Lori Faren is willing to pay high price to compete on world stage

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE - Lori Faren of Lake Oswego looks fit and fabulous as she prepares for her new career as a fitness/fashion competitor.

Lori Faren is the total package when it comes to being a competitor in World Beauty Fashion & Fitness.

The 39-year-old Lake Oswego woman is beautiful, in peak condition and her well-defined shoulder muscles are works of art, a combination of delicacy and strength. She wows everybody when she walks a stage in a bikini, a costume or a full-length evening gown.

Faren’s most amazing quality of all, however, is her total dedication to becoming the best fitness model she can possibly be. That means winning WBFF competitions, picking up sponsors, doing workout videos, promoting the WBFF, running camps and appearing in fitness magazines. To do this she spends 14 hours a week in the weight room. That number moves up to 25 hours when she is getting ready for a show.

As for her diet, Faren won’t even let herself eat a cookie. Most of the time she can eat at restaurants, where she sticks to salmon or grilled chicken with no oil. But 12 weeks before a competition she even brings her own food to restaurants, often a can of tuna. It takes lots of dedication for Faren to achieve a look of effortless ease and glamour.

Her husband Adam Faren said, “Unless you see Lori live it, you can’t comprehend what it’s all about.”

“It’s easier to order healthy at restaurants than you think,” Lori Faren said. “You can eat tuna, chicken, yams, brown rice and egg whites. You see what it does over time and it makes you more determined than ever when you see the results. I eat six days a week and I prepare all my food in advance. It takes me two days a week.”

Lori Faren is an unique combination of strength, beauty and dedication to reaching new heights in WBFF competitions.

This has all happened because Lori Faren wanted to push her boundaries. She wasn’t content with just being fit, healthy and having nicely defined shoulder muscles.

“I asked myself, ‘What else?’” Faren said. “I wanted to do more than just have a good workout. I wanted to take it to the next level.”

The fitness gene is very strong in Faren. As a kid in Canada, the first thing she did when she got her driver’s license was go to a gym to work out. She worked out all of the time and she read all of the fitness magazines, which planted the seed of her ambition.

“I got tired of looking at the girls in magazines,” Faren said. “I thought I could be one of them.”

Indeed, she could. Faren began submitting photos of herself to such magazines as Oxygen and Muscle and Fitness Hers. A big moment for her came when she met famed physical fitness model and coach Lindsay Messina in Los Angeles. That was enough to make Faren take the plunge as a competitor in amateur fitness contests.

“A lot of people are curious about what I do,” Faren said. “They tell me, ‘I could never do what you do.’ When they see what it takes they’re not so sure they would like to do it. There’s no room for treats or alcohol. Living a competitive lifestyle is a full-time thing.

“The first show was very tough, but it just became part of my life.”

Actually, it was easier for Faren than most aspiring models because she won — she took first place in her first show, her second show and her third show. She did so well that she obtained her professional card in August, and from now on she will compete in nothing but professional shows in the WBBF.

The WBBF is the creation of Paul Dillett, a former body building champion who resembles a mountain of muscles. After retiring, Dillett teamed up with his wife, Allison, herself a body beautiful, to start the WBFF. In their muscle corporation, the Dilletts did away with the grunts and groans of other bodybuilding contests and designed a competition emphasizing beauty, smiles and fun.

“It’s more entertaining than getting up and flexing your muscles,” Faren said. “It’s more like being a Victoria’s Secret model.”

It seems that the WBFF has a great future. And so does Lori Faren.

People assume that she is totally into the fitness world, but Faren has a real life of helping her husband run his plumbing business and raising his two daughters. She is pleased that the girls like to work out with her.

“I guess I’m a good role model,” Faren said.

But the cost is great.

“People ask me, ‘Is it worth it?’” Faren said. “I think it is.”

“When Lori first thought about trying this, I told her, ‘You are definitely made to do this,’” Adam Faren said. “I am super proud of her. No one deserves success more.”

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