by: BILL TAYLOR - Corps members planiting small trees on Molalla River bankMolalla River Watch Watershed Council applied for and received Department of Environmental Quality 319 grant funding to assist the Salem District Bureau of Land Management with restoration of some of the dispersed campsites in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor which have been replaced with two new campgrounds.

Bill Taylor, a member of Molalla River Watch, said the $15,000 grant will go a long way to restoring the old campsite areas. Heavy use in the dispersed campsites had destroyed much of the vegetation and beauty of the areas.

Restoration of the sites will include planting and mulching of 2330 or more native trees, shrubs and groundcover plants.

by: BILL TAYLOR - Youth Conservation Corp members plant trees on one of the dispersed campground sites“We start work tomorrow,” Taylor said last week. The Clackamas County Youth Conservation Corp will help with seven days of planting.”

Taylor said next week a Molalla boy will coordinate a group of volunteers to help with the work as his Eagle Scout project.

by: BILL TAYLOR - Volunteers working on the project last week The plantings will benefit fish by providing additional shade to reduce summer water temperatures. Planting will also reduce erosion of sediment to the river from large areas of compacted soil now devoid of vegetation. Silt washed into the river clogs gravel beds which salmon and steelhead need for spawning habitat.

Molalla River Watch partners for the project include the BLM, the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Canby Utility Board. Planting is being done by Wilderness International Youth Conservation Corp, a local boy scout using the project to earn his Eagle Scout badge, and Molalla River Watch volunteers.

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