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Lake Oswego readers weigh in on upcoming City Council and mayor electoral races.

No secret: I support LaMotte

When a Joe Buck fundraising letter to his "dedicated supporters" was passed along to me I was surprised at its venomous tone. I understand that passions run high during an election, but to attack me and my company for supporting Buck's opponent was way out of line.

Shortly after Buck pivoted from running for LO City Council to Mayor, a professional lobbyist/political operative/Joe Buck financial supporter texted me and asked if I had picked a candidate for Mayor and if I would meet with Joe Buck. She told me that Joe Buck would be way better for developers than the alternatives. I declined and told her that I am supporting John LaMotte.

Now I am being demonized by the Buck campaign because we are wholeheartedly supporting John LaMotte!

I make no secret of the fact that I support John LaMotte for LO Mayor. John's maturity, level headedness, professional expertise and leadership experience is exactly what is needed to take this wonderful little city into the future.

Randy Sebastian

Lake Oswego

Theresa Kohlhoff the only choice for mayor

As a female attorney of a certain age, I have seen a lot of sexism/misogyny. Likewise Theresa has seen even so much more. I do not know how she has handled and endured all of the falsehoods and the patronizing. Yet Theresa has risen to the challenge and will be the adult in the room. We need a leader, not a follower, and Theresa will be the leader we need in these trying times.

No one will work harder and be more prepared. Theresa has worked on issues such as affordable housing, transportation, sustainability and climate change. She does not just show up at the end and claim credit. She will do all of the hard work necessary to accomplish these lofty goals.

The area that is close to my heart is diversity/equity/inclusion. Theresa will make sure that everyone is included in her vision for the City. She will insure that everyone has the same equal opportunities that currently only a few selected well-connected privileged individuals enjoy.

Most importantly to me, is that Theresa has the integrity and the high ethical standards necessary to do the job so that everything on her watch will be done incorporating those high standards which we should expect from our future Mayor.

Diane Grover

Lake Oswego

Mboup would serve with grace, conviction

When I cast my ballot this month for city councilors, one of the first bubbles I will be proud to fill in will be Massene Mboup for Lake Oswego City Council.

I am voting for Massene because of his dedication to our environment, education, and civic participation. These are values I also hold dear, and I trust that Massene will not only fight for those values as a city councilor, but do so in a way that includes all voices and considers all perspectives.

I also appreciate that he cares deeply about housing affordability in our community, as do I. This is an issue that needs more attention and action in Lake Oswego.

I hope you will join me in voting for Massene Mboup for Lake Oswego City Council. He is a progressive candidate dedicated to serving our city, and I believe he will do so with grace and conviction.

Natalie Bennon

Lake Oswego

Mboup is dedicated, would bring people together

Massene Mboup will make a great city councilor. While his resume speaks to his education and experience in city government, I think a vital and defining character of this man is his dedication to our community and his passion for bringing people together to solve problems. He will bring a widened perspective to our town. As the City goes forward, it will be vital to have Councilors who have the skill and the heart to work with neighbors and neighboring communities. Massene is all about this.

If you look within his resume and press statements, you will see hints as to what this man is all about, what he believes in and what he cares for. I'm a retired geologist and I have had two opportunities to interact with Massene as a part of my volunteer work on behalf of our local natural areas. I found him to be knowledgeable, aware, engaged and even passionate in his vision of a healthy Lake Oswego, including not only its people, but also all of its streams, trees and wildlife. I heartily endorse Massene Mboup for City Council.

Jim Fisher

Lake Oswego

Melissa Fireside is committed to fighting climate change

Melissa is committed to making sure she builds a climate change response plan that treats our climate crisis like the emergency it is. She believes that simple collaboration is not enough, we need to act and have measurable and specific goals that can be achieved incrementally and immediately.

Melissa is endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Pacific Green Party, and has many community supporters that are integral in making sure Lake Oswego combats climate change. Melissa does not come to the table with a simple idea that we have to fully enact our Climate Action Plan, she wants to take bold steps forward that requires an equitable and actionable approach to change behavior in both business and individuals. Things like protecting the Stafford Hamlet, protecting our big trees, and prioritizing green transit and mobility options.

Melissa has made a commitment to include our schools in her vision of climate action and wants to make sure we make change in a meaningful way. Her approach is not that of elitist ideas like everyone should drive Tesla, but an inclusive process that includes everyone within our community. Vote for Melissa: a real climate change activist.

Jeffrey Willardson

Lake Oswego

Rapf will make most of our resources

Please join me in supporting Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

A City Councilor must take great care of our community's assets and invest the City's resources wisely in initiatives that add value to the community we all share. Aaron is keenly aware of the implications associated with waste; for example, he believes that by being prudent with our dollars we can ensure that seniors in our community will never be taxed out of their homes.

Aaron Rapf not only has over two decades of experience investing strategically in business, he has also been an active and engaged member of the LO Budget Committee. So, he understands our city's current assets, cost structures and resources. He believes that our resources are adequate if invested with a long term view.

He will enhance the productivity of every dollar, not ask for more, to fund our collective priorities: the safety of our neighborhoods, supporting our school district, creating a welcoming environment for businesses, supporting the arts, improving parks, and creating safe pathways so residents can more fully enjoy our beautiful city.

Aaron Rapf is the most qualified candidate for City Council, and more importantly, he is a person of great integrity and character in whom we can place our trust.

Andy Campion

Lake Oswego

Vote for Massene Mboup

Dear Neighbors,

I'm voting for Massene Mboup for Lake Oswego's City Council.

Masseen is a Do-er. He founded a French school when the one he worked at closed.

He is a Collaborator. He listens and can help bring diverse voices together.

He is a Contributor. He serves on our City's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force and our school district's budget committee.

Please join me in voting for Masseen Mboup. Our city will benefit from his experience and perspective.

Dorothy Atwood

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck: A unifying leader for LO

I offer my strong endorsement of Joe Buck for LO's next mayor. I served on the city council with Joe. During that time, I saw Joe develop positive relationships with community members, city staff and his fellow councilors and demonstrate leadership that brought others on board with the policies that have made our community a better place. Joe supported increased funding for pathways and bikeway projects, helped secure an investment in clean wind power, worked to create the residential composting program and helped pass LO's reusable bag ordinance which has nearly eliminated harmful single use plastic bags from our stores. Additionally, Joe worked with the Chamber of Commerce to create a program to provide complimentary reusable bags to members of the community once the ordinance took effect. This is just one example of how his leadership links different facets of our community together and creates the positive relationships that foster a healthier city.

The word limit in this paper prohibits me from expressing all the good things about Joe, his values and his leadership. He will not compromise his principles and he'll demonstrate the compassionate heart of our community in all he does. Please join me and my family in voting Joe Buck as LO's next mayor.

Jon Gustafson

Lake Oswego

Pushing back on baseless claims

When Clifford Mansley raised his trembling Grim Reaper finger in the LO Review's letters column last week and wailed that there is a group whose purpose is to unleash "carefully orchestrated violent attacks on our democracy" and "endless violent attacks on downtown Portland and throughout the country", I was naturally alarmed — alarmed that Clifford Mansley had been unleashed to once again shovel endless and carefully orchestrated violent Fox News fertilizer upon our community.

"These are not innocent protests that we have witnessed", intones Mr. Mansley from beneath hooded cloak. "Read the Black Lives Matter manifesto that is readily available on the internet." Always joyful to snap at Republican Heritage Foundation talking-point bait, I searched online for the "readily available" BLM manifesto. And, lo, clicking on the only "Black Lives Matter Manifesto" hotlink that Google Search could produce, I read this: "This statement is a list of recommendations to the Welsh Government. The Welsh Government are in a unique position to set the example for all other European countries in regard to race and race relations."

Two questions sprang to mind: Firstly, is "the Welsh Government ARE" grammatically correct? Or is it "the Welsh Government IS"? Secondly, why is Mr. Mansley so concerned about race relations in Britain, and in Wales specifically? (Or, why ARE Mr. Mansley so concerned?) Either way, I owe Mr. Mansley an apology for assuming he was scaremongering about the BLM movement in America. Because, as anyone who lives here knows, the endless violent attacks on downtown Portland and throughout the country were orchestrated by Donald Trump — not BLM — when he sent his uninvited, unmarked, heavily-armed federal goon squads to shoot, gas, arrest and kidnap our domestically terrorizing Wall of Mothers.

Wales must be a real mess. Sorry, Mr. Mansley — Keep Calm and Carry On!

Burl Ross

Lake Oswego

Joe Buck — Steward, neighbor and ally

Two years ago, I ran on integrity, stewardship, and community. I see Joe exemplifying these values in his public service careers. Joe's platform encompasses sustainability, small businesses, public health, and community resilience; this is the vision Lake Oswego needs in these challenging times.

Over the years, Joe and I connected over our shared background of growing up in families that started local businesses nestled in our neighborhoods and how the spirit of entrepreneurism and partnerships ties together the enterprises that are the very backbone of our community.

I support Joe for Mayor because he will always seek out pathways forward to work together and find solutions that benefit everyone — this is the very essence we ought to continue cultivating on City Council.

It's an understatement to say that 2020 has tested all of us and pushed us to confront within ourselves the necessary conversations about not only how our institutional systems work, but who they work for.

In 2018, Lake Oswego elected me as the first person of color to serve on the city council. I am proud to be part of the council that has finally established a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce to begin the process of looking inward to see how we as a city can become a more welcoming, inclusive place to live. I know that Joe Buck will be a strong ally that will keep up the momentum and ensure this critical DEI work continues.

Joe is centering the community at the core of his campaign. He has a proven track record of championing our shared vision to build a more prosperous Lake Oswego for everyone.

As a friend and fellow city councilor, I look forward to working with Joe as Mayor to push forward into brighter days ahead. Please join me in supporting Joe Buck for Mayor.

Daniel Nguyen

Lake Oswego City Councilor

LaMotte stands out among three great candidates

In Lake Oswego, we are fortunate to have three excellent candidates for mayor. Though I admire all of the candidates, I will be casting my vote for John LaMotte this November. For the last several years John consistently has attended meetings of a parents group I co-lead which works on sustainability issues in our school district. John has listened (and continues to listen) to parents' concerns about maintaining a sustainable healthy community for our kids. He has acted on our concerns by voting to pass LO's climate action plan, working to implement that plan, and supporting safe routes to schools. John's commitment to sustainability, his expertise as a city planner, and his experience on the city council will serve our city well. Please join me in voting for John LaMotte for mayor.

Courtney Clements

Lake Oswego

Theresa Kohlhoff is clear choice for LO mayor

Theresa is the mayor Lake Oswegans need.

Theresa is principled: she has a lifetime record of helping others in need. A seasoned lawyer, she translated her passion into helping others into public service when she was elected to city council in 2016.

Theresa is changing the culture: the city council's liaison to the DEI Taskforce, Theresa has been vocal about the need for us to do better on issues of racial and social justice. As a father raising a child in a multi-racial household, I like that we have an elected leader who makes everyone feel safe and welcome. Theresa is one of the reasons my family moved here.

Theresa has a vision. And she's been achieving it for four years.

A grandmother, a longtime resident of Lake Oswego, and a cancer survivor, Theresa is kind, collaborative and principled. I know she will stand up to anyone seeking to put profits ahead of people or planet in our community.

And what I love about her? She's tough, hilarious, AUTHENTIC, and will never pander to us to score points or for electability.

She's the real deal.

Learn more at

Valdez Bravo

Lake Oswego

More questions on Buck's residency

Whether Joe Buck is eligible to run for Mayor depends on his residency. In your article he acknowledges that he intends to start a family and live in his new house. To be eligible, he has to be residing in the City continuously for the year prior to the election. Residency is a matter of intent: where he intends to make his home, not where he is living temporarily. The City Council is supposed to have a fact finding hearing and make its own determination. They should ask Mr. Buck and his parents under oath where he resides. If the City Council does not decide before the election, and he is not eligible, anyone who votes for him is disenfranchised; if he is not eligible and is elected, the City could be involved in expensive litigation. The obviously correct solution is for the City Council to do its job. If Mr. Buck is attempting to game the system, he is not a politician who should be elected.

John Berman

Lake Oswego

Proud to support LaMotte

Our family is proud to endorse John LaMotte for Lake Oswego Mayor. We have known John and his family for years and have had the honor and privilege of being his neighbors. We feel that John is THE candidate we need right now. He is fully devoted to our city as a whole, but what truly sets him apart is his commitment to each and every individual in the community. John has always gone out of his way to help our family in any way possible. He is always there to assist us with projects around our home, reaching out and getting us in contact with several people who have helped us navigate city codes and regulations — which has often been a big obstacle because English is not our first language. Not only is he a great neighbor and friend, but his experience in city council and other countless projects in our community makes him a natural leader. John LaMotte's experience and qualifications speak for themselves, and he fully embodies the qualities we need in leadership roles right now: dedication, kindness, and compassion. We are incredibly excited to see the direction Lake Oswego goes with John LaMotte.

Robert Jun, Ph.D

Katherine Jun, Ph.D

Lake Oswego

Rapf will listen without bias

The most effective City councilors are the ones who are good listeners, who bring no bias to the lectern, and who take time to study and understand what it is that makes Lake Oswego "the city that can." Aaron Rapf will be a councilor who will bring all of those attributes and so much more to our next City council. His only bias is to focus on doing what's best for the citizens and the community of Lake Oswego. As a Budget Committee member, he asks the pertinent questions, listens, and then wraps his head around what should be done to make LO a welcoming environment for all. Aaron understands our collective priorities. The safety and security of our neighborhoods, thriving schools and businesses, great parks, fields, pathways, and the arts all make this community the envy of other little cities. Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for City Council — all generations, all genders, all Lake Oswegans are his priority.

Councilor Skip O'Neill

Lake Oswego

LaMotte understands importance of neighborhoods

Please join me in voting for John LaMotte for Mayor of Lake Oswego.

If you take the time to look at the long list of Councilor LaMotte's supporters at you'll notice that included among the names are neighborhood association presidents from around the city. That is because they have first hand knowledge of how John LaMotte rolls up his sleeves and gets to work helping others. John LaMotte has worked tirelessly with neighborhood associations to help them work through issues that have arisen. They know, as I do, that John LaMotte simply knows how to get things done.

I had the benefit of living in John LaMotte's neighborhood when he was our neighborhood association president. He did not take the job lightly. He went straight to work updating the thirty year old CC&R's, working with the city to update our old street lamps, and more….while always staying within our budget.

Our neighborhoods are the gems of this city. No one understands that more than John LaMotte, and no one has worked harder for our neighborhoods than John LaMotte. Please vote for John LaMotte for Mayor so that we can see all of our neighborhoods continue to thrive!

Carol-Ann Simon

Lake Oswego

Integrity counts — elect Theresa

Theresa Kohlhoff is a candidate we can trust. She'll bring integrity to the mayoral office. As a City Councilor Theresa doesn't "go along to get along." She studies the issues and votes for the betterment of all. Theresa supports affordable housing in our city for seniors who may need to downsize or for the 10% of our population currently struggling. She's a forward thinker who will work towards mass transit access for our commuters and as a means to reduce fossil fuel consumption. For all of us tree lovers in Lake Oswego, Theresa has always been there supporting our efforts to save our big trees. For honesty and transparency in city government. vote for Theresa Kohlhoff.

Nancy Osborne

Lake Oswego

Gudman would be great treasurer

Jeff Gudman will be an outstanding Treasurer for the State of Oregon. He has the experience to do it well. Professionally he has been treasurer for subsidiaries of NW Natural Gas; treasurer as volunteer for significant non-profits. Government experience: 8 years City Councilor for Lake Oswego.

I have sat with Jeff in many meetings as a member of the Budget Committee for Lake Oswego and came to trust him completely.

Dave Beckett

Lake Oswego

LaMotte would move LO forward with intention

Please join me in voting John LaMotte for Mayor of Lake Oswego I have lived next door to John for two years. He is always the first to help any neighbor, including me. He is gracious with his time and talent and I appreciate the many hours he has given, and is willing to give in the future, to our city and community.

Aside from being a great neighbor, John has decades of experience as a city planner in addition to his four years on City Council. John has worked with communities all over the country and helped them bring about planned growth and positive change. He understands that moving forward needs to be done with intention.

Lake Oswego Arts Council, the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce , City Planning Commission and County Economic Development Commission—how does John find time to be a great neighbor with all his volunteer commitments?

John has invested many hours to understand the ins and outs of our community. As mayor he will use this knowledge, and work to get things done for all residents of Lake Oswego.

Please join me in voting for John LaMotte for Mayor!

Lisa Wendland

Lake Oswego

Re: Mikel Kelly column in latest issue

Mr. Kelly wrote eloquently about 1968 events but was dead wrong in his opening thoughts.

1968 DID have a pandemic, the Hong Kong flu in which more than 100,000 Americans and more than 1 million world wide died. Given that the world's population has grown more than 50% since that year the per capita for the U.S. is only slightly less than today's deaths and more than the world's. Yes, this one isn't over yet but the one in 1968 was real. The world just didn't shut down for it.

Oh, and by the way, there was also one in 1957, the Asian flu. Similar deaths as 1968, but the world's population was half what it is today making the per capita even greater than 1968. The world didn't shut down then either.

I contracted the flu both times. Maybe Mikel did and just doesn't remember.

Ken Self

Lake Oswego

Rapf will actively listen as a councilor

Aaron Rapf's thoughtful and inclusive approach is to not simply have conversations with our community members, businesses and city leaders, but to actively listen so he can truly understand the issues. This enables him to offer viable solutions to help bring our city together and thrive. These are just some of the reasons that will make Aaron an excellent Councilor of our awesome City of Lake Oswego.

Aaron listens and learns from everyone across all divides so that he can understand and make informed decisions. As a candidate for City Council he met with both the head of Respond To Racism and the Police Chief to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that our city is facing. He has learned so much from both, and that knowledge will make Aaron a great leader for the future of our city as we make the necessary changes to bridge the many gaps that are now causing such divide.

Aaron supports a permanent DEI committee for the City, which is vital, even more so, in the time we are living. It is his inclusive approach that will make him an excellent City Councilor.

Please join me in voting for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Danielle Miller

Lake Oswego

All Oregonians should have access to treatment

Growing up in Lake Oswego, I had the comfort of knowing if I needed extra help with sports, school, or mental health, I could ask my parents and they would have the resources to connect me to a tutor, coach, or counselor. Additionally, I knew that if I struggled with problematic substance use, I would be able to access treatment because my parents had the time and resources to ensure that. While I was never impacted by addiction, I know the vast number of Oregon teenagers who do struggle with substance use are not so lucky.

Students in families with single parents or experiencing economic hardship are less able to connect to treatment in the early stages of addiction. Without proper services and support, they are put on a path towards the criminal justice system, which penalizes their struggles rather than supporting them to recover.

Everyone deserves this opportunity to recover, but treatment is not equally accessible across the state. As my economics teacher, Mr. Eizyk said in support of Measure 110, "An 18 year old from Lake Oswego High School, where I currently teach social sciences and Criminal Justice should not have better access to addiction and psychological treatment than an 18 year old who goes to Jefferson High, located in the neighborhood where I volunteer weekly with Books to Prisoners. Yet this is absolutely the case."

This election, we have the opportunity to change that by ensuring that Oregonians have access to treatment instead of being thrown into the criminal justice system by voting Yes on Measure 110.

Lily Lines

Lake Oswego

Disappointed with LO Monthly

Thank you for producing a quality local monthly magazine.

I was disappointed and embarrassed, however, when I read the October issue concerning local candidates for political office ("Meet the 2020 Candidates," by Clara Howell).

Especially in a year marked by historic protests over economic and race relations, and highly polarizing politics both locally and nationally, the magazine's resources and effort would be better used offering actual news and insight -- content that is urgently needed for an informed citizenry.

I would guess that few readers are concerned whether candidates prefer elephants over tigers, or pink over blue.

Chelsey Dyer

Lake Oswego

Rapf has right skillset

Aaron Rapf will bring a great combination of skills and experience to service on the Lake Oswego City Council. He is a parent with two children in Lake Oswego schools, a passionate supporter of recreational programs the city has to offer and he understands that a first rate quality of life cannot be achieved without a first rate infrastructure. Aaron has served on the city budget committee where his straightforward commitment to data driven decisions shows why he will be a marvelous addition to the city council. Aaron is dedicated to the city and focused on priorities which make it a welcoming environment for all residents and businesses. I strongly support a vote for Aaron Rapf for Lake Oswego City Council.

Former City Councilor Jeff Gudman

Lake Oswego

Mboup is right choice

I am voting for Massene Mboup.

He works collaboratively with the community

He has a holistic world view

He believes in our nature areas and our parks

He believes in our children

and he believes in Lake Oswego. He offers a positive view of our future and an enthusiasm to see it through

I am ready for Lake Oswego to move forward in a positive way and Massene Mboup is the right person for Lake Oswego City Council at this time.


Christy Clark

Lake Oswego

Mboup would be good addition to council

I support Massene Mboup in his efforts to be elected to City Council. I have known Massene since 2013 when I was elected Mayor. Massene was, and still is, the founder of the International Academy, a French Immersion school. Massene has also become involved in various community groups serving both the City of Lake Oswego and the Lake Oswego School District. In my conversations and interactions with him, I have always found him to be a good listener and a thoughtful person who wants to arrive as solutions that are good for everyone. Rather than being an ideologue, Massene forms his own opinions and responses based on his own experiences and evaluations of individual situations. I believe the would be a good addition to our City Council.

Kent Studebaker

Lake Oswego

Mboup, Verdick would be good additions to council

There's nothing wrong with someone getting into city government with a passing knowledge of city affairs as a step towards higher office. However, LO voters should know that Rachel Verdick offers this city expertise in historical preservation that has involved her in protecting many of the city's architectural treasures. Coupled with her experience in business, government, and the non-profit sectors, she would make an excellent city councilor.

As I wrote to the LO Review two years ago, it's understandable that Lake Oswegans might be tempted to vote Massene Mboup into office purely as a symbolic curative for the city's embarrassing "Lake No Negro" rep. However, having met Mr. Mboup, I know that he would be an outstanding addition to this city's governance, regardless of his race. Massene's bright spirit, sharp intellect, education, work and leadership experience, interest in and knowledge of issues affecting Lake Oswego, and commitment to progressive civic values are second to none among all the candidates for Lake Oswego city council I've known of. We're lucky to have Mr. Mboup as a fellow citizen and will be all the more so to have him on council.

John Teton

Lake Oswego

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