Molalla theater students watched CCC's production of 'The Lost Boy' to gain inspiration for their upcoming one-act plays

PIONEER PHOTO: KRISTEN WOHLERS - Molalla theater students got a back-of-the-house tour of CCC's costume den after watching the live play 'The Lost Boy' on March 9.

On Friday, March 9, Molalla High School theater students visited Clackamas Community College for the Theatre Arts Department's production of "The Lost Boy" directed by James Eikrem. They went seeking inspiration for their own upcoming one-act plays. They also visited during pre-production, but that time was cut short due to snow.

"These two trips were intended to give the students an inside look into the process of preparing a show," said Clyde Berry, Molalla's theater teacher. "By seeing how CCC was creating 'The Lost Boy,' the students would have a practical framework and set of experiences to guide the creation of their one-acts they are producing."

Written by CCC English faculty member Sue Mach and winner of the 2009 Oregon Book Award, "The Lost Boy" is based on the true events of the 1874 kidnapping of Charley Ross and the involvement of P.T. Barnum. After the performance, the cast sat down for a talkback.

PIONEER PHOTO: KRISTEN WOHLERS - After CCC Theatre Arts Department's production of 'The Lost Boy,' the cast sat down for a talkback.

Molalla theater student London Chaffin, who is directing a play of her own, asked questions about lighting, paint and costuming.

"I think lighting is probably my biggest challenge, and I got a lot of help with that today," Chaffin said. "I think what I figured out is definitely how I'm going to paint my set to complement the lights."

Molalla theater students are performing three one-act plays this month.

The first play, directed by Chaffin, has no words. Chaffin's production of "Emotional Baggage," written by Lindsay Price, will be performed through movement to the music of Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."

"I guess my play's message is you never want to get too locked into a mistake just because you've spent tons of time making it," Chaffin said, "and it's always okay to change things."

The second one-act, directed by William Tongsiri, is "Henry's Law" by Stacie Lents. The play tackles the topic of cyber bullying.

"Even though it's funny, it really has something that audiences can take home and think about, because it's actually happening right now," Tongsiri said.

Jessica Bushon is directing the third play, "A Baker's Dozen," written by Pat Cook. This play explores the bond between two brothers, Jeffy and Jimmy Baker. Jeffy looks back at his 13-year-old self during "the summer I learned not to take things…or people for granted."

Berry expressed thanks to all who have made the trips and the productions possible.

"We are very grateful to CCC for their time and support," Berry said. "We are also grateful to our other community partners, Molalla Communications and Keeping the Arts, who have both awarded grants to these productions so the students can focus on creating art instead of fundraising."

The one-acts will take place March 22-24 at 7 p.m. and on March 24 at 2 p.m. at the high school auditorium.

"Come see the show," Chaffin said. "Bring people."

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