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Rapf will look out for all of Lake Oswego; Rapf's budget experience makes him uniquely qualified; Bias training must be taken seriously

Rapf will look out for all of Lake Oswego

As a mom with an active Lake Oswego family, I enthusiastically support Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council! Aaron's spending priorities support the health and well being of all our families. He knows that in addition to our schools, it is our parks, well turfed fields, trails, bikeways, a new pool, and safe pathways to schools that will continue to attract new families to Lake Oswego, and enhance the lives of those who live here already. Aaron will stay focused on our priorities and use his extensive experience managing large budgets to find creative ways to reallocate existing dollars.

I encourage you to vote for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council in November!

Shelby Campion

Lake Oswego

Rapf's budget experience makes him uniquely qualified

I am so thrilled to hear that Aaron Rapf is running for a seat on Lake Oswego City Council! Aaron currently serves on the Lake Oswego Budget Committee and is no stranger to the LO budget numbers and just how far they can be stretched. This relevant experience combined with his professional experience managing multi-million-dollar budgets makes Aaron uniquely qualified to serve on City Council when funding levels could be inconsistent due to the impacts of Covid-19. Aaron is committed to keeping our city the envy of this region while managing budgets and spending money wisely rather than continually asking for more.

Aaron knows that the key to navigating our little city through Covid times will be to avoid ugly partisan politics and work together as one Lake Oswego. Join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council!

Ian Tydeman

Lake Oswego

Bias training must be taken seriously

At the June 23rd Lake Oswego City Council meeting it was decided that members would undergo training in order to understand their own biases. The plan was for a couple of 90-minute sessions on bias during the lunch break. This would only provide lip service to this important issue. Since we live in a community inundated with white privilege and bias, I expect more seriousness from our leadership and hold them to a higher level of accountability around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

All people are biased but they cannot know their own biases and learn to deal with them effectively by having a couple of "zoom by" activities. The bias may be race based, gender based, age based, economic based and the list goes on. These have been ingrained in us since we were children and have been encouraged and supported by the white centric environment in which we live. Addressing our own intrinsic bias is not easy and requires skilled training including thoughtful reflection.

Therefore, I expect that the Council's bias training will be serious and extensive and led by experts with proven success in the field. Addressing issues of bias must become part of the culture of decision making in our city and required for current and future city leaders. The City Council will not effectively serve this community until each of its members understands their own biases and can assure that they are making decisions that are equitable for all who live here. This is hard work but it must be done.

Edward Bettencourt

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego: Wear masks and take precautions

In spite of all the news of the spikes in Oregon of Covid 19 cases this past week, including the report of 28 new cases at Kindercare in Lake Grove this morning, Lake Oswego residents continue to ignore the need for masking and social distancing. While out walking this evening, my husband and I passed by a home on Southshore that had more than 50 people standing shoulder to shoulder in their yard, a food truck in front, with more cars (mostly teenagers) arriving. No one was wearing a mask.

For business and personal needs I visited several stores and businesses in Lake Oswego this week. All of the businesses or shops posted requests that all patrons wear masks and follow the social distancing guidelines they had mapped out. I was very impressed by the efforts each business made to provide customers with sanitizers and masks, if they were not already wearing one. Most people pleasantly followed the requests with no objections, but a few individuals refused to wear a mask, and had difficulty with distancing. Such behavior resulted in uncomfortable positions for both employees and patrons who chose to comply.

We are all bored, all in need of social contact, but if we ignore precautionary guidelines are the risks worth it? Do we want to return to businesses & restaurants closing down again? Do we want to flood our hospitals and stress our healthcare providers with Covid patients? For the short term we all need to heed the advice of the medical experts. By taking personal responsibility, we make a statement that we care about the health and welfare of, not only families and friends, but all people. Ignoring the expert advice is purely selfish and irresponsible.

Gayle Standage

Lake Oswego

The invisible thread

Leonardo da Vinci, a great observer, revelled in nature, and found throughout it the spiral form. One might say that he found out of chaos, order; out of imbalance, symmetry; out of diversity, strength.

The laws of nature apply to government. Montesquieu believed any lasting government must be based on justice. The many competing stakeholders and interests are not static points on a graph, but are perpetually in motion: malleable, reactive, responsive, sensitive, swirling and spiraling around an axis. That axis is justice.

Today, various movements — Black Lives Matter, womens' rights, animal rights, environmental rights — are gaining speed as they swirl around this axis of justice; a hurricane around a tranquil eye; a spiral form, concentrating and coalescing toward a future of order, strength, diversity, and justice for all.

E pluribus unum: out of many, one.

Betsy Wosko

Lake Oswego

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