Lake Oswego readers weigh in on local raises for House District 38 and City Council.

No more passes for Hall; vote for McMullen

Accurate and fair, transparent and trustworthy, reliable and above reproach, with actions that back that up, plus a healthy dose of good will towards each other. These are some of our county's values, and the Clackamas County Clerk should reflect them as well. Catherine McMullen will bring these worthy qualities to the office and to our elections.

Regarding Sherry Hall, yeah, stuff happens. And most people would take responsibility and bust their tails to make sure that kind of thing doesn't happen again, following up carefully to make sure their efforts pass muster. Hall should not get another pass to mess things up again.

We have less than two months before the Nov. 8 election and voting for Catherine McMullen can't come soon enough. We've seen enough of the current Clackamas County Clerk to make this an easy decision. Please join me in voting for Catherine McMullen!

Laurie J. Kilbourn

Lake Oswego

Tree code needs revisions

The City Council Meeting of Sept. 6, 2022 brought into sharp focus a difficulty with the City Code 55, otherwise known as the Tree Code. The tree code was developed to preserve our urban tree canopy while allowing the development of additional housing stocks in Lake Oswego.

Code 55 delineates that a tree that would affect stormwater runoff, the neighborhood skyline or 50% of a stand of trees should be preserved. However, after indicating why a tree should be preserved, it states that if there is no reasonable alternative to removing the tree to build to the full extent allowed by the building code, it can be removed. This places the Building Code superior to the Tree Code, which is inconsistent with its purpose. Moreover, interpretation of this clause by the City precludes the City from requiring the builder to change his plans to preserve more trees.

The Tree Code needs to be revisited. This is the opinion of Mayor Buck, in a 2018 council meeting, the Development Review Council in an 11/19 Council memo and the Sustainability Advisory Board in a 2/2020 council memo. One-hundred and fifty residents of Lake Oswego sent comments in opposition to the removal of nine trees on 8th Street on 9/6/2022. Yet Mayor Buck at that meeting indicated that the Tree Code was insufficient to require changes in a developer's plans to protect the tree canopy.

It is time to revise the Tree Code to make clear that the City can require changes to the submitted building plans to preserve our tree canopy. It's time for the City Council to address this issue. City Council, please consider a working group to bring the Development Code and Tree Code 55 into an alignment that protects the community, developers and trees.

Mark Puhlman

Lake Oswego

Council can protect trees

Thank you for the well-balanced article in the Lake Oswego Review dated 9/7/22 entitled "Lake Oswego City Council Deadlocked Over First Addition Tree Removals."

During that meeting, Mayor Joe Buck stated that the city did not have the legal right to require the developer to alter his plans to make more room for the last stand of mature Douglas Fir trees in the First Addition Neighborhood.

This information is wrong. On May 1, 2018, the City Council required this same developer to change the configuration of his proposed home to preserve three of the 11 Type 2 trees the applicant had asked to remove. In this precedent-setting hearing, the Council voted 2 to 5 to deny the application if there were no changes in the building plan. After further discussion, Councilman LaMotte proposed that the home be reconfigured to preserve three of the Douglas Firs and the council unanimously approved the amendment.

During the hearing on Sept. 6, 2022, it was stated that there was no precedence requiring a developer to alter plans to receive approval. But both Mayor Buck and Councilperson Manz were at the May 1, 2018 council meeting and voted in favor of requiring the developer to change in plans.

With the council deadlocked on this appeal, it is now in the hands of Council President John Wendland to break the tie.

Community members have repeatedly stated that they support development. They are requesting the developer build homes that protect the neighborhood's assets. The City Council is elected to support the will of the people not one businessman. More than 150 comments were filed requesting Renaissance Homes adapt their plans to preserve more trees. It is time for the council to do the right thing to protect our community and its tree canopy.

Leah Puhlman

Lake Oswego

As a Democrat, I'm supporting Firmin for House District 38

I'm a proud Democrat eagerly voting for Independent Party and Republican Party nominee Alistair Firmin for Oregon House District 38, which represents Lake Oswego and Southwest Portland. Why am I voting for the Independent/Republican nominee and not the Democrat nominee even though I'm a Democrat?

First, I can take social issues off the table. Like myself, Alistair is pro-choice, pro-equal rights and pro-gun safety.

Second, one -party rule just isn't working in Oregon. What Alistair brings to the table is what is missing in our state government today: a deep curiosity to understand where others are coming from and to learn from them. Alistair thrives on bringing people together to find common goals and deliver solid long-term results. He does not start with the premise that the other side is wrong, but rather just the opposite. Alistair has used these skills as board chair to lead several local nonprofit boards including navigating OMSI through COVID shutdowns.

Oregon needs a results-oriented independent thinker like Alistair who has been successfully using his leadership skills outside of the political realm for years - NOT another career politician which as we know does not deliver results. Please join me in voting for Alistair Firmin for Oregon House District 38.

Danielle Miller

Lake Oswego

Wendland has followed through on promises

When John Wendland ran for City Council four years ago, he pledged to help this wonderful city keep its edge. He wanted to make sure progress was done right. John Wendland has been doing just that!

John worked hard during his first term to get us started with improved parks by getting a parks bond passed. He brought the community together to find common goals for our beautiful parks. Now let's elect him to a second term to work to see the completion of those projects, including a new recreation and aquatic center, skate park, golf course remodel and more.

John grew up in Lake Oswego, raised his two girls in Lake Oswego and will soon have a grandchild living right here in Lake Oswego. There is no one more dedicated to ensuring that Lake Oswego is an exceptional place for families.

Please join us in voting for John Wendland for Lake Oswego City Council.

Michael and Mary Jo Day

Lake Oswego

Firmin will support business community

Alistair Firmin, Independent Party and Republican Party nominee for Oregon House District 38, is very supportive of a healthy business environment. He supports business both large and small, and Oregon needs Alistair in Salem.

Our state has gone from business friendly to business neutral to now anti-business under the current lopsided supermajority that rules Oregon today. If we continue down the current path of trying to be the least business friendly state in the country, we will not be able to keep, let alone attract employers. Alistair understands that we need to be a pro-employer state in order to develop and retain good paying jobs. Alistair understands that we need businesses to pay taxes but not make the environment so bad that they don't want to be here. The supermajority of Democrat state representatives have failed. We need an independent thinker.

Join me in voting for Alistair Firmin, Independent Party and Republican Party nominee for Oregon House District 38, so that we can get Oregon back on track!

Paul Glass

Lake Oswego

Wendland deserves another term

This November I will be voting for John Wendland for Lake Oswego City Council. John is a true and tested leader who has served eight years on our Lake Oswego School Board and then another four years on Lake Oswego City Council currently as Council President. He is truly a gem, and our community is so fortunate that he is willing to serve another four years doing his best to make Lake Oswego an even better city for everyone.

A great deal of progress has happened during John Wendland's first term: a new City Hall, the Boones Ferry Project, a full review of the Police Department, the addition of four new patrol officers and a mental health specialist, new safe pathways to schools, improvements to our parks system, the development of a Climate and Sustainability Action Plan and so much more. Four years ago, John promised us Progress Done Right, and that's exactly what he delivered. Let's see what he can do with another four years!

Please take the time to go to and learn more about John Wendland before November. He deserves your vote!

Beth Quarterman

Lake Oswego

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