Parents step up for the Lake Oswego School Foundation

To the Editor:

'Summertime and the livin' is easy.' A record 70 percent of parents helped make our Lake Oswego Schools and teachers more secure for the coming year by donating to the (Lake Oswego School District) Foundation. As the school year comes to a close, I want to thank you for making this year's foundation campaign a huge success. We raised over $1.7 million that will go directly to keeping excellent teachers in our schools. Not only have parents stepped up, but so have businesses and hundreds of citizens in the community. In addition, we launched the Stafford Society endowment program, with nine families already joining as charter members to create a long-term fund for teacher salaries.

It was exciting to see hundreds of students from both high schools participate in the Campaign by calling on parents and the community to give to the Foundation. They not only made phone calls, but also participated in the Student Work Day by volunteering their time to work for people in the community. This huge new effort by high school students raised funds to the tune of $17,000.

You may still contribute today to help us get closer to our goal of $2.2 million by calling the foundation office at 503-534-2302. If you responded to the campaign with a pledge, please call the office with the specific amount you wish to give. We need to finalize the amount of dollars we will be receiving so the district can plan on which teachers it will retain. All donations and pledges received before June 30 will be used to hire teachers for the 2008-09 school year.

As the song goes, 'Then you'll spread your wings and take to the sky,' as our graduating seniors go out to tackle the world which you made a little easier.

Mary Solares

LOSD President 2007-08

Lake Oswego

Opening up views of Oswego Lake is a good idea

To the Editor:

In (his) June 12 Citizen's View, John Surrett favors not following a long-term, well-thought-out, redevelopment plan to open up views of Lake Oswego for all residents.

He prefers reusing the empty US Bank building that is finally scheduled for demolition. However, I see the demolition of an unattractive commercial blockhouse building as a correction to mistakes made in the past. Europe learned centuries ago to preserve the views of their waterways for everyone to enjoy. We are finally learning this lesson.

Opening up a view of our namesake lake, from one of our most-traveled thoroughfares, will be an immediate asset for all of us and for generations to come.

Foresight gave us George Rogers Park and, more recently, Foothills Park. Both have given us the ability to enjoy views of the Willamette River. Both were once commercial property (chip plant and iron plant).

Continuing the plan to open the lower end of Oswego Lake will enable all of us to enjoy the lake. Most of us could never own waterfront (property), but soon we will be able to either glance across the lake as we drive by or will be able to sit or stroll along the lake all the way to the river, using the walking paths. Remember, without vision and good planning, the Millennium Plaza Park area would still be a hodgepodge of parking lots behind crumbling, outdated buildings.

Philip Pirrotta

Lake Oswego

'I hope this gives you hope' for Owen and the future

To the Editor:

I read about Owen and Make a Wish in last week's Lake Oswego Review. He looks like he had a wonderful time.

I looked for your address and found none.

My middle granddaughter Emily had Wilms tumor when she was about three. The cancer was in both lungs. She had one kidney removed and treatment for her lungs.

She graduated from college (and got) married last summer and they are looking for a home.

I hope this gives you hope.

Marge Wallick

Lake Oswego

Everyone needs to be part of changing the world

To the Editor:

Last Saturday at the Lake Oswego Farmers' Market a person remarked to me as we were talking about the price of gasoline, 'In a few years we will look back at these days and think of them as the good old days.'

I told them that I disagreed and that I believe we are at the brink of a new era.

A time where we will cease to consume so many imported material goods and take pleasure in a much simpler life.

Living without an endless supply of gasoline is already beginning to make behavioral changes. We aren't jumpimg into our cars to go two blocks - we are walking. We aren't driving our children everywhere - they are riding their bicycles. We are using mass transit where we can. People are thinking about where their food really comes from and making the decision to either buy locally or grow their own food. We are once again becoming self-sufficient .

We all have the opportunity each day to make simple decisions that can change our neighborhood, our country and our world. So, don't complain about the price of gasoline, or how much food is costing, or even complain about all the foreign imports that flood our stores.

All each of us have to do is to use our resources thoughtfully and carefully. We need to think about how we are living and how we can make positive changes in our lives.

We are at the brink of changing how our world is, how our country can be and how our neighborhoods will become one day at a time. It cannot be done by one person; we all need to participate.

Kathe Worsley

Lake Oswego

Mercedes driver on Country Club Road should be ashamed of himself

To the Editor:

One of the most charming things about living in Lake Oswego is the fact that we have lots of duck families this time of the year.

I was driving down Country Club Road towards the high school on Friday when I saw a mama duck and one baby walking on the edge of the road, walking toward traffic just along the concrete next to the curb. The cars in front of mine slowed down and gave them some room, as did I.

Then a silver Mercedes (I got the license plate number - you know who you are) swerved to try to hit them!

I was aghast that someone could be so cruel, and assuming it was kids out in Mom or Dad's car, slowed down to get the license plate and a description of the driver when I realized it was an adult!

I hope someone knows who this (person is) and lets them know other responsible adults were watching ... and that they should be ashamed of this unbelievable behavior.

Please, everyone, let's give these sweet little ones the room they deserve.

Krysta Kelley

Lake Oswego

Voters urged to support Griffith in District 38 race this November

To the Editor:

After returning from college one month ago, I set out looking for volunteering opportunities with an energetic, progressive politician: I found Steve Griffith.

As a former student of his, I am certain that his energy, ingenuity, and integrity will serve District 38 well. Despite being a first-year college student and a liberal Democrat, my values and sense of Oregon's needs align with Steve's entirely. I appreciate his progressive stance and willingness to abandon partisanship to improve Oregon.

Steve's many years as a Lincoln High School constitution team coach demonstrate his dedication to education, and his experience in both law and Oregon politics lend him a distinct and holistic perspective. As a board member of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and an avid hiker, environmental protection is Steve's priority.

All his former students, including myself, agree: Vote Steve Griffith for Oregon House!

Austin Shiner


Hope the campaign for Clackamas Commissoner remains positive

To the Editor:

I am pleased and relieved that the Clackamas County Elections Office has certified the Clackamas County Commission Position 5 primary vote count so we can proceed to the November election.

I have said often that I appreciated the very positive primary campaign and look forward to the same in the next several months. There were several talented and qualified individuals willing to apply and campaign for Position 5, proving that democracy still works. My job is to aggressively represent the five that did not qualify for the general election - I owe them and my supporters that.

My fall opponent led the primary election by appealing to his previous base of support and the rest of us just tried to survive in a seven-candidate scrum. Now, we have to encourage more than 25 percent of the independent voters to turn out in a 'non-partisan' race, and figure out why only 78,845 voted in this race when 115,159 voted in the county.

My job as a responsible independent is to get out the vote and positively differentiate myself so the voters can choose wisely for the long-term health and sustainability of Clackamas County. Thanks in advance for your input and support.

Ron Adams

West Linn