Service at its best

Last month brought a plethora of snow to Lake Oswego and surrounding communities, causing considerable damage to trees, including two in our yard that did not survive the onslaught.

Within two days of our call for help, Morton's Tree Service arrived in the late afternoon after a busy day of tending to other customers. In spite of the frigid conditions, they worked hard to remove both trees, one of which fell onto our neighbor's property.

Hearing the chainsaws, other neighbors then showed up to ask Morton's Tree Service to tend to their dangerous tree limbs dangling over their homes. With daylight disappearing and conditions getting even colder, the workers also took care of our neighbors' needs.

I am impressed with the customer service provided by this company, and feel they deserve a positive "shout-out."

Eric Allenbaugh

Lake Oswego

A true advocate

I'm a dad in Lake Oswego with kids at both Westridge Elementary and Lakeridge High School. My oldest started at Bryant and was moved when the district closed that school. I know that decisions the Lake Oswego School Board makes impact people's lives, and Rob Wagner is someone who has the experience, passion and heart to make the right decisions.

I've known Rob for almost 15 years — we have worked together, our kids have played together and he is a true advocate for kids. He is a committed father and a dedicated champion for education. Professionally, I have worked with school boards all around Oregon, and I know Rob has what it takes to be an excellent school board member. He knows what drives education on the state level and how to navigate the critical decisions that are made at the local level.

Rob knows what it means to represent all areas of our community, and I can't think of anyone better equipped for the Lake Oswego School Board than Rob Wagner.

David Williams

Lake Oswego

Against the ban

There are several reasons that, as a patriotic American, I am troubled by President Trump's ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Our president claims he must do this to protect us from terrorism such as we experienced with the San Bernardino bombing and 9/11. Yet none of the terrorists perpetrating those attacks hailed from the seven banned countries. So if I was to accept our president's rationale, I would still wish to edit for consistency: Where is Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon on the list?

More disconcertingly, a racist, undemocratic — and therefore un-American — ban identifying a set of people based on religious or cultural grounds is just as wrong today as it has always been.

How can our current administration's action suddenly be correct, when history shows we will be on the wrong side of it, when brave American men and women have sacrificed their lives for the very opposite of what this ban represents?

Johanna McCormick

Lake Oswego

Above and beyond

On Sunday, my husband spotted a police officer park his car near Bryant Road and Royce Way. The officer got out of the patrol car, cut some broken branches that were obstructing the sidewalk kids use to walk to school, and neatly placed the debris in a pile alongside the curb.

Now that is way beyond a "no call too small" policy! Many thanks to our police force for taking on even the smallest chores to keep us safe. We are so lucky!

Linda Brown

Lake Oswego

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