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I don't always heed my horoscope, but I always read it and find it interesting how often it seems to have a connection to what I am experiencing.

A recent daily horoscope for Sagittarius read: "Let your imagination soar and gather creative ideas…." followed a few days later by: "Guide your wishful thinking so you can create something that pleases the eye as well as the heart." The first one enticed me to think about crafting a personal birthday card for grandson Aaron, who will be 29 on May 20, and a graduation card for granddaughter Natalie who is receiving her master's degree from the U of MN May 15. The second horoscope encouraged me to actually do it.

I don't always heed my horoscope, but I always read it and find it interesting how often it seems to have a connection to what I am experiencing. When it does, I sometimes clip and save it and find that I have several from past years. Sadly, I failed to record dates on most, but many fit into certain eras of my life.

The first one I saved was from June 14, 1995, the day after I had surgery for breast cancer: "Whether you like it or not, you're in the spotlight. Wear pink and speak your mind, reach beyond expectations. People you thought did not care will prove they do — in many ways." I recall reading this in my hospital room, wearing a pink robe, planning to speak up about conflicting instructions on exercising or resting my arm, and being amazed at the outpouring of concern and love I was receiving from many people.

One from 2002: "Express yourself, get ideas on paper, let the world know 'I am here and my genius is available to you'..." This possibly came at a time when I needed encouragement to write, as did this undated one: "Keep the notebook and pen close by. Write down your ideas, go off and have exciting adventures."

I wish I knew the date of the one that reads: "You may fear you are reaching your sell-by-date. This false perception may prod you to embrace a relationship that isn't first rate." I must have heeded the warning as I don't recall having any less than first-rate relationships.

Many fit into the seven years following husband Dick's biking accident in 2009 that left him physically and mentally disabled and sent us on a never-ending journey of surgeries and rehabs: "You have been able to cope with problems, but as one cycle finishes you see there is still another set of hurdles ahead…" Also: "You would like to get back to your regularly scheduled program, but seems there are endless interruptions." Another: "Setbacks can add to anxiety. Responsibilities you take on now may be difficult to shoulder…" There are more that seem to fit whatever stage we were experiencing, and then this one when hospice entered the scene: "Things are as they should be. You may prefer to hide away in a peaceful nook and meditate…" which I did.

Some speak to the person I am: "Your family background and upbringing may influence who you are, but you're responsible for the person you become." When I was dealing with a difficult situation involving a lawful retribution, I was reading: "You tend to be honest, straight forward and above reproach even when you are in a situation where you can take advantage of someone financially." And then I got this advice: "Being too aggressive may backfire, so your best bet is to let events unfold on their own before taking any action."

Making the move to Mary's Woods Retirement Community in 2018 was confirmed by: "You are poised to take charge of your life and make changes you once thought impossible." And then: "New friends, new ideas, and refreshing viewpoints could electrify the atmosphere…." which they did, and still do.

So I continue the daily reading of not only my horoscope but also those of my family which sometimes coincide with what is going on in their lives. As for the birthday and graduation cards, I hope Aaron and Natalie will find them "pleasing to the eye as well as the heart."

Jo Ann Parsons is a member of the Jottings Group of the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

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