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Candidates should focus on management, budget process; An open letter to Mayor Studebaker

Candidates should focus on management, budget process

Emma Burke in announcing her candidacy for City Council emphasizes that she would not be divisive in bringing diversity to the Council.

Burke knows full well that by using the very term "divisive" she is being divisive. What we need are council members with strong management skills, experience in making good judgment calls and the ability to look at reams and reams of budget information and make some sense out of the morass of statistics as it affects a single taxpayer.

Clifford D. Mansley

Lake Oswego

An open letter to Mayor Studebaker

I want to express my discontent with your behavior at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 16. Sixty-four citizens signed up to express their concerns about racism in our community, indicating it is an issue that requires our city's full attention. Your actions conveyed that you did not see the issue as important.

I am extremely disappointed regarding your comments during the break, when you complained you had to listen to thirteen more comments. Consider the privilege it takes to have issue with sitting through 26 minutes of people discussing an issue that has been present in our community since its inception.

You, as a white male, have had far longer than 26 minutes to have things "your way." The least you could have done was empathetically listened to your community as they sought empathy and action. Instead, you cut off Black constituents, and complained about the number of people seeking to have their voices heard.

In my time as a Lakeridge student and Youth Leadership Council member, I have seen this behavior before. It has become clear that you want to keep LO rooted in the past.

I encourage you to resign your position to someone more willing to listen and make progress.

Claire Fennell

Lake Oswego

Mayor's faux pas shows it's time for a change

At the June 16 City Council meeting over 60 community members wanted to provide comments. The city did an excellent job of getting those wanting to comment queued up in Zoom and bringing us in one at a time to comment. There were many comments about the pain the city and its citizens have caused our Black and brown community members and those passing through. Those commenting were passionate and welcomed the opportunity to speak and most appeared to have given great thought to what they wanted to say.

During a break, when the meeting wasn't officially in session, the Mayor's microphone and video were on and he showed absolute displeasure that there were more people queued up to comment after the break. The Mayor was clearly done listening to the citizens. Done hearing about how the city needs to change. Done hearing about racism. That's some white privilege!

One astute student, who commented after the break, took the opportunity to let the Mayor know that the Mayor's displeasure with having to hear all of the commenters is the exact thing that is corrosive to our city and it's what perpetuates Lake Oswego's racist culture. The mayor and every city council member must be willing to listen … to every voice.

I'm left wondering, what does our mayor (and city leaders) say, about the difficult and challenging work to eradicate racism in LO, when the microphones and cameras are off? Behind closed doors? Is it time for our mayor and any councilors who are not truly committed to fighting racism to step aside rather than impede our city's progress?

Terri Kraemer

Lake Oswego

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