Colton Elementary School's student council organized fun events for Read Across America

PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - Colton Elementary's student council members are from left to right: Landon Stover (treasurer),  Rylee Beach (recording secretary), Taylor Quintana (president),  Emerson Collins (public relations), Addison Hordichok (vice president). They Dr. Seuss books to prep for the all-school assembly to honor Dr. Seuss and his books.

Colton Elementary School has a student council, which is something the school has not had for as long as anyone can remember. The newly elected members of the CES student council took on organizing fun events for a week to honor the writings of Dr. Seuss and the Read Across America program.

This was the first event the new student council put together.

"We put together committees," Student Council President Taylor Quintana said. "We met every day at lunch and gave up recess to put it all together."

The committees, made up of the 17 members of the council, signed up for a scavenger hunt committee, poster committee and assembly committee.

Dr. Seuss week was planned for the four days of school that were canceled for snow, but the council was able to do most of the planned dress-up days the following week, minus "Future Day" that was planned for the Monday when snow once again filled the roads of Colton. Western Day, Viking Day and Pajama Day went off without a hitch, and on Thursday the student council board hosted an all-school assembly filled with Horton games.

The council agreed the most difficult part of the endeavor was speaking in front of the assembled school students and for Quintana her first time speaking over the school's intercom, but they all agreed it was worth all the work and time.

Cindy Fama

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