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The board has unanimously decided that to best serve our students, we need an increase in our levy funding.

As your school board, we work hard to ensure each and every student in our community receives a high quality education. As members of this community, we want you to be proud of Lake Oswego's excellent schools, great teachers, and the well-rounded and challenging curriculum available to students. Since 2000, the Lake Oswego School District has been able to meet the challenge of Oregon's limited state education funding through a local option levy. This levy has been successfully providing critical revenue to our schools for nearly 20 years, and currently comprises 12 percent of the district's operating budget.

This year, it's time to renew the levy and after careful consideration, the board has unanimously decided that to best serve our students, we need an increase in our levy funding. That's why the Lake Oswego School Board is coming together to ask for your help. We're asking for your support for the LO Learning Levy — on your ballot this coming May.

Passing the LO Learning Levy will renew our current levy and increase the levy rate, allowing us to keep more than 80 teaching and classified positions and hire up to 20 more teachers and counselors. By addressing overcrowding with the hiring of additional teachers and specialists, we can give our students the personalized instruction they need. In addition to hiring more teachers, passing the LO Learning Levy will add counseling support for mental health and social/emotional learning, enhance advanced STEM curriculum, expand vocational and technical programs, improve early literacy, and invest in safety and security operations on campuses.

Since 2000, the district has demonstrated that our local option levy is an accountable way to make our education system stronger. The funds raised from the levy go directly into Lake Oswego's schools and with built-in checks and balances like annual audits, funds raised from the levy will be spent directly on programs, teachers and staff that will help continue providing a top-rate education for our children. For less than $10 a month of added cost for the average homeowner, the LO Learning Levy is an essential way to ensure all of the students in our community have the resources they need to excel. For those without students in Lake Oswego schools, like some of us currently serving on the board, we'd like to emphasize that a quality education is key to a vibrant and prosperous community for us all. We all have a commitment to make sure future generations receive the quality education many of us did, and that we make Lake Oswego an attractive community for businesses and families looking to relocate.

Our community has long showed robust support for renewing our local option levy, and we're asking for your support again now to ensure we are able to secure these critical funds for our schools and for our students. We are bringing together a grassroots effort of parents, educators, elected officials and business leaders from across the community and from now until May, we will be running an open, accessible campaign to earn your support.

We'll be making the case to voters across the community by presenting to local groups, knocking on doors, making phone calls and hosting events to provide information on the LO Learning Levy. We have recruited an exceptional group of captains for each school in the Lake Oswego District. If you currently have kids in school, we would be happy to connect you to that captain to ensure that you know all the upcoming activities like sign waving or lawn sign distribution around the community.

If you have questions, reach out to us. If you'd like to get engaged with the campaign, sign up at, and this May, please join us in voting yes for the LO Learning Levy.

Bob Barman, Chair

Sara Pocklington, Vice Chair

Liz Hartman

John Wallin

Rob Wagner

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