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Does Lake Oswego need a hotel?; Rapf brings perspective as a parent; Stop Hallinan Woods development

Does Lake Oswego need a hotel?

The contrast could not be any clearer. As the Portland metropolitan area has experienced low housing affordability and high homelessness, the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) continues to spend taxpayer funds promoting the development of a boutique hotel for the North Anchor Project.

According to the National Association of Realtors (2019), home affordability in the metro area ranked 155 out of 174 (1-most affordable). Of the 25 most populous metropolitan areas, our area tied for 6th highest rate in 2016 for homelessness per capita per the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

The public preference and business demand for a boutique hotel is not as clear as housing. The North Anchor Community Forum results (2015), showed strong support for more housing units.

Questions such as "Mixed use housing/retail?" (61% Great idea); "Do you support or oppose housing as a component of the project?" (71% support). The focus on hotel units was not as strong: "Hotel" (41% Great idea). The prior development proposal (2015-2019) could not even secure funding for the 121-room boutique hotel. The recent legalization of short term rentals also reduces the need for hotel space.

Improving housing affordability can be accomplished by increasing supply without increasing taxes. The current development proposal contains a significant space for a boutique hotel (60 rooms). With only 1 and 2 bedroom units proposed, increasing family housing would also improve enrollment at our school district which closed three schools in 2011, in part due to low enrollment.

If you're wondering why the city continues to pursue a boutique hotel, maybe it is time to contact the city council.

Bill Jaursch

Lake Oswego

Rapf brings perspective as a parent

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego CIty Council. Our city currently lacks a City Councilor with children in Lake Oswego Schools, and most of the 2020 City Council candidates do not have children in our Lake Oswego Schools. Our Council needs someone with that perspective now more than ever.

Exactly when and how our children will return to school during Covid-19 continuously changes. One thing we know is that we cannot have crowded school buses upon their return. Our School District has stated it will be encouraging families to walk, bike, or drive to school if possible. Our city needs safe routes to school for children.

Many working parents will not be able to drive their children to school and would like to send them on foot. Walking or biking to school in this city should not be as life threatening as it is. As a public school dad in a family of two young children and two working parents, Aaron understands these challenges.

Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council! He believes that the safety, security and well being of all in Lake Oswego should be the philosophy behind our city budgets.

Jill Burnham

Lake Oswego

Stop Hallinan Woods development

As chairs of South and East side neighborhood associations who are already on record as supporting the acquisition of the Yates property to add to Hallinan Woods, we are alarmed to hear that the current owners are moving toward developing this property.

We ask that the City Council make another offer, this time for the market value of this property. The Friends of Hallinan Woods has suggested that if sufficient funds are not available from the Parks bond that the council increase the previous offer to a marketable level and sell off two small lots at the end of Yates Street to make up the difference.

This is so important to them that they are willing to sacrifice a portion of it to preserve it.

The acquisition of this property is very important to the residents in our neighborhoods for all of the reasons previously mentioned, but the most important is the value of this property to science education at Hallinan Elementary, which most of our children attend.

Councilors have been excellent partners to the school district for the benefit of our children, and now is the time to step up and make this important contribution which only they can do.

The Friends group in the Hallinan neighborhood has worked incredibly hard to build their case and to demonstrate the widespread support for this purchase. They have also committed to caring for the property.

As chairs, we recognize the dedication and determination that takes. This kind of volunteer effort leverages public resources and helps them go farther. It's in all of our interests to have such dedication met with appreciation and action from the city's leaders.

We hope the council will act immediately to preserve this small gem for the benefit of our residents for many generations into the future.

Jan Castle, McVey-South Shore;

Jon Bell, Glenmorrie; Peggy Friedyl-Yee, Lakewood; Dave Thatcher, Palisades; Nancy Dunis, Bryant; Betsy Wosko,

Old Town

Verdick is what we need on Lake Oswego City Council

I am happy to support my friend, Rachel Verdick, for Lake Oswego City Council.

I came to know Rachel as we serve together on the Board of the Lake Oswego Preservation Society. When Rachel told me that she was going to run, my immediate reaction was enthusiasm.

The leadership she offered as president of the Preservation Society inspired confidence in me. My knowledge of her as a person makes me sure she will be exactly what we need on the City Council.

I have been around Lake Oswego politics for a long time; I am encouraged when young, progressive leaders step up and devote their time, energy and skills to civic participation, helping us achieve the goals we want for our city: a strong business environment, robust sustainability, excellent schools, parks, strong neighborhoods and good infrastructure. Rachel champions these goals and embraces our challenges, recognizing the need for policies to advance diversity and inclusion and climate change.

I encourage you to go to to learn more about Rachel. And please "Like" her Facebook page, endorse her, support her campaign and most of all, Vote for Rachel Verdict for Lake Oswego City Council.

Joan Moore

Lake Oswego

Portland's an embarrassment

Mayor Wheeler,

The moving van pulled away from my home in Multnomah Country, Tuesday, Aug.t 25.

Both my wife and I are native Oregonians and, until the past few years, have been very proud of that fact. Oregon, Portland in particular, is no longer the place we grew-up and has become a source of embarrassment as rolled out in the national news on a daily basis.

At the top of our list for reasons to leave Oregon, is your failure to enforce laws and take any action to stop the illegal activity in our streets.

My office, for the past 15 years, has been at Second and Yamhill — close to the epicenter of the chaos you have allowed to continue for months. I stood on that corner last Friday at 10:30 in the morning. Just a few months ago it was a vibrant retail area. What you see now is very limited car and foot traffic, boarded up windows — including PCC — and a blackened brick wall from a dumpster fire.

In my opinion, retailers and office tenants in the central business district will move out of Portland to a safe suburban community. Many small retailers, especially restaurants, will close and not have the financial means to re-open. That will happen and the character, viability and charm of Portland will be finished for years into the future.

It is time for you and the City Council to reverse course — NOW!

Ralph Bigelow

Lake Oswego

Happy Buck is running for Lake Oswego mayor

I found it very good news to hear that Joe Buck is a candidate for Mayor of Lake Oswego.

Joe's previous term as a member of the council demonstrated to me, his capabilities to handle the tough issues and succeed in improving our community. He is the owner of two local businesses, has lived here all his life and is highly regarded by other leaders in our city.

Join me in voting for Joe Buck, the right guy at the right time!

Samantha Richardson

Lake Oswego

Fireside shows true leadership — even when the going gets hard

Lake Oswego has no shortage of people willing to say the right thing when it's easy. We have far less willing to do the right thing when it's hard.

As someone who has been speaking out publicly against racism in LO for over 15 years, it has been particularly frustrating to hear elected officials brag about progress and even suggest that racism isn't actually a problem, while little on the ground has actually changed. Ask the recipients of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and classism, and they'll likely say the same.

This is why we need leaders like Melissa Fireside on the City Council. Melissa has worked tirelessly behind the scenes with the Racial Justice Subcommittee of the Clackamas Democrats, as a campaign manager in recent City Council and School Board elections, and in collaboration with various local grassroots social justice groups to not just advocate for marginalized communities, but to push for policies and resources that tangibly empower these diverse constituencies.

Furthermore, when called upon to stand up publicly for these values, Melissa has never shied away, despite receiving real, often vicious backlash.

That's the leadership we need. That's why I am endorsing Melissa Fireside for LO City Council.

Bruce Poinsette


Kohlhoff is the voice LO needs from mayor

I'm voting for Theresa Kohlhoff for Lake Oswego Mayor because her positions make sense, are really hers and she will act on them. She's clear, straight forward, and unflinchingly honest. As a woman myself, I appreciate how she is well prepared, confident without being arrogant, and able to stand up to what are often unfriendly forces to women and average citizens on the council. She listens and she is often the only voice for us rather than business and developer interests.

In a recent Facebook post, she stated: "It is long overdue that we Lake Oswegans show generosity of spirit, and listen (and listen longer!) before we speak. We are all human beings in a common human family. Racist dog-whistling in the suburbs about housing values has no place in our community." It had 4,307 engagements, 86 shares, and over 1,000 likes/loves. As the chair of the Racial Justice Subcommittee of the Clackamas Democratic Party, seeing someone like Theresa speak up in no uncertain terms and to be likewise affirmed, makes me find hope for Lake Oswego and excited to have her as our next Mayor.

Connie Lee

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would focus on what's right in LO as mayor

John LaMotte is the leader Lake Oswego needs as Mayor.

John is focused on what is right about Lake Oswego. He is a consensus builder who believes in disciplined budgeting and spending. From years serving on the City Council, John has a clear vision of how to lead us forward to maintain our infrastructure, upgrade our parks, and protect our open spaces. To address traffic congestion on Hwy 43 and McVey. To be a steward of our environment.

One good measure of a person's leadership is not what they say at a meeting, it is the probing questions they ask. I am always impressed with the astute, well thought out questions John asks when an issue is up for discussion.

John is the bi-partisan leader for all of Lake Oswego. Please join me in voting for him this November.

Helen Leek

Lake Oswego

Rapf is qualified for LO council — and loves community

Many people have spoken up about Aaron's extensive experience and expertise in business, finance, and leadership. He is, without question, one of the most qualified candidates for city council Lake Oswego has seen in years.

But we've also had the privilege of knowing Aaron and his family outside of his professional roles. The Rapf family was our next-door neighbor for many years.

When we first moved to Lake Oswego, they were the first ones to make us feel extremely welcome and at home. Aaron was always willing to help, whether it be moving furniture in the rain or assisting with a project.

Aaron is never without a huge smile and a kind word. It's clear he has an intense love for his family and for this city. We wholeheartedly give our support to Aaron for Lake Oswego City Council!

Jeff and Susan Marek

Lake Oswego

LaMotte welcomes all

We first met John LaMotte at Lake Oswego events. He attends a wide variety of community happenings to help out and stay in touch with our citizens, and was always the guy that made all feel welcome.

He is a family man, who maintains a high moral standard. We have witnessed his tireless work ethic numerous times in his professional, civic, and personal lives. No one will outwork John LaMotte.

He has an uncanny manner of carrying on genuine conversations with people, drawing them in with his affable attitude and desire to show all people the respect they deserve. He makes sure all voices are heard, a skill honed from his deep experience as a City Planner. He has a passion for serving fellow humans as a true servant leader.

We have gotten to know John well and can say that his integrity is rooted in a faith that will continue to guide him and our community. We are fortunate to have him on City Council and look forward to continuation of his practical and inspirational leadership. We will be voting for John LaMotte for Mayor and encourage you to do the same.

Diane and Josh Frantz

Lake Oswego

No matter what, we must vote this fall

We all say democracy is the best form of government. We also need to say in the next breath it takes hard work to keep it true to its underlying principles. The Presidency, Congress and the Judiciary must do their work adhering to the basic principle we are a nation of laws. And we the people, must do our part, VOTE.

Probably since our founding leaders pick away at the fundamental democratic elements usually because they see it as an advantage to their point of view. Today, unfortunately for us our president has put his actions in overdrive and our congress has lain down so as to enable it.

My example does not jump off the page as an egregious violation but it clearly illustrates the indifference of our leaders to follow the Constitution. Article 2, Section 2, Clause 2 says The President...shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint...officers of the United States. These officers are cabinet secretaries and other high ranking government officials. The President has the power to nominate and the Senate to provide advice and consent to provide accountability and forestall the possibility of abuse of power.

Pretty straightforward yet President Trump has had "acting" cabinet and cabinet level appointees in 22 positions covering about one in nine days since 2017. And what has the Senate done about their constitutionally delegated advice and consent? Jump up and down shouting they have a job to do? Occasionally someone will voice displeasure but nothing else. And it is not the highest bar to get people confirmed as the same party controls the presidency and the senate.

Vote this fall. You can vote for whoever you wish. Just make sure you hold your choice to follow the Constitution and protect our democracy.

Bill Tierney

Lake Oswego

Vote Melissa Fireside – a once-in-a-generation candidate for LO City Council

I am proud to endorse Melissa Fireside for LO City Council. I have never met anyone who has the aptitude for the job, is more thoughtful, ethical and well-prepared. Melissa has a unique ability to understand how all the pieces of complex policy puzzles fit together and articulate that in a way everyone can understand. Melissa has a laser focus on making people's lives and our City better. She believes that our Council Leadership should inspire our community to want to be involved in all levels of City government.

Melissa wants to include everyone in her bold vision and believes by having a diverse and inclusive City, we will be a more equitable one and a better place for all. She values different perspectives and expanding opportunities so that people can share their lived experiences and build a community together by making policy decisions that encompass the well-being of everyone.

The mark of a true leader is what they do when no one else is watching, and Melissa is well-known behind the scenes to work with multiple stakeholders to get things done. Melissa is an extraordinary candidate and will be an even more extraordinary City Council member.

Diane Grover

Lake Oswego

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