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Thankful for Schrader; What problem would OGLO bridge solve?; City should backtrack on Cooks Butte tower

Thankful for Schrader

As a 22-year resident of Lake Oswego and retired lawyer, I am grateful that our representative, Kurt Schrader, saw the need for an impeachment inquiry after the release of the memo of President Trump's phone call with President Zelensky of Ukraine. Although many details are not yet publicly known, the facts to date, many of them undisputed, show that Trump and his administration and attorney conspired to obstruct Congress' constitutional powers and American foreign policy in order to extort political favors from the government of Ukraine, benefiting Russia and undermining the FBI, CIA and Justice Department of the United States. In my opinion, if this conduct is not impeachable, the Constitution is a mockery.

Jaime M.W. Sanders

Lake Oswego

What problem would OGLO bridge solve?

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed bridge between Oak Grove and Lake Oswego. I have seen no cost/benefit analysis of this project that persuades me it is a worthwhile expenditure of our tax dollars. What is in Oak Grove that requires this bridge for residents on the west side of the river to get here? What is in Lake Oswego that requires this bridge for residents on the east side of the river to go there? There are already three bridges across the river within five miles of where I live in Oak Grove. Why another bridge? Why this bridge, here?

I can see why cyclists might want a shorter crossing than going through Sellwood or Oregon City. But a less environmentally and socially destructive answer to their problem would be an electric ferry, powered by the current of the Willamette River charging its batteries. Landings on each side of the river would not require millions of dollars to build, would not replace the beautiful trees of our parks and neighborhoods with bridge footings, and would not bring off-ramps into our beautiful wooded neighborhoods.

If there is a legitimate transportation problem — and I am not persuaded that there is — an electric ferry would be a less costly, less disruptive solution. But first, what is the multi-million dollar problem that needs to be solved?

J. Wesley Brown


City should backtrack on Cooks Butte tower

The proposal to place a nearly 200-foot communications tower atop Cooks Butte is an example of city leaders failing to govern on behalf of residence, and instead trying to act in spite of the wishes of the community. The fact that a lease for the proposed tower was signed by the City without any meaningful or reasonable input from those of us who will be impacted demonstrates an intent to avoid community scrutiny. If the tower were a "good idea," city leaders would have welcomed early input and the decision would have been bolstered by community support. Instead, those of us who will be forced to live in the shadow of the proposed monstrosity are now forced to fight against an already made decision instead of being engaged as constituents and the people to whom city leaders are accountable. I expect the city to suspend any further action to place the tower, engage meaningfully with our community, follow the recommendation of if Natural Resources Board, and discard this plan — with apology to our community.

Gary Granger

Lake Oswego

It is time for all of us to have a serious 'Aha Moment'

Metro's badly thought out OGLO bridge and the benefits versus the negative impacts just do not pass the cost-benefit analysis. The case for this particular project at taxpayers' expense has not been made nor has the case been made for where this bridge fits into the bigger picture. How does it play in Metro's stated goal of moving people safely and efficiently around our regions?

There is no justification for spending another $500,000 on studying this particular project. Our communities and our whole region have much higher priorities which could benefit from half a million dollars.

To councilors and commissioners, your "Aha Moment" is to take a stand against Metro now and urge they drop this particular project from further consideration.

Metro your "Aha Moment" is to prioritize. Even the bike lobby must have higher priorities than this.

Kristi Harnish

Lake Oswego

OGLO bridge — the non-solution!

Reducing our carbon footprint, providing safe flat routes for walkers, bicyclists and commuters are great goals. But Metro's proposed multi-million dollar Oak Grove to LO bridge falls way short of those goals for what we taxpayers would be on the hook for.

For instance, Metro's latest survey says 52% would use the bridge once or never and then 50% of users said they may drive to one side or the other. I can understand that. It is a long walk or bike ride on the west end to anywhere a mass of people will be going for jobs. For instance, Foothills (where the proposed bridge may land) to Kruse Corporate Park (where most of the west side jobs are) is a 4.5 to 5-mile distance or an 80- to 95-minute walk. That's quite a commute once a person crosses from the east side. If commuters are going to drive to landings, congestion and carbon footprint certainly will not be relieved along that route. And where will 50% of the people driving to one end or other of the bridge park their cars?

On the Oak Grove side, it is by no means a safe or flat bike ride or walk to get to the nearest MAX station.

This OGLO bridge is badly thought through and no more taxpayer money should be spent studying this particular concept. Yet Metro wants another $500,000 of our money to study it some more. A much better use of that money would be to study the feasibility of improving the Hwy 43 corridor and making it safer for cyclists.

I hope Clackamas County Commissioners and LO City Councilors push back at Metro on this particular idea and stop any more money going to this non-solution.

Elinora Lacy

Lake Oswego

Parks are not just plots of land for Metro's use

Metro's OGLO bridge committee has paused for a few months to take stock of the way Lake Oswego and our City Council feel about the Willamette River bridge. The two OGLO committee members who actually live in the communities on both sides of the river are clearly concerned about allowing 74-foot bridge footings inundating our riverfront parks and neighborhoods. The two OGLO committee members who do not live in either Oak Grove or Lake Oswego seem to lack a great deal of concern. Bravo to committee member Councilor Jackie Manz who stopped Metro pushing a project at us before council does a thorough vetting of its impact.

I hope that the Lake Oswego City Council will stand up to Metro and the extremely well organized bike lobby and save our riverfront parks. Transforming our parks into plots of land to hold bridge footings and on ramps is unacceptable. Using taxpayer money to further study a bridge which has not been intelligently thought through for the region's future transportation needs is unacceptable.

A bike bridge could sound like a great idea. However, it should not come at the expense of our parks, our transit needs and our pocket books. We have greater priorities for our hard earned money.

Judith Rossner

Lake Oswego

Weigh in on the bridge — City Council is listening

A big shout out to LO Councilor Jackie Manz for putting at least temporary brakes on Metro and the Oak Gove Lake Oswego bridge. She told Metro and Clackamas County officials in no uncertain terms that the whole process was flawed and LO should have the opportunity to weigh in.

I'm not sure who dreamed up this bridge but it will be a nightmare for both potential bike commuters and citizens alike on both sides of the river. The dream should be to connect commuters safely and efficiently to their jobs. The nightmare of this bridge is that once across it the routes are not safe and on the Lake Oswego side particularly, the distances to the job centers are long and very inefficient. The dream should be an iconic bridge that is well placed and serves the future needs of the majority of people. The nightmare of this bridge is that its landings are poorly placed in parks and neighborhoods, will cost taxpayers money and will meet the needs of only a few.

Lake Oswego — we have a small window of opportunity to "weigh in." Let our City Council know your thoughts — they are listening.

Dave Elliot

Lake Oswego

A shortsighted bridge

I hope that the Lake Oswego City Council puts an end to this OGLO bridge nonsense. As of now, the cost of what Metro calls their Clackamas County Tier One transportation projects is in excess of $5 billion. Yes, that is billion with a "b." In 2020 Metro will ask us to support a Transportation Bond that will increase our taxes and fees to support those project costs.

I am a firm believer in my tax dollars going for projects which benefit the greater good and which enhance our livability as a region. The OGLO bridge in its present form does not fit into either of those categories. If this short-sighted bridge is contained in the 2020 Metro Transportation Bond measure I will vote against it.

I urge our Lake Oswego City Council to continue doing what they are currently doing so well — assessing our needs and prioritizing the spending of our money. I ask them not to support Metro's request to spend yet another half-million dollars studying the building of a bridge which will benefit so few and negatively impact so many.

Sandra Marentette

Lake Oswego

Transportation issues demand better answer than OGLO bridge

First and importantly Lake Oswego bicycle commuters do need a safe way to get to downtown Portland because Highway 43 is so dangerous. Secondly and also importantly, Oak Grove and Lake Oswego residents do not want bridge footings and ramps destroying their riverfront parks and neighborhoods. So let's creatively think of logical ways to reconcile the two and not have Metro push a shortsighted bridge at us which, if built will very quickly become a dinosaur.

Why don't we focus on improving the bike safety of Highway 43? It is my understanding that it is also under consideration for inclusion in a Metro 2020 Transportation Bond Measure. Can we give cyclists a safe commute from LO to downtown Portland along Highway 43 so that we forever stop the threat of destruction of our parks? Of course we can. Lake Oswego prides itself on civic engagement and involvement. Good heads can prevail. Let's do it!

Teri Jane

Lake Oswego

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