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Lake Oswego readers weigh in on City Council and mayor electoral races, natural area acquisition and more.

Joe Buck for a sustainable LO

We have three good people running for mayor, but I think Joe Buck is the best. When I was serving on the L.O. Sustainability Advisory Board, I was witness to Joe's devotion to the environment and combating climate change. While on the City Council, he was the primary advocate for our climate action plan. Before that, he was instrumental in the adoption of 100% renewable energy for the city. He pushed for residential composting. When elected, he will work for more energy efficient transportation as well as workforce housing. Joe knows how to set practical goals, build alliances, and get results. Reversing global warming is the ultimate goal and while it will require transformations at the national and global levels, it must also include reworking the way we do things right here in Lake Oswego. I urge you to vote for Joe who will help us to build a sustainable future.

Bob Sack

Lake Oswego

Vote Melissa Fireside, a voice for working families in Lake Oswego

As part of the workforce within Lake Oswego, we need advocates for REAL working families on the Lake Oswego City Council. Melissa is a working mother, a small business owner, a Professor, and most of all committed to making the lives of working families better. Look at her endorsements, from the Lake Oswego Firefighters to Lake Oswego Municipal Employees AFSCME, to the Oregon Working Families Party. She gets it. We don't have a voice for working families on the Council, or a voice for the union workforce within the City on Council, or a voice for real, working women with young children, homes, and small businesses on the Council. This is the opportunity to change that.

When COVID-19 hit our community, Melissa had to reimagine her small business while educating her child and has done so with grace, grit, determination, and calm. That's who she is, that's what she does best, and I can say without a doubt being your next City Councilor will be one of the greatest honors of her life. No one will work harder for you and your family. Vote Melissa Fireside, a voice for working families in Lake Oswego.

Lucy Flores

Lake Oswego

LaMotte for Mayor

I met the LaMottes several years ago when Jennifer's father, a retired LA Firefighter, passed and they needed a program designed for his memorial service. A deep friendship started and I got to see John in action as a business person and city leader.

Some people talk, make promises and rarely follow through. John keeps his word and gets things done. John's need for my design services and his community outreach resulted in referrals that helped keep my business going. He is a strong supporter of LO businesses.

Over the years I observed Councilor LaMotte's even-keel and kind nature. While he has developed what he calls "rhinoceros skin" from working in the public-oriented profession of city planning and running consulting firms, he never forgets that people are most important to civic dialogue.

The LaMottes have also supported me on a personal level as my veteran husband has dementia and I have serious health issues. They have been there whenever I needed them. And John has connected me to every available resource that our city and county have to offer.

Vote for the real deal as John LaMotte is really qualified to be Lake Oswego's Mayor.

Leslie Akin

Lake Oswego

LaMotte = proven leadership

When your personal passion aligns with your professional drive success often follows, and we in Lake Oswego are fortunate to have Councilor John LaMotte stepping up to lead us as Mayor. John has demonstrated strong leadership built on decades of public service and governance.

John as a Planning Commissioner and then City Councilor helped downzone Forest Highlands and Uplands to better match development to their low density neighborhood character. He also worked to reform the Flag Lot regulations that resulted in denser, poorly planned development.

John also stepped in when Woodmont Park was derailed by concerns about park features. Rather than abandon the project as suggested by another Mayoral candidate, John met with us and quickly got our leaders communicating about an optimal park plan. His actions helped get this long overdue nature park under construction.

John's approach to annexation of unincorporated areas is also pragmatic with the goal to create one set of rules for all community members, while addressing inefficiencies in zoning and infrastructure.

John LaMotte has a passion for city planning, civic/business leadership and Lake Oswego. His positive, get-it-done approach will help us continue to move the city forward.

Gary Willihnganz, Chair, FHNA

Lake Oswego

Verdick has all the qualities of great city councilor

Rachel Verdick has the qualities to be an outstanding City Councilor. She LISTENS with an open INTELLIGENT mind. She FOLLOWS THROUGH on commitments. She has INTEGRITY and CARES DEEPLY about doing what is right. Her VISION for our city will enhance the wonderful qualities that make Lake Oswego unique and beautiful. Rachel is a successful small business owner who UNDERSTANDS the need to work with our small businesses and explore ideas to keep our shopping districts vibrant and alive.

I have known Rachel for over 10 years and I believe her to be a woman with outstanding LEADERSHIP skills. She works in a COLLABORATIVE manner and is capable of working under stress and meeting deadlines. She studies issues, addresses concerns, and works toward a decisive, FAIR and reasonable resolution.

Rachel loves Lake Oswego and feels its residents are generous, intelligent and good people. She understands we are at a critical moment where we need to appreciate what we've done well, reflect upon our mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. She believes Lake Oswego residents will work hard on JUSTICE and TOLERANCE and that the City needs to lead on those issues.

Please join me in voting for Rachel.

Barbara MacIntosh

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would be collaborative mayor in LO

John LaMotte's collaborative community building style, combined with his city planning professional background and amazing support for the small business community, make him the perfect candidate for mayor of Lake Oswego.

In addition, John's willingness to stand up to the Metro Regional Government, make him uniquely suited for the role. He is the only mayoral candidate that stood up to Metro last year when they wanted to destroy Tryon Cove Park and Foothills Park to make room for a 75 foot bridge and off ramps. His opponents supported Metro's bridge proposal.

John's career in city planning gives him the long-term vision, knowledge and problem solving skills to handle anything that comes our way. He has worked with city governments for decades. He knows what works and what doesn't. We are fortunate to have someone with that experience willing to serve as our mayor.

John goes above and beyond to support our local businesses and received the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce's "Chamber Champion" Award for being an effective advocate and vigorous supporter of our business community. Our small businesses need John LaMotte now more than ever as they navigate a Covid-19 world.

Please support John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor!

Stephanie Von Allmen

Lake Oswego

Rapf is most qualified for LO City Council

There is no City Council Candidate more qualified than Aaron Rapf.

Not only does Aaron have extensive professional experience managing multi-million dollar budgets for a fortune 500 company, he also serves on Lake Oswego's City Budget Committee which is the fiscal planning board of the City. His active participation, his willingness to share his professional knowledge, and his civil and respectful demeanor have earned him the support of the Budget Committee Chair and most of the City Council.

Lake Oswego will be facing inconsistent funding due to the impacts of Covid-19. Aaron Rapf clearly has the professional skill set and experience to navigate our city through the uncertain times ahead. More than anyone, he knows how to manage budgets and find creative ways to reallocate existing dollars so that our city can continue to fund essential services and collective priorities without asking its citizens for more.

Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Claudia Valderrama

Lake Oswego

Buck would bring people together as mayor

Joe Buck is the best choice for Lake Oswego's next Mayor.

I have more than 18 years of experience as a local public official, serving on the Lake Oswego City Council for 8 years. I am proud of the City and the services we have. In most election years, politics is local. You care about the pothole in your street, clean water from your faucet, safe routes to school for your kids and the development that threatens the character of your neighborhood. Joe Buck cares about those things too. But 2020 is different.

A pandemic, protests and wildfires changed how we understand our world. We are in this together. There is no place for code phrases like "outside influences" in our local politics. Joe Buck understands this.

As Mayor, Buck will apply his local business and finance experience to maintaining and improving the City we treasure. He is an active listener. Buck will guide the Council, work with City staff, and respect the rights of all to continue to build a solid and prosperous community. Hospitality is Joe Buck's business. He knows bringing people to the table is the best way to accomplish what we all desire.

Donna Jordan

Lake Oswego

LO would be in good hands with Buck

If you care about the future of Lake Oswego, join me in voting for Joe Buck for Mayor. Joe's experience, leadership skills, background and values are what Lake Oswego needs for the next four years. Whether it's our parks, paths, sustainability, the arts and theater, the Library or diversity, Joe will lead the new Council in a collaborative way.

Ballots will be mailed on Oct. 14. Please vote as soon as possible and mark the box for Joe Buck for Mayor.

Cyndie Glazer

Lake Oswego

Rapf is who we need in Lake Oswego

Aaron Rapf has so many qualities conducive to being an excellent City Councilor. Aaron has an open mind, innovative spirit, a can-do attitude, and willingness to listen and collectively strive for real solutions. He is inclusive, level-headed, and always civil and respectful even when disagreements exist. His energy is unmatched.

Aaron is overwhelmingly supported by those who have had the pleasure to see these character traits in action whether they be City Councilors and City Budget Committee Members, co-workers, neighbors, etc. I can tell you first hand that one can also see these qualities in Aaron when he is on the sidelines coaching his daughter's soccer team.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council. He is exactly who we need as a city leader to help navigate the difficult times ahead.

Amber Zupancic Albin

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would be champion for LO

I have witnessed John LaMotte's leadership skills in action over the years while he served as treasurer and then president of my neighborhood association. John is a fiscally responsible strategic planner and also a roll up his sleeves kind of guy who always found creative ways to improve our neighborhood while staying within a budget. John saw what needed to be fixed and got to work, whether it be replacing old street lamps or fixing 30 year old outdated CC&Rs. Our neighborhood association is in a much better place thanks to John LaMotte and the years of hard work that he dedicated to it.

As a small business owner, I appreciate all that John LaMotte has done for the city of Lake Oswego and its business community. It is no surprise to anyone that John was awarded the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce's "Chamber Champion" award for his vigorous support of small businesses and all of his good work as a City Councilor. It is essential that we have such an advocate leading our city right now as our small businesses weather through the Covid storm.

Let's elect John LaMotte as our new Lake Oswego Mayor so that he can continue to be a champion of our city!

Ashley Miller

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck: the local leader our businesses need

I'm supporting Joe because he truly knows what it means to be not only a local leader but also a local business owner with first-hand experience in navigating LO's economy and business community. His leadership, advised by his acquaintance with the local business scene, will be invaluable in the coming years as we focus on moving forward as a city from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a board member with the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission, the Lake Grove Business Association, and the LO Chamber of Commerce (where he serves as treasurer), he truly understands the local economic issues we're facing. His four years as an LO city councilor are yet another testament to his dedication to his community. He's gone beyond just running local businesses — he's utilized his platform to become a local leader who constantly seeks to improve the lives of those around him. As local businesses struggle to stay afloat and recover from the pandemic's repercussions, I see Joe as the candidate who will bring stability to these businesses and the workers that rely on the jobs they provide. With Joe, the Buck stops here.

Alexander Aghdaei

Lake Oswego

As Mayor of LO, Joe Buck will listen to his community

I'm voting for Joe Buck this November because of how much respect he has for the community of LO and its residents.

Of course, it helps that I fundamentally agree with the pillars of his campaign. I'm wholeheartedly behind promoting environmental stewardship, sustainability, equity, and inclusion, as is he.

However, I think Joe's largest selling point may not be his altruistic priorities, but his character. I've had the privilege of working closely with Joe over the past several months, and what's become abundantly clear to me as time goes on is the enormous value he places on his relationships with others in the community.

I've seldom walked into the office and not seen Joe on the phone, smiling as he chats with a friend or listening intently to the concerns of an opinionated neighbor. Joe periodically hosts campaign meetings open to all local residents, and I've watched as he's facilitated conversations and then stepped back to listen to his peers speak, always nodding his head thoughtfully, never interrupting.

Quite simply, Joe's abilities to comprehend many perspectives, think strategically, and generate collaborative solutions are remarkable. If these aren't the qualities we're looking for in a mayor, then I'm not sure what are.

Kyla Schmitt

Lake Oswego

LaMotte is who Lake Oswego needs now

The OGLO bridge was looming large in the lives of 150 of us who live at Oswego Pointe Condos, located directly next to Foothills Park. To help us organize and work against this monstrosity (ruining at least two city parks) we called John LaMotte to come listen to us and help us move forward against this bridge. (Both other Mayoral candidates were/are in favor of this "hushed and rushed" bridge.)

John listened to every person's concerns, worries and fears. His response was measured, organized and multi leveled. Hi answer was... "If this happens we do this. If that happens we need to do that."

His vast planning experience was immediately obvious and his exceptional people skills calmed our fears and helped to coordinate and motivate our neighbors to organize and meet with the LO Council.

John LaMotte helped us persevere and the bridge was stopped!

John LaMotte WANTS progress but he wants it done correctly and in a way that benefits Lake Oswego. He realizes that we have lots to take care of with our existing parks without the HUGE expense of building and maintaining a new project that just doesn't fit.

Our community saw, with our own eyes, John LaMotte's leadership skills in action.

John LaMotte is who Lake Oswego needs now.

Mary Beth Coffey

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck's focus on sustainability and collaboration

Joe Buck should be Lake Oswego's next mayor. Through his emphasis on sustainability and ability to lead our community he can help Lake Oswego into a more environmentally friendly and equitable place.

As we've seen in the past few days with the wildfires raging through Oregon and much of the West Coast, the consequences of climate change are greater than ever. Climate change is the greatest challenge our world is going to face in the near future, and we must take action now to move our town towards a more sustainable and equitable future. No candidate can do that better than Joe Buck. Joe has worked for years as a city councilor to turn Lake Oswego into a leader in environmental sustainability, creating our city's first Climate Action Plan and investing in a variety of much needed transportation options. We need this kind of leadership and investment to continue in order to make Lake Oswego into the most sustainable place it can be.

Additionally, Joe has consistently shown his ability to listen to those around him, including youth like me, by working to create the youth leadership council so that we can have a voice on the city council. This ability to listen to others while creating a collaborative and productive culture is incredibly important, and is a testament to his ability to lead. Joe's emphasis on sustainability and collaboration is exactly what we need in tumultuous times like the present, so I encourage you to vote for Joe for Mayor of Lake Oswego.

Benjamin Connor

Lake Oswego

Rapf would prioritize listening, civil debate

Many of the most impactful leaders of The Enlightenment encouraged civil debate. Listening and debate were prioritized. We should bring more of this to Lake Oswego. Electing Aaron Rapf to City Council will help because his approach calls to mind the approach of some of the more impactful leaders of The Enlightenment. Elections are about passion for and against candidates but we must do so in an honest, listen-first manner and use our energy in a positive way.

It is for his level head and balanced approach that I support Aaron Rapf. Aaron recognizes that our city has challenges and differing views on how to approach these challenges. Inclusive listening, civility and working together is Aaron's approach. Character assassination in print media or on social media will not achieve collective community goals and move our city forward. Aaron understands that as we navigate through difficult waters together, we will all gain a greater understanding of each other if we talk with each other and listen with an open mind.

We are all imperfect beings, living in an imperfect world. Aaron Rapf is prepared to examine all systems and make changes to anything that creates barriers.

Aaron Rapf knows that together we can chart our course into an inclusive, tolerant future and a better future.

Brian Fogarty

Lake Oswego

My vote for a native son

I have the envious position of getting to vote for one of two friends or my son!

When I color in that little box on the ballot for mayoral choice, my ink will invoke the hope that we citizens choose a person for our times: an individual whose character and leadership style signal a "turn" in reflectiveness, thoughtfulness, and the best executed planning strategies and implementation since they will be publicly derived. Joe Buck has lived here his whole life and began work when he was tall enough to reach the spray hose assembly at the dishwasher of our restaurant. His attentiveness and studied approach have been well-witnessed when he was

a City Councilor, and his fellow Councilors acknowledge that even if they differ in viewpoint that Joe does not shrink from comprehensive investigation and reception of diverse perspectives on the issue at hand. Joe has always been focused on people and relationships over things and pursues reasoned judgment based on human values of respect, civility and gratitude.

We live at a time when our City is not an island suburb. We are impacted by "drivers" on our environment, our sense of safety, security and health, as well as our notions of community solidarity. We need a person with integrity whose face turns to us and invites the joy of working together for continued enhancement of our lovely town. And a smile that says to the outside world: we are continuing ANEW.

Michael Buck

Lake Oswego

Buck would be excellent mayor

I support Joe Buck for Mayor of Lake Oswego. As many in the community know, Joe is

the owner and operator of two Lake Oswego restaurants, with a third on the way. As the

pandemic's economic repercussions continue to set in, Joe and his team, like so many

others, have had to quickly adapt and problem solve in order to safeguard community

health while balancing his employees' economic security and his businesses' long-term


He has earned my support, not just as a business person, but by example in his

participation in making our town better while having a deep understanding of who we

are. He is open to a variety of viewpoints as well as someone who can make a decision

and move forward.

Joe will make an excellent Mayor.

Lisa Shaw-Ryan

Lake Oswego

Questioning contributions from developers

LO needs a mayor who will challenge power, rather than serve it in many regards. One challenge amongst many is the preservation of the city's urban tree canopy and natural spaces. According to ORESTAR filings it is notable that candidate John LaMotte has taken at least 10 cash contributions of $1,500 each spread out amongst different employees of Renaissance Homes. Developers already draw a lot of water at city hall, they don't need another rubber stamp. Hopefully candidates Kohlhoff or Buck can offer an alternative.

Ian McEwen

Lake Oswego

Melissa Fireside has what it takes to support small businesses

The future of our businesses is on the ballot. We need leaders with vision and innovation who are also directly impacted by the fallout from Covid-19. Lake Oswego is an amazing place, and what makes our city unique are the small businesses throughout downtown and Lake Grove. Melissa knows that our community needs representation that is not "pro-business" but pro-innovation and pro-families; ACTUAL working families. Melissa is in this for us and for our entire community because she knows that labor and small business workforces are the backbone of a thriving community.

As a small business owner, myself, I have reached out to Melissa and asked for help and guidance and she has always made herself available to me with a willing and capable attitude. That's what we need, people committed to solutions not lamenting on everything that cannot get done. Melissa believes that with hope, support, and smart investment the Lake Oswego small business community will continue to thrive. She has what it takes to support all of us. Vote Melissa Fireside.

Houda Karam

Lake Oswego

Proud to support LaMotte

I am proud to support John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor. John has consistently demonstrated his ability to merge community development and economic growth throughout his time as City Councilor. Professionally, John is a dependable problem solver who considers all perspectives; always advocating for the city and people of Lake Oswego. John's City Council experience and his local business background has enabled him to make positive contributions to the community in which he lives.

Join me in voting for John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor.

Tim Mather

Lake Oswego

Buck stands out in mayoral race

One mayoral candidate stands out and has earned my vote: Lake Oswego native and businessman Joe Buck.

In our next mayor I want someone who knows that Lake Oswego is a very special place, not just another part of Portland. I want someone who values our local police department, our local fire department, our award-winning public library, art in public places, Lakewood Center for the Arts, our excellent schools, and the many other things that make Lake Oswego a great place to live (flower baskets, Lake Oswego Rotary and Lions clubs, churches and more).

Joe Buck has deep roots in community service here in Lake Oswego. One other candidate details her community involvement in North Portland. Another candidate moved here from Chicago a few years ago and brought his ideas of how to change the place he moved to. Joe Buck grew up here, loves Lake Oswego, runs businesses and meets a payroll in Lake Oswego, and knows that Lake Oswego is great and can get even better. I do not want a mayor who wants to make wholesale changes to Lake Oswego, whether to make us more like Portland or more like Chicago.

Joe Buck is a conciliator and a listener. I want a mayor who will carry forward the civility and respect for others that have been hallmarks of Kent Studebaker's leadership.

Issues are important. One candidate is backed by developers and wants urban development in the Stafford Triangle, which Joe Buck opposes. One candidate fervently believes in extreme and unrealistic policy positions that most Lake Oswegans do not support, nor does Joe Buck.

Joe Buck is the moderate candidate, a longtime Lake Oswegan, the owner of two restaurants that Oswegans enjoy, with a dedication to community service in Lake Oswego. With Joe Buck as our next mayor we can be optimistic for our future!

Peter Glazer

Lake Oswego

These candidates best represent business interests

The Chamber's mission is to strengthen local business through education, advocacy and community partnerships.

The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted at their September 23 board meeting to endorse the following candidates:

Mayor – Joe Buck for his ability to introduce and follow through on innovation

John LaMotte for his knowledge and capabilities in planning

City Council-

Rachel Verdick and Massene Mboup for their consensus building abilities

The Board agreed that all this year's candidates will serve and have served Lake Oswego very well. Each has been an active volunteer and understands what City Council does and the direction Lake Oswego has taken. Every one of them can perform the role they are running for. Every candidate brings a different talent to our community and all together, they fuel a powerful engine. We recognize that ours is a community of relationships and we know that all of the candidates who are elected will work to build bridges and strengthen Lake Oswego.

The Chamber's goal in endorsements is to recognize who best, at this moment in time, understands and will represent business interests and coordinate and communicate that message with a seven-member Council. The Chamber is "the voice of business" for Lake Oswego. Only 14% of the workforce live and work in Lake Oswego — and are eligible to vote for the candidates.

This year's candidates were interviewed individually by the Government Relations committee, comprised of Chamber members including four past presidents, then presented to the community through a virtual Candidate Forum on Thursday, September 17.

The Board agreed that this year's candidate pool is the backbone of our community and those not elected should be encouraged to continue their leadership efforts in Lake Oswego.

Julia Fowler, President

Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

Rapf knows what small businesses need

As a small business owner, I fully support Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Many small businesses are struggling due to Covid-19. More than thirty Lake Oswego businesses have already shut their doors permanently. Our small businesses need a City Council committed to supporting our local business community through this challenging time. We need Aaron Rapf on Lake Oswego City Council.

Aaron Rapf will not only work to ensure Lake Oswego continues to attract new businesses, but he will also support the struggling businesses we already have. Our restaurants have adapted so creatively these past few months - they deserve a City Council that will do the same in order to ensure success for all.

Aaron knows that the key to navigating our little city through Covid times will be to avoid ugly partisan politics and work together as one Lake Oswego.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Kelly Calabria

Lake Oswego

Rapf will prioritize safety, well-being

Aaron Rapf believes that the safety, security, and well-being of all in Lake Oswego should be the philosophy behind our city budgets. It is for that very reason that on City Council Aaron will prioritize first responders, parks, fields, safe recreation, and safe pathways to school.

Aaron understands that police, fire, paramedics, and first responders are an essential part of a top notch-city. During these Covid times with families home now more than ever, we must keep our neighborhoods safe.

During his time on the Lake Oswego City Budget Committee, Aaron argued for funds to support our parks. Aaron believes our fields should be turfed for a better athletic experience for our young athletes. Aaron supports a community pool for residents of all ages. Aaron has also supported looking into the creation of a fitness center for our older community members. Aaron wants to work together to create safe recreation, including more safe routes for bike riders.

Aaron knows that safe pathways to school must be prioritized by our city government. Aaron's own children wait for a school bus on a busy road with no sidewalk.

Let's elect Aaron Rapf to Lake Oswego City Council so that he can work to prioritize our safety, security, and well-being!

Annika Laing

Lake Oswego

LaMotte's deep involvement with community matters

I fully support John LaMotte for Mayor of Lake Oswego. Not only is he the most experienced candidate, his extensive involvement in our community is resounding.

John's professional experience as a city planner combined with his experience as a City Councilor and chairing the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission make him the most experienced mayoral candidate in this race. His vast knowledge of staffing, budgets, costs and revenues is unmatched. In addition, John's deep involvement in our community cannot be overlooked.

Everywhere you look, you will see John LaMotte volunteering to make our community better. You may have seen him helping to hang flower baskets along the streets or hanging holiday lights at the Chamber of Commerce. You may have seen him hosting a gallery opening for the Arts Council or an event for the Sustainability Network. You may have seen him cleaning sculptures, filling plastic eggs with candy, or pulling ivy and planting ferns in our parks.

Vote John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor this November!

Jay Hamachek

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would save riverfront parks

This West Linn woman is asking Lake Oswego to vote for John LaMotte for mayor to save the beautiful riverfront parks that I enjoy very much.

My husband, dogs, and I travel all over our beautiful state to enjoy its rivers. Lake Oswego and Oak Grove each have gems in their riverfront parks. Last fall when Metro tried to destroy the riverfront parks in both LO and Oak Grove to make room for 75 foot concrete bridge footings (the bridge would have to be as high as the Selwood) and onramps, it was John LaMotte who pushed back against Metro to save Lake Oswego and Oak Grove waterfront parks.

Both of John's opponents supported the OGLO Bridge. Councilor Kolhoff voted against withdrawing from the OGLO Bridge Project on November 5, 2019. And Joe Buck was part of a coalition to save the bridge project. Mr. Buck also sent out an email blast with a petition on October 21, 2019 titled, "Save the New Willamette River Crossing."

Lake Oswego, you should be thrilled to have John LaMotte in your corner willing to stand up to Metro. Please elect him mayor so that I can continue to visit your beautiful riverfront parks for years to come.

Karen Ryan

West Linn

Debate is over, action required now

We're experiencing the horrors of an existential global climate crisis. People have lost homes; some their lives. A million forested acres have burned. We've choked on the worst quality air in the world with unknown health consequences. We need bold new leadership now!

Lake Oswego's biggest weapon to combat climate change is strong policy that protects and preserves the natural environment we take for granted: big trees, natural parks, and open spaces. We need thoughtful and deliberate planning for future growth, economic opportunity, and transportation that places greater emphasis on protecting natural resources.

Several candidates standout with strong conviction for protecting natural resources. Theresa Kohlhoff's leadership with her unwavering consistency, authenticity, innate quality to listen, and economic plan that includes our environment is the Mayor we need! She can't do it alone. Emma Burke, Melissa Fireside, Rachel Verdick, and Massene Mboup are equally impressive; each bring unique qualifications rounding our community's diverse needs on City Council.

Our urban forest and future as "Tree City USA" is on the ballot. Join me: vote for candidates with the courage to take action to protect it!

Also, sign petition protecting LO's natural parks-

Scott Handley

Resident, Chief Petitioner

Love Lake Oswego Parks Committee

Happy LaMotte is mayoral candidate

We are so fortunate to have John LaMotte willing to serve as Mayor of Lake Oswego. He is a community builder, a strategic planner, and exactly what our community needs right now. He is a treasure for all of Lake Oswego, whether it be for the arts, business, our parks, etc.

John LaMotte recently earned the endorsement of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. In addition the Chamber awarded John their Chamber Champion Award for being an effective advocate and vigorous supporter of our Lake Oswego business community. Our small businesses need John LaMottte now more than ever as they struggle through difficult times due to Covid.

John is also a champion of our parks. He supported and advocated for so many improvements to our fields. He pushed for getting the Woodmont and Iron Mountain Parks from plans to construction. He advocated for funding for the Lake Oswego Veterans Memorial. To put it simply, John knows how to get things done for us.

Let's elect John LaMotte Mayor so that he can continue to work for all of Lake Oswego.

Kristen Gottlieb

Lake Oswego

Buck can unite diverse views

We are fortunate to have more than our share of qualified candidates running for office in Lake Oswego. In November we will vote a new Mayor to lead our city forward. This position requires leadership, listening skills, an ability to collaborate in order to bring people together with different points of view.

Joe Buck has those skills to unite the range of diverse views that will be represented on Council regardless of who wins the Council races.

As a local employer, Joe has been generous in helping to make the community better with his time and resources. On a personal note, we've known Joe and his family for many years. Joe is someone who will ensure everyone is heard with kindness and compassion, an important trait when there are often two good sides to an issue. There is no better candidate than Joe to lead our city. Please join us in voting Joe Buck for Mayor!

Rosie & Craig Stephens

Lake Oswego

Buck would set right tone

Mayors set both a city's tone and agenda, making Joe Buck the outstanding choice for Lake Oswego Mayor.

Joe grew up here working in his family's restaurant. Now with his own restaurants in Lake Grove and downtown Lake Oswego Joe knows and loves our whole town, one great community. Joe celebrates what is best in us but also knows what we need to work on. Joe cares deeply about equity, celebrating all people, reminding us everyone is a potential customer.

We know Joe delivers. When Joe served on Council I brought up a pedestrian/traffic safety issue; problem area solved. When school measures need a kick-off location, Rotary or Lakewood Center fundraising support Joe's restaurants step up.

Joe understands the dilemma facing our city, school district and his own businesses attracting great employees who can't afford to live here and face long commutes to work. This presents significant safety issues during a disaster. Joe has some great ideas in mind. As Mayor his regional connections can help us implement them.

Please join us in voting for our future guided by a local young man's vision and energy. Vote Joe Buck for Mayor!

Linda Brown

Lake Oswego

The irony of it all

I read with interest when the Breitenbush Resort said they had saved their lodge but lost their cabins. They plan to remove the debris and rebuild the cabins. Then, in last Sunday's Oregonian, a board member of Breitenbush Cascades extolled the , "cleansing and purification", fire brings. He went on to declare, "it is not the time to interfere with natural processes of healing and regeneration by salvage logging....or causing more disruption to our beloved forest biomes and natural habitat."

He ignored the reality that Mother Nature is sometimes harsh, quick, and brutal.

One only needs a day trip to Mt. St. Helens to witness how devastated public and private forests were salvaged, replanted, and now support wonderful 100-foot tall trees. In stark contrast to these beautiful habitats are those adjacent areas preserved for study of natural recovery processes. Perhaps in another 5 decades we will see a forest there.

Well planned and implemented actions can aid and accelerate Mother Nature. Such healing and regeneration actions are needed and must be taken.

Kent Mays

Lake Oswego

Buck has right vision, perspective

Voting is an opportunity to reflect on who we have been, and what we can become when we elect leaders with vision and perspective. That's why I'm voting for Joe Buck for mayor of Lake Oswego.

I've gotten to know Joe in his many leadership roles as a local businessman, city councilor, and member of the boards of LO for Love and Hunger Fighters. Joe tells me that Lake Oswego's strengths reside in unwavering support of youth and schools, commitment to local businesses, and strong dedication to seniors.

Joe also says that the future depends on our ability to adapt to changing demographics and a changing climate.

With Joe Buck as mayor, Lake Oswego will prioritize its commitment to the environment, and include the voices of our youth, who will be most affected by climate change.

Joe will listen, learn, and act on issues of race. He'll strengthen the city's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by making the existing task force a permanent advisory body.

And Joe will help local businesses recover from the pandemic and ensure our seniors live safe and fulfilling lives.

Please join me in voting Joe Buck for mayor — for the future of Lake Oswego.

John Wallin

Lake Oswego

Enthusiastic support for Buck

I've known and worked with Joe Buck on various City issues and projects for many years. He has my enthusiastic support to become Lake Oswego's next mayor. An LO native, Joe offers the right background, experience and personal approach to governing that would benefit our City. His collaborative nature, openness, and interest in citizen input and participation are welcome traits for our mayor's office.

Joe's priorities are focused on environmental stewardship, building a healthy community for all residents, supporting local businesses, and helping create an accessible and equitable government. Most of us agree these priorities are spot on.

By virtue of Joe's two, soon to be three, popular neighborhood restaurants and his extensive community service including as a previous City Councilor, he has great feel for the pulse of our City and what's important to our citizens. Joe's ever-widening network of friends and acquaintances value his intelligence, integrity, dedication and love of Lake Oswego.

Please join me and many others in voting for Joe Buck as Lake Oswego's next Mayor.

Bill Gordon

Lake Oswego

Theresa Kohlhoff Has My Vote

Climate crisis is not just heat, drought, flooding, and poisonous smoke. We are in the midst of a mass extinction. And not just large mammals and aquatic species, but insects and songbirds. Our climate crisis requires a Mayor who has the courage and wisdom to act decisively and with urgency.

Theresa Kohlhoff is the only mayoral candidate who, as a city councilor, has been steadily and consistently in favor of preserving mature trees. Old trees are the cornerstone of our ecological health.

Economic development is meaningless if we cannot breathe the air or if so much biodiversity is lost that our kids and grandkids must subsist on synthetic food washed down by microplastic-infused water.

We can have both economic development and infrastructure improvements while at the same time preserve our precious environment. The only mayoral candidate who is likely to prioritize achieving this balance is Theresa. She is calling for a moratorium on cutting down old trees until we can get our house in order. A new order.

Theresa has my vote.

Betsy Wosko

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck is the best choice for mayor

Please support Joe Buck for Mayor of Lake Oswego. Joe has great experience on the City Council and serving on various committees. He is committed to our environment, parks and open spaces, attainable housing, creating jobs and much more. As a business leader, Joe was an early adopter of sustainable practices in his restaurants. Climate action is very important to Joe along with walkways for our residents. Joe supports public art and the beauty of our city. As a business leader, Joe knows how to create more jobs while building workplaces. I trust Joe Buck. Thank you,

Paul J. Lyons

Lake Oswego

Act locally, impact globally

Nausea, tightened chest, headaches and anxiety were my symptoms from the relentless toxic wildfire smoke that eerily and dangerously clouded LO. I'm pretty certain too that I wasn't alone in experiencing these adverse health effects directly caused by the hazardous air quality. We are very fortunate that it was only toxic smoke and not our homes burnt to the ground. This however should be enough of a wake-up call to all LO residents that it's more important than ever to take on our individual responsibility to address climate change.

Your vote, your most sacred human right, matters more than ever not only at the national level but locally! The tree lined landscape, nature reserves and parklands are the heart of LO. Protecting our environment and addressing climate change happens in our own backyard, our community! Therefore I make a call to action for you to not only vote but to know which local candidates for city mayor and councilor have strong positions on environmental policies that protect and preserve nature.

Make that educated vote and also JOIN ME in signing our local citizen initiative petition so we can vote to protect LO's natural parks —

Megan Busbee

Lake Oswego

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