SUBMITTED PHOTOS:  - To celebrate her 103rd birthday, Mary Ashby went indoor skydiving at iFly.

Many people would be content to celebrate their birthday with a card and a slice of cake, but Mary Ashby of Lake Oswego chose to mark her birthday in a more adventurous way. The 103-year-old woman chose to take an iFly indoor skydiving flight.

“It looked like fun,” said daughter-in-law Jean Ashby. “They advertise anyone between 3 and 103 can do it. With my mother-in-love, Mary Ashby’s 103rd birthday coming up, I mentioned it to her, explaining that when she turns 104 years old, they won’t let her do it, as she’d be over their age limit, so she might as well put it on her bucket list.”

Mary agreed and the family booked a flight for 6 p.m. March 13, the day before Mary’s 103rd birthday.

“It was a riot,” said Jean. She said Mary “had a blast” and will get a lot of mileage with the great-grandkids when she posts this on Facebook. Accompanying her were her son David, grandson Doug and granddaughter-in-law Bree and great-grandson Scott.

Mary, who lives with David and Jean, still does her own cooking, laundry, ironing and keeps in touch with her doctor by email. She keeps her body and mind active; she does Sudoku and word jumbles and reads newspapers and magazines to keep up on the news. Jean reports that Mary eats plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, as well as meat and fish.

“We are so proud of her,” Jean said. “Someone asked about her birthday and it turns out that the day her mom went into labor with Mary, their sow had also gone into labor! Her dad ended up in the barn delivering a farrow of piglets, and her mom had to do Mary’s birth solo!”

iFly representatives said she was the oldest Oregonian to take an indoor skydiving flight.

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This photo of Mary Ashby was taken two months before her 100th birthday.