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In The Lake Oswego Review's mailbox this week: Worries about fire department cutbacks, and praise for a mentorship program for moms

What if?

In October of last year, my husband suffered a heart attack in the Lakewood neighborhood. EMTs from the main fire station arrived at our home within minutes. Their quick response saved his life, for which we will be forever grateful.

But with talk of shutting down the South Shore fire station, let's run another scenario: What if there had been a train moving through downtown when seconds mattered? Who would have been able to get to our home in time? I would presume it would be the EMTs from the South Shore station. But if that fire station gets shuttered, what will happen to all the citizens of this town who live south of the tracks and have an emergency while oil tankers are plodding along through town? I guess we will have to time our emergencies against the train schedule.

Pam Hull

Lake Oswego

Mentoring moms

Exciting to see the mentorship program for mothers ("Motherhood made easier," Jan. 3)! Not only can new moms tap older moms' experiences, but they can also witness another mother's parenting style, and perhaps find a style that works better with difficult Daphne.

When I was a single dad with sons 2 and 4, the only parenting style I knew was my mother's. It was adequate, but often inappropriate. What if, at that time, society had recognized that children and parents benefit when they're exposed to others with experience and can test different styles until

they find one that better addresses the needs of both mother and child? What if society evolved to the point that it acknowledged the value of older mothers, and rewarded them financially for mentoring younger mothers? What if, over the past 2,000 years, we had spent as much time and money on parenting as we've spent on war and methods of killing people?

Perhaps there'd be no wars. Maybe guns would be superfluous.

Peter Wright

Lake Oswego

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