Will there be a basketball standard at George Rogers?

I have been watching the re-development of the George Rogers Park with great interest.

I am wondering why the city isn’t installing a basketball standard somewhere in the park. I think that would be a good improvement since there don’t seem to be any outdoor basketball hoops anywhere in downtown Lake Oswego that are available to the public.

Tanner Russell, age 12

Lake Oswego

Fix roofs before covering the stadium

The following is part of an email distributed to parents of Oak Creek Elementary School:

“Oak Creek is one of the sites with larger issues identified in the maintenance portion of the real estate study. The Oak Creek roof is approaching the end of its useful life — it will need to be replaced within the next several years before leaking becomes a major problem. We are able to quickly repair roof leaks that occur now, and have had no roof leaks this year. (We did have a sink on the upper floor that leaked onto the ceiling below. That leak was repaired.)

The building’s exterior envelope also has issues with failing window and flashing systems that will get worse if not addressed within the next several years. Based on work done in two areas of the building, it is also possible that the exterior brick façade was incorrectly installed when the building was constructed in 1991. Additional testing will be performed this summer to determine the extent of these issues.”

How could the School Board consider keeping spectators at Lakeridge High dry while students get wet due to roofs that leak? While I would love for Lakeridge to receive the stadium upgrades requested, the school board is responsible for the education of our children in a safe environment first and foremost.

David Fillmore

Lake Oswego

Commissioner Savas deserves our vote

I’m voting for Paul Savas, Clackamas County Commissioner. Here’s why you should, too.

Paul ran a successful small business in Oak Grove for more than 20 years. He brings that practical business experience to the commission.

Paul worked on Oak Grove water and sewer boards for years, and saved ratepayers millions of dollars. He learned how things work in Clackamas County from the ground up.

Paul’s mission is to fix problems. He is not captive to any rigid ideology; he will work with everyone necessary to get things done to improve Clackamas County.

Paul’s record, according to his Oregonian endorsement, is one of competent service. Vote for Paul and keep this common sense straight-shooter on the board of county commissioners.

Richard Jaskiel


There are more than two GOP Senate candidates

Until last week, I thought there were only two Republican candidates in the race for U.S. Senate in Oregon.

I was surprised and encouraged to discover three more candidates, including Jo Rae Perkins. I encourage all conservative Republicans to vote Perkins for U.S. Senate. She believes in small government, defending our borders, balancing the budget, reading every bill before voting on it, supporting our military and veterans and defending the constitution, including the Second Amendment.

She wants to repeal Obamacare because the federal government has no business in the healthcare industry. She wants to abolish the income tax because no one should be penalized for earning money. She believes that our lands should be returned to state control, because the Constitution does not give the federal government the right to take our forests away from us.

Don’t let the media convince you that a candidate doesn’t matter without big fundraising. Money doesn’t decide elections; we do. Vote Perkins for U.S. Senate because values matter.

Tasha Conner


Contract Publishing

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