Oregon Connections Academy's online curriculum allowed 10-year-old Kylie Boyle to live in Hawaii with her mom and dad as the three were cast as extras in Hawaii Five-0

If you've ever had the opportunity to take a vacation to the gorgeous land of Hawaii, then you know just how hard it is to come back home to the Pacific Northwest, especially at this time of the year. OREGON CONNECTIONS ACADEMY PHOTO - Kinsey Boyle (left) and Kylie Boyle pose for a photo on the set of Hawaii Five-0 as they filmed their roles as extras in a recent episode of the television show.

For Mulino 10-year-old Kylie Boyle and her family, however, that painful realization of heading home to the rain and chilly temperatures has been nonexistent, at least for the past three months.

The Boyle family has been living on the island of Oahu since October as they all were recently cast as extras in the television show Hawaii Five-0. Kylie's parents, Marc and Kinsey, had both been extras on the show in the past as well, and Kylie decided she wanted to give it a go as well. Kylie and Kinsey were cast as extras for two episodes that aired back-to-back on Dec. 15: Season Eight, Episode 10 "I ka wa ma mua, I ka wa ma hope" (The Future is in the Past) and Season Eight Episode 11"Oni kalalea ke ku a ka la'au loa" (A Tall Tree Stands Above the Others). Kinsey appeared at the beginning of episode 10 when her character was seated in Danno Williams' and Steve McGarrett's new restaurant; she wore a black and white flowered dress. Kylie was an extra with the Aloha Girls Scouts Troop mixed into the rest of the crowd during the parade scene in episode 11. Kylie was filmed in a scene in which she would have appeared center stage, but that scene was unfortunately cut from the final version of the episode.

Still, Kylie said that the experience was fun and interesting.

"It was fun, it's weird to be on the set all day and then go home and watch [the show] and see it put together differently than they [filmed] it because they cut scenes a lot of the time," Kylie said.

And though she didn't get to properly meet the main cast members, she did recall a moment when she ran into Lou Grover (played by Chi McBride) and Steve McGarrett (played by Alex O'Loughlin), as she received a friendly wave.

"Kylie and I actually walked right past them one morning, because we were there before anybody, and Alex and [Chi] were just parking their cars and going to their trailers when we were sent back to wardrobe, and we walked right past them," Kinsey said.

Even though life is pretty good for the Boyles on Oahu, they said that they do miss Oregon, and that they come back semi-frequently to visit their older children.

But while they're away from home, they're enjoying their time on Oahu, taking in the sights and attractions, visiting museums and aquariums, and soaking up the sun.

"We go to the beach a lot and I've been to Pearl Harbor eight or nine times," Kylie said when asked about some of her experiences on Oahu. Marc is a retired United States Marine, and their visits to Pearl Harbor meant a great deal to them as a family.

Despite the experience being an extra on the show, Kylie said she's still set on becoming a hair stylist rather than an actress.

And until then, she'll complete her studies through Oregon Connections Academy, which has been the main component allowing her to live in Hawaii with her family. Kylie is currently in fifth grade at the online school and has been a student in their program since the second grade.

"It's pretty easy; I think I'm doing fairly well with my assignments and timing and everything, but it's easy because I can work on my schedule, sleep late … I read for about an hour every night so I can sleep in late," Kylie said.

"It's such a flexibility to be able to use an online school," Kinsey said. "If she was in a brick and mortar school, we wouldn't be able to do this ... our family would have to be separated for a long period of time, and this makes it so we can do that. We love [Oregon] Connections Academy … we could never stay together if we didn't have [ORCA] for her schooling."

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