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Lake Oswego readers weigh in on City Council and mayor electoral races, natural are acquisition.

Kohlhoff, Burke, Fireside and Mboup are best choices

Theresa Kohlhoff for Lake Oswego Mayor and Emma Burke, Melissa Fireside, and Massene Mboup for City Council deserve our support November 3rd based on their responses at the recent Chamber forum. Last year I spoke at a City Council meeting after emailing them about following Portland's Green New Deal/Jobs goal of 100% clean, renewable electricity community-wide by 2035; Theresa was only current councilmember to respond positively, to her credit.

Nothing personal — but Theresa, Emma, Melissa, and Massene are more likely than others to put into place these innovative, win-win, new-economy ideas Lake Oswego needs (see;;

— replicate amazing Cleveland/Preston model: Locally Owned Import Substitution reforming procurement policies of anchor institutions to create worker-owned cooperatives;

— post on city website local businesses actively seeking investment; connect them with investors;

— encourage local businesses to solicit "adoption" by residents who pre-purchase goods/services;

— initiate public loan fund to target local needs (;

— work actively with Portland Public Banking Alliance;

— start local currency for region (similar to;

— initiate Office of Community Wealth (as in Richmond, VA);

— open data portal on city website (like Raleigh, NC);

— ban pay-to-play: make sure entities getting large city contracts can't donate to city officials/candidates.

Joel Tyner

Lake Oswego

Black Lives Matter protests are not innocent

I hope the staff of the Review has read the Black Lives Matter manifesto that is readily available on the internet. In addition I hope that the Review staff and all Oswego Review readers are aware that the three women who claim ownership of this "Black Lives Matter" campaign claim they are Marxist trained. These are not innocent protests that we have witnessed. They are carefully orchestrated violent attacks on our democracy. Please do us all a service by revealing who these women are and what their purpose is in unleashing endless violent attacks on downtown Portland and throughout the country.

Clifford Mansley

Lake Oswego

Join me, vote for Rachel Verdick for City Council

I support Rachel because she has lived in Lake Oswego for 20 years: where she owns a business, is involved at several levels of government and does serious volunteer work. She will bring an informed, experienced voice, with an attitude of respect for all.

I support Rachel because we need leadership from a fresher and younger, yet very mature, point of view.

Please visit

Particularly note her education (Go Fighting Irish), her company (Residential Designs) and international work (South Africa).

Lake Oswego needs her leadership on fiscal responsibility, economic plans and proactive support for local businesses.

Please vote for Rachel Verdick for City Council!

Deborah Lopardo

Lake Oswego

Vote for Joe!

Please join me in supporting Joe Buck for mayor. I served on two advisory boards with him when he was previously on City Council. What I like most about Joe is that he listens. He hears all sides of an issue and works hard to find a resolution that makes the most sense and brings people together. He is a unifier, something we are all desperately in need of today. The fact that he has the support of past mayors, current and former city councilors with whom he served speak volumes about his ability to work well with others. He is also forward thinking and cares deeply about the future of Lake Oswego. When he was on council before, he led the way in sustainability policy, youth involvement, safe pathways and environmental stewardship. Vote for Joe to ensure that as our town grows, it remains a healthy, stable place for all to thrive.

Heidi Schrimsher

Lake Oswego

Kohlhoff is clearly best candidate

What do you seek in an excellent mayor? The choice is yours.

Proven honesty, integrity, ability, someone who shares your values in protecting our way of life? Someone willing to explore out of the (ho-hum same-old) box seeking fresh answers to old problems? How about protecting our tree canopy?

Finally, do you want someone who will not cut secret deals behind closed doors? Someone who will assure the public's business is done publicly? Who will work tirelessly and conscientiously for all of us?

If so, join me in voting for the clearly superior candidate, Theresa Kohlhoff for Lake Oswego mayor.

Peter Toll

Lake Oswego

Rapf will listen first, make strategic decisions

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Councilor.

Aaron Rapf will be a focused and tenacious City Councilor. In a time when emotions run high, we need City Councilors who do not make decisions based on emotion.

Aaron Rapf is known for his keen ability to listen first and then make strategic decisions. His years of experience serving on our Lake Oswego Budget Committee have showcased his financial knowledge and talent. He has proven to be an exceptional steward of our city's tax dollars so that the city does not need to ask its citizens for more.

Due to COVID-19 impacts on the economy, Oregon will face budget shortfalls and many cities will have difficult choices to make. We need city councilors that have a solid working understanding of city finances as there will be some tough votes over the next few years on what Lake Oswego starts, stops, and continues to fund. Aaron Rapf is the perfect candidate for these times.

Alistair Firmin

Lake Oswego

LO is fortunate to have Rapf as candidate

We are fortunate to have a candidate like Aaron Rapf for City Council and I encourage everyone to vote for him.

Aaron is not a political guy. In fact, he really doesn't like politics at all. However, the many people who have watched Aaron shine while volunteering on the Lake Oswego Budget Committee know that this nonpolitical Westridge Elementary School dad needs to be on City Council. You can go to and see that Aaron has the endorsements of fellow City Budget Committee Members (including the Committee Chair) and most of City Council. Why? Because they see what an asset Aaron is to our city.

Aaron invites everyone to the table and respectfully listens to all points of view. He makes decisions with knowledge, understanding, and a strategy for the long term health of our city, balanced with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Dan Burnham

Lake Oswego

LaMotte stood up to Metro

I strongly encourage you to vote for John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor.

John LaMotte is a city planner by trade. He has worked with municipalities all over the country for decades, and from this extensive experience has seen which projects work and which projects fail. It is this invaluable experience that caused John LaMotte to realize that Metro's hushed and rushed Oak Grove Lake Oswego Bridge would be a disaster for our community, especially for those living near Foothills. John knew that decimating Tryon Cove Park and Foothills Park for 80 foot high concrete bridge footings and off ramps for a costly bridge was not in the best interest of our community…..regardless of how badly Metro pushed for it. John LaMotte is the only mayoral candidate that stood up to Metro and pushed back. Both of John's opponents supported the costly bridge.

Please support John LaMotte for Mayor of Lake Oswego.

Sara Lewis

Lake Oswego

LaMotte for Mayor, Rapf and Verdick for City Council – A vision for Lake Oswego

Portland's success is critical to Lake Oswego and Oregon. Portland needs to be a vibrant center for the regional economy. But right now, Portland is not the model of exceptional municipal management. The Lake Oswego mayor and city council election presents a stark choice. Do we believe Lake Oswego should become, for all intents and purposes, a borough of Portland or could we be a shining example of good governance for The Rose City?

Lake Oswego is working to embrace our more ethnically diverse future, but we are already incredibly politically diverse. In stark contrast to the national debate Lake Oswego is a place where we can disagree, but not be disagreeable. In Lake Oswego, we discuss, we debate and then we work together to build a community that can be a model for Oregon. The key is we.

The question is quite clear, are we going to elect people who want to model Portland, or are we going to elect people who have a vision to make us the model for Portland? John LaMotte, Aaron Rapf and Rachel Verdick have that vision.

Allen Alley

Lake Oswego

Verdick is right choice for council

To want to run for public office takes a special type of person — someone who possesses a unique skill set and has a blend of exceptional personal attributes.

For me, a successful elected official is someone who is: knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, yet also has a craving to learn more. Someone who is selfless with their time and talent, confident in their point of view, yet humble enough to listen without judgment.

I have known Rachel Verdick for 10 years and I recommend her for Lake Oswego City Council. Rachel models the behaviors I value in my elected officials.

I commend Rachel's years of volunteerism for various city and community events, and her encouragement of others to volunteer and participate as well.

I appreciate her interest in our community and her expression of perspectives for the purpose of improvement.

Ballots were mailed out this week. Please check your mailbox and check the box by Rachel Verdick's name for Lake Oswego City Council.

Leslie Ruminski

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would be excellent mayor

I am honored to call John LaMotte a friend and encourage you to support his candidacy for Mayor of Lake Oswego. John's leadership style focuses on community-building, inclusiveness, and pragmatism. He will be an excellent Mayor of our City.

I have watched John's performance on the City Council of Lake Oswego for some time. He governs from the middle and brings everyone to the table. Partisanship is not part of his style. He listens to and works with Lake Oswegans of all political affiliations and walks of life. He always loves to say, "Potholes don't have parties." John understands that one cannot govern in a vacuum and believes in accountability and transparency. He is a warm, outgoing person who enjoys meeting and listening to everyone in Lake Oswego. He listens and learns what residents of Lake Oswego want and works to improve our city.

I encourage you to vote for John LaMotte for Mayor of Lake Oswego. He'll be there to listen to you!

Birol Yesilada

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck will preserve LO's parks

As a resident who's spent his entire lifetime enjoying Lake Oswego's beautiful parks, pathways, and green spaces, Joe Buck has my firm endorsement since he will preserve the unique outdoor areas of our city.

It will be clear to anyone who glances over Joe's resume that he places a great deal of importance in environmental stewardship. During his years as city councilor, he spearheaded the city's first ever Climate Action Plan, passed the state's most comprehensive plastic bag ordinance, promoted sustainable construction, created a curbside composting program, moved the city's electricity to 100% clean wind energy, implemented sustainable features in city buildings, expanded accessible EV charging stations, and funded a full-time city sustainability coordinator.

Once elected mayor, Joe pledges to fund new bikeways and walking paths, which will make traveling from place to place safer and further reduce air pollution in our city. He also promises to reinvest in the maintenance of open spaces and parks, as well as the nearby natural resources that sustain our local environment.

Overall, Joe's shining track record on sustainability and his clear plans to maintain our outdoor spaces in the future make him the candidate to pick to keep Lake Oswego green.

Clark Jones

Lake Oswego

LaMotte unlocks leadership

When I graduated from Lake Oswego High School in 2018, preparing for the next step made me conscious of two things: college is very expensive, and leadership is local. John LaMotte's record represents one of the best kinds of leaders there is, which is to work hard even when no one else is watching. John's history of city planning, city council experience and countless other municipal achievements show that leadership is organic for him. We vote every four years for positions like these, but who knows how many years will pass by until we find another candidate that is as qualified as John LaMotte via his decades of public service and constant quantity of love for our community. For the city of Lake Oswego, a Mayor LaMotte is an asset for the present and an investment for the future. I won't let his service to the community that I've lived my entire life in go unnoticed.

Andrew Yoxall

Lake Oswego

City shouldn't purchase Hallinan property

In reference to last week's article on the City of Lake Oswego's possible purchase of Hallinan Woods, I urge city leaders not to pursue the purchase. I believe there are three important reasons to let the development of the six houses proceed. First, the article estimates land value of greater than $2.4 million. With the City's many needs this large sum of money spent on one property that will remain unused by the community at-large is nothing near the highest and best use of city funds. Second, the urban growth boundary creates a scarcity of housing stock. Infill projects must be allowed to proceed so that many may be housed. Lastly, the City must not use eminent domain to acquire the property without the consent of the population of Lake Oswego. The forced taking of personal property, no matter the compensation, is a grave matter. Property rights are an important part of how prosperous societies (and cities) function. The taking of those rights — no matter if you disagree with what the owner decides to do with that property — affects all of us.

Mary Bresnahan

Lake Oswego

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