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Have concerns over how much time your teen - or you - spend on social media? Goali Saedi Bocci has a workbook to help you balance screen time and take charge of your life.

COURTESY PHOTOS  - Goali Saedi Bocci, PhD and founder of Glisten Counseling in Lake Oswego, has released The Social Media Workbook for Teens, a helpful tool to balance virtual and real life.

In an effort to help her patients, Licensed Clinical Psychologist Goali Saedi Bocci has released "The Social Media Workbook for Teens." The workbook is intended to help teens and adults build the skills to balance screen time and take charge of their lives.

"Today social media and smartphones provide us with instantaneous connection to our friends, news and information on almost any topic," she said. "It's like carrying a set of encyclopedias and all your friends in your pocket to hang out with anytime you want ... Maintaining a healthy balance is imperative and knowing that tipping point of when social media use becomes excessive or hits an unhealthy level is crucial."

Saedi Bocci was inspired to create the workbook by the patients she sees through her practice, Glisten Counseling located in Lake Oswego. She sees many teens exhibiting addictive behaviors regarding reliance on their phones.

"This is the dark side of being a teenager," she said. "And this is new territory. We didn't have to figure this out before (in previous generations). We've become so reliant on phones that it is causing breakdowns. People can't function with it."

Saedi Bocci says for teens struggling with any host of emotional or physical concerns, social media can further aggravate difficulties. She explains that teens with depression or anxiety may be bombarded by a barrage of images that exacerbate their concerns.

And it's not just teens who are addicted to their phones; adults fall victim to technology too.

"And it's a huge time suck, a huge waste of productivity," Saedi Bocci said.

The workbook has three goals. The first is to reduce both screen time on the phone and social media usage at large. The second is to empower teens to move out of the virtual reality world into the real world, and the third goal is to empower teens to develop

new hobbies, be more physically active, and delve into self-growth and personal development.

"I encourage teens and those guiding them through this workbook — whether parents, educators or therapists — to embrace a curiosity about what life holds when we lift our eyes up from our screens," she says.

"The Social Media Workbook for Teens" is available on Learn more about the workbook and Saedi Bocci online at

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