the Melrose area

I live in the underprivileged section of Lake Oswego, that section north of Melrose Street. We have none of the following: no public transportation within walking distances, no public park for general use and no use of the lake for which the city is named.

The park (Westlake) is padlocked off for months of the year. The West End Building, purchased supposedly for its availability and use for this area is partially empty. Even one room is off limits to a senior group during the summer.

Noticing the number of people walking dogs, I began asking people about having a small and big dog park where we could sit and socialize while our pets played. There is land available, owned by the city and adjacent to the park. Friends joined me to collect 100 signatures of local citizens to present to the mayor with our request for a local area within walking distance on Melrose for a dog park.

After what seemed to be a congenial meeting with the mayor we waited - and waited some time now for some response. Perhaps we are once again taxpaying underprivileged citizens of Lake Oswego.

The parks department has discussed a dog park in this area, from what I’ve learned for more than two years now.

Nancy Stevens

Lake Oswego

Is the Review a mouthpiece for the school district?

I knew that there were many retirees in Lake Oswego, but I did not know the journalists were also retired at the Review.

When did the Lake Oswego Review become the official mouthpiece of the Lake Oswego School District? It seems that whatever the district says, the Review prints without question or investigation. Does it really seem plausible that the students of Lakeridge tested so high that the school was excluded from the most recent high school rankings? But, the Review never digs, preferring to allow the director of communication for the district to decide how the story should be told.

Maybe the Review should change their name to the LO School District PR machine.

Ben Connelly

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: State assessment scores are part of a formula U.S. News & World Report uses to make its Best High Schools rankings. Other factors that figure into the formula include how many students in an advanced class take an AP test after taking an AP class and how well students perform on AP tests.

ODE is responsible for releasing the state assessment scores to U.S. News. Schools that score 95 percent or more on their state assessment tests are shielded under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. Oregon Department of Education suppressed those very high scores because they reveal practically all students’ scores, a potential breach of privacy.

U.S. News and ODE had a communication issue when it came to the suppression, although this has not happened in previous years. This caused the school to be unranked because there were no state assessment scores available to use in the ranking formula.

The Lake Oswego Review sourced this story with email records on suppression sent among the state department, American Institutes for Research and U.S. News. The Review also interviewed officials from U.S. News and from ODE over the phone. The Review contacted school district administrators via phone and email, and school board members also helped inform the story.)

Dance event again will aid Meals-on-Wheels

The Lake Oswego Meals-on-Wheels program was featured in the April 11 edition of the Lake Oswego Review. The article highlighted their need for assistance from the local community due to increasing demands of services and an equally demanding deficit.

Last year, the Lake Oswego Academy of Dance worked in partnership with the volunteer Meals-on-Wheels Board of Directors to produce a dance showcase as a fundraiser to support their very necessary program. Our studio staff learned of the real need for their services in our community, saw the dedication of their volunteers and the commitment of their board and the staff of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center. We also learned that many times, the volunteer from Meals-on-Wheels is the only visitor to some of our local homebound elderly. The fundraiser was a great success, raising more than $6,500.

This year, our fundraising event is scheduled for Sunday, June 2, at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, 505 G Ave., from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s a day full of fun, performances from dancers ages 4 to 17 and drawings for gift baskets full of donations from local businesses. We hope everyone will come, make a donation and help us support this terrific organization.

For information on the academy, contact 503-697-3673 or visit

Rebecca Harris Wear

Studio directorLake Oswego Academy of Dance

Lake Oswego

Cast your ballot for Howell for school board

As a Lake Oswego family that has already raised our children, some might think that paying close attention to a school board election is not important. But they are wrong.

It’s important as ever to keep the LO schools as our community’s top priority. According to some, as many as 70 percent of households in Lake Oswego do not have kids currently in school. That means it’s up to us to remain engaged in the conversation and ensure that we are electing the strongest members to the school board. Sarah Howell is the right person for the job.

We must remember that having outstanding performing schools helps keep property values up, which benefits everyone. Additionally, top schools attract young families to the district — another win for the city. Sarah will use fact-based decision making to do what is right for schools, students and for the community.

Lastly, it’s important to recognize that Sarah has remained positive in her campaign. While others have turned negative and even quite nasty, she has continued to be constructive and encouraging. This is the kind of representative we want on the school board.

You have your ballot and it’s time to vote. Cast your vote for Sarah Howell.

Roger and Gail Zivney

Lake Oswego

Robertson is right choice for school board

Kevin Robertson has our vote for Lake Oswego School Board.

He has years of experience as a steward of the LOSD and LO Schools Foundation, his tireless dedication speaks volumes and as professional in the financial industry, Kevin understands the financial issues facing our district and, more importantly, he knows how to overcome them.

Kevin is a champion for the entire district and truly values all that is great about Lake Oswego. His optimistic outlook, thoughtful approach and mature reasoning are characteristics that make us feel confident that Kevin Robertson is the right person for LO School Board.

Sara and Steve Ledoux

Lake Oswego

Budget panel thanked for keeping sustainability program

The following is an open letter to the Lake Oswego Budget Committee:

My name is Riley Olmstead. I am a resident of Lake Oswego and I am a sixth-grader at Lakeridge Junior High School. I am speaking in support of keeping the sustainability program for Lake Oswego.

I want to live in a city where the adults care about the environment. I want to live in a community where the people in charge make choices that help us to only use the energy, water and other resources we need.

Most of all, I want to live in a community where the people who work with our resources know how to save them. I am thanking this budget committee for voting to keep funding the sustainability program in Lake Oswego so that we can improve the way we take care of our environment.

Riley Olmstead

Lakeridge Junior High School sixth-grader

Lake Oswego

Robertson’s experience is invaluable

Having had the privilege of growing up with Kevin and maintaining contact with him and his family for more than 45 years, first and foremost, I can’t say enough about the character and unimpeachable quality of Kevin as a person — desirable attributes for whatever your pursuit.

Specific to his qualifications for the school board, Kevin brings an impressive depth and breadth of experience. Specifically, eight years of service on the foundation board, including serving as the foundation president, 17 years as a parent in the Lake Oswego Schools and 33 years of experience in the financial management.

In view of the challenges facing public education and the funding model in this state, Kevin’s unique combination of experience, proven leadership, commitment along with his balanced and inclusive approach to problem solving make him a valuable asset for the school board at this critical juncture.

Please join me in voting for Kevin on May 21.

George W. Hosfield

Lake Oswego

School board needs Wendland’s experience, leadership

As a member of the Lake Oswego School Board since 2009 and chairman since 2011, John Wendland has led us through some very challenging times. Over the last four years, we have watched John make difficult decisions and do the right thing for all students.

He listens well to all constituents and prioritizes teachers, smaller class sizes and the basic tenets of education over buildings and facilities.

His collaborative approach has resulted in a community of parents, teachers, staff and students who work well together.

He is not unduly influenced by any special interest group.

There are many changes ahead for our district: new superintendent, new school board members, new Common Core, to name a few. We need the experience and commitment of John Wendland to transition our school board and navigate our district optimally through these challenges.

John’s knowledge of the past, commitment to the present and view toward the future are invaluable assets we cannot afford to give up.

Let’s keep our district strong — please join us in re-electing John Wendland to the Lake Oswego School Board.

Sue and Tom Senf

Lake Oswego

Kevin Robertson for position 2

Kevin Robertson is hands down the right person for school board position 2. We trust his knowledge, his priorities and most especially his considerable experience both professionally and as a volunteer.

As foundation president and chairman of the endowment committee. Kevin has already proven that he is committed to improved educational opportunities for students attending all schools. We also like his platform of innovation in technology and programs that benefit all students throughout the district. We commend the Lake Oswego Review for their endorsement of Kevin Robertson. He is the right candidate for the present and the future of the district.

Gwen and Mark Matthews

Lake Oswego

Comments about student costs challenged

Kevin Robertson’s opinion piece on May 9 (in the Lake Oswego Review) was misleading. He stated “... recruiting out of district students aren’t a magic solution. These students only come with $6,500 in state funding when we spend more than $6,000 per student.”

For actual costs see the Lake Oswego District Report Card dated Oct. 10, 2012, showing district costs of $7,654 and state contributions of $7,962 per student.

The district cost is derived by dividing the total cost by the number of students. Adding a new student to a class does not increase teaching or fixed costs. There is little incremental cost.

State funding adds almost $8,000 per student to the district’s income, while adding little or nothing to the cost.

Mr. Robertson, as a financial person, fully understands the concept of “incremental cost.”

Linda Brown in the Jan. 13 Review gave the same misleading impression.

Phyllis Jacobs

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: Candidate Kevin Robertson responds: “Bringing in students from outside of our borders is not a magic solution. The average open enrollment student comes to us with approximately $6,510 (ADMW 2011-2012) in revenue and not $7,962. These families do not pay the local option paid by district families, which provide 9 to 12 percent of the district budget and they benefit from the LOS Foundation funds. Yes, if these students just fill extra capacity in our existing classes, this benefits the district. The district currently uses tuition and open enrollment students in this manner. If we need to add capacity, new programs, staff or open buildings for these students or the out-of-district student has special needs in excess of state provided funding these students’ costs may not be covered by the $6,510 provided by the state. In addition, open enrollment is a temporary program that will expire in three more school years and the Legislature in this session challenged and proposed heavy restrictions on districts’ ability to accept tuition students. Those changes did not pass but I believe we can expect more challenges to the current program.”)

Robertson’s ‘track record demonstrates his ability’

Please join me in supporting Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board on May 21.

We need Kevin’s 27 years of financial expertise now more than ever, especially given the challenging budget years ahead.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Kevin for six years on the board of the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. He impressed me with his innovative ideas, which included making the endowment program the great success that it is today. Kevin worked collaboratively with integrity and respect for everyone. Later, his organizational leadership and financial acumen were recognized when he was elected president of the foundation.

Kevin’s track record demonstrates his ability to make tough decisions in tough times. I urge you to cast your vote for Kevin Robertson.

Mary Solares

Past president, Lake Oswego School Foundation

Lake Oswego

Robertson will have ‘positive impact’ on board

My family has known Kevin Robertson for 10 years. Our children started kindergarten together at Lake Grove and we quickly learned that Kevin was a doer.

Year after year, cause after cause, event after event, Kevin has been actively involved in supporting our Lake Oswego schools. We have always admired how he approaches every effort with an eye and uncanny ability to make significant improvement. He listens, analyzes and truly cares about implementing solutions that will continually improve our schools and help our kids.

The experience Kevin has gained through his active participation in every aspect of LO elementary, junior high and high school along with his critical time spent on the LOSF board and his successful career in finance has equipped Kevin far beyond any other candidate.

We look forward to the positive impacts Kevin will make in our school district as a member of the Lake Oswego School Board.

Lee and Shelley Jackson

Lake Oswego

‘People of faith reference’ viewed as insulting

On the May 9 front page of the Lake Oswego Review, individuals gathered for the National Day of Prayer were described as “people of faith.” The clear implication is that those who do not put their faith in some sort of supernatural beings or forces are, somehow, not “people of faith.”

This is insulting and I ask the individuals responsible to stop these insults. Those of us who put our faith in natural, rather than supernatural, phenomena are no less “people of faith” than those who do otherwise. We are not “faithless” because we do not on call on supernatural powers, as is the explicit activity on the National Day of Prayer.

It is often said that “faith is belief in things unseen” and, with that definition, every individual who acts as if they, and/or those they care about, will be around tomorrow is engaging in a “faith-based” activity because “tomorrow,” by definition, is not here to be seen. Starting a college fund for your newborn is no less an “act of faith” than calling on supernatural forces to keep that child alive until the time comes to use it.

In sum, I ask the staff of the Lake Oswego Review to stop treating those who put their faith in natural, rather than supernatural, phenomena as second-class citizens by describing those who do the opposite as “people of faith.”

Hank Robb

Lake Oswego

Vote for Robertson for the school board

Kevin Robertson is the right choice for school board. While I was president of the school district’s foundation board, Kevin served as both the endowment fund chairman and on the business committee.

Kevin’s work on the launch of the endowment fund was critical to the success we see today. With Kevin’s background working in finance, combined with his determination and commitment, he was uniquely qualified to help create and lead the fund. He understood that we had an opportunity to build a long-term solution to school funding. His effective leadership made it a reality.

I was not surprised when Kevin later stepped forward to serve as foundation president. He is a natural leader with a willingness to serve his community.

Kevin has a clear track record of working for the direct benefit of all the students in the district. He is an innovator, a problem solver and a financial steward. He has a kind heart and cares about productive outcomes resulting from fair and objective due process. He is exactly the type of leader we need to guide our district through ongoing transitions and budget challenges.

I urge you to join me in electing Kevin Robertson.

Mike Cook

Past president of Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

Lake Oswego

Candidate Howell thinks ‘outside the box’

I just don’t get it. We have half the students in our school district in elementary and junior high and not one single parent on our school board. We are told we just don’t have enough experience.

Those wily high school parents just have that certain magic. I guess until you get into your mid 50s you might as well not apply. That is thinking that is from the 1920s not the year 2013.

Sarah Howell has volunteered nonstop for five years on practically every single committee the district has. She has earned the respect of this entire town and been awarded the unsung hero award at the ripe old age of 39 because she is a doer.

We need at least one board member who thinks outside the box and is not signing up to get along and go along.

We are going to be hiring a new superintendent this next year and the idea that elementary parents, students, teachers and staff will not have one single vote on the board when the superintendent is hired is just plain wrong.

Please vote for the best candidate to step forward in a very long time who also happens to have elementary children, Sarah Howell.

Carol Sarnowski

Lake Oswego

Howell would be ‘excellent’ on the school board

Sarah Howell will make an excellent school board member.

I worked with her for the last three years on our Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Board. She is a force of energy. The idea that she isn’t experienced enough is just ridiculous. Sarah brought more vision and positive change to this district than anyone I can think of, opening our community to a language program that works.

You can’t teach first-graders calculus but you sure can teach them a second language. U.S. students need foreign language capability to compete in a global economy. My relatives in Scandinavia are immersed in English from an early age, so are students in China and India.

We need forward thinking on the board so that simple change that is good for kids doesn’t always take five years to implement.

For example, why don’t we have full-year language offering in sixth and seventh grade now? Junior high kids already take seven classes; it would cost nothing extra to give them the choice of adding a language elective.

Let’s elect someone who always puts kids ahead of alliances with other board members and members of the administration. That person is Sarah Howell.

Robert Poe

Lake Oswego

Robertson better of two ‘excellent candidates’

We are so fortunate to be part of the Lake Oswego community and have so many well-qualified people run for our various elected positions: mayor, city council and now our school board. It is an unfortunate reality that we have to choose, often between excellent candidates.

Such is the case for the contest between Kevin Robertson and Sarah Howell. I am grateful for both of their many contributions to the school foundation and our community.

I will be voting for Kevin Robertson because I believe with all the challenges facing our school district (replacing Dr. Korach, dealing with school closures and school funding issues, to name just a few) we need and deserve the very best. Kevin is the best and deserves our vote.

He not only is a good decision maker, he brings good ideas to the table and he has an outstanding understanding of finances that is critical to the issues we face. We need and deserve the very best.

Please join me in voting for Kevin Robertson for Lake Oswego School Board position 2.

Mark Birge

Lake Oswego

Currently serving as board president of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, Birge is also past president of Lakewood Center for the Arts, LO Rotary Club and a past member of the executive committee of the LO School Foundation. He is offering his opinion as a private citizen.

Howell ‘brings such positive energy’

We are pleased to support Sarah Howell for school board position 2. We appreciated her citizen’s view from last week’s Lake Oswego Review. She brings such positive energy, something everyone can use.

We have known Sarah for a number of years and have seen her work tirelessly for our school district in many capacities. Like her opponent, she has spent years on the board of the foundation, yet her goals/plans don’t stop at the local level. She has reached out beyond our school district and lobbied at the state level for education funding.

As Sarah has been regularly attending school board meetings for five years, she knows the issues of Scenario B and is aware of what is happening in the aftermath. Sarah is up for looking outside the box for solutions to the concerns of our school district.

Our school board is comprised of parents who are no longer living the primary education years. Continuing with the status quo is not good enough; we need an elementary parent that is going to live through the decisions she makes as a Lake Oswego School Board member.

Please join us in casting your ballot for Sarah Howell.

Vixie Jones

Lake Oswego

Robertson is getting our vote

Our vote is for Kevin Robertson. At this pivotal time in our (school) district his experience, commitment to the community and financial expertise is unsurpassed.

I had the pleasure of serving on the executive committee for the LO Schools Foundation Board with Kevin for three years. He was not only the driving force in establishing the endowment, but his commitment to fundraising meant success in turbulent economic times for the district foundation fundraising.

He and his wife, Pamela, have served endless hours in countless community- and school-oriented volunteer positions, building relationships on both sides of the lake that can’t be overlooked. As a financial executive his financial expertise will enhance our school board’s ability to analyze and solve the tough economic issues that are bound to dominate the discussions over the next few years.

We are lucky to have to great, qualified candidates for this position, but at the end of the day, Kevin Robertson just separates himself from the field and deserves your vote.

Doug and Marianna O’Brien

Lake Oswego

Howell a ‘hard-working innovator’

We are lucky to have many qualified and capable people running for the Lake Oswego School Board. I’ll be casting my vote for Sarah Howell.

As a hardworking innovator, I know Sarah will bring the energy and creative talent needed to find unique solutions to the many challenging issues facing our schools. The board will also benefit from the added perspective of a parent with young children just entering the school system.

Please remember to vote and join me in voting for Sarah Howell.

Jon Gustafson

Lake Oswego City Councilor

Re-elect Wendland for school board

I have been a close friend of John Wendland since Mrs. Potter’s second-grade class at Forest Hills. We graduated together from Lake Oswego High School, with John as student body president. Through the many miles traveled since then, we have remained close friends.

John is a successful businessman and a collaborative and engaging community leader. John has a contagious passion for Lake Oswego’s history, and our wonderful schools, which he entrusted with his own children. He is the most thoughtful, inquisitive, gregarious and open-minded person I know.

John also appreciates that tough decisions are sometimes needed to succeed. He has listened to us and has built a winning strategic plan with a sound view on the long-term direction needed for Lake Oswego schools. John can be counted on to balance the budget and make wise choices on the school board.

Finally, a school board member must make policy decisions in the best interest of all students across the district. John’s deep sense of community, fairness and integrity ensures we can trust him to lead and inspire us to keep Lake Oswego’s schools among the very best in the nation.

Please vote John Wendland for position 3.

Timothy Crew

Lake Oswego

Howell ‘is the perfect fit’ for school board

What is the West Linn-Wilsonville School District doing that is missing in Lake Oswego?

They have elected two board members with children in elementary school. It’s about time Lake Oswego sees the wisdom of our fellow communities. Elementary students make up half of the student population and yet there is no voice on our current school board.

Sarah Howell is the perfect fit. The upcoming school board will decide our future superintendent. We need all perspectives represented as we decide who will lead our school district into evolving future education. This community has a chance to put an exceptional, positive, hardworking dedicated elementary parent on the board.

Please join us in voting for positive change by electing Sarah Howell.

Matt and Kari Curry

Lake Oswego

Howell represents an ‘independent voice’

I have lived in this town for nearly 20 years. I have volunteered at every level and with many different organizations. I was past president of Lake Oswego Junior Women’s Club, auction chairwoman at the high school twice and was a frequent volunteer in my children’s classroom.

Like many moms, Sarah works nonstop for our families and our community. But she does even more. Few people have her list of accomplishments and dedication to our schools. That dedication is exactly what we need on the school board.

We also need someone who will stand up and act independently. We need a go-getter and someone not afraid to stand up to the status quo if it benefits our kids.

I will vote for Sarah because I’m 100 percent certain she is for all our kids. Her only agenda is to make sure that all kids get the best education possible. Please vote for an independent voice: Sarah Howell.

Michelle Holman

Lake Oswego

Everyone should vote for Howell

I have read all the material and I can’t imagine why everyone would not vote for Sarah Howell for school board.

I find the comparison between Mr. Robertson and Ms. Howell in terms of number of years of experience to be unfair and a little insulting. It reminds me of the 60s and 70s when doors were slammed on all women because they said we didn’t have enough experience. But it hasn’t stopped her anyway. Despite having three young children, Ms. Howell has attended nearly 100 school board meetings over five years, helped start a language program for elementary kids, volunteered on her school council and spent three years on the foundation board. But still she is knocked for not having enough experience.

Yes, Mr. Robertson is 15 years older. But when we reflect on Ms. Howell’s record of accomplishments in 15 years, the list will be very long and very impressive. Let’s not waste the next four years. Let’s elect her to the school board now.

Sarah Howell is exactly what we need on this school board. Let’s send a message that negative campaigning doesn’t work and besmirching a go-getter like Sarah Howell is unacceptable.  

Grace Bruns

Lake Oswego

Turnout shows a community that cares

The Saturday evening Celebrate West Linn event was a huge success.

A big thank you goes out to the 35 local businesses and individuals who donated food, spirits and the many great auction items. Also, thanks to the Robinwood Station for the use of its facility.

And to all the individuals, who showed their support of the citizens’ effort to stop Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership by attending this event, thanks so much. You proved we are a community who cares about West Linn, our way of life and each other.

Jan Gerber

West Linn

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