Zach Rodgers was honored for his quick, lifesaving action of performing CPR on his dad in November

On the evening of Nov. 9, 2017, Zach Rodgers was getting ready for bed when his father, Ryan, suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Zach began performing CPR right away on his father while his mother and sister called 911. He continued doing CPR for several minutes until emergency medical services arrived and transported Ryan by Life Flight to the hospital. Without Zach's immediate action as soon as his father went into cardiac arrest, Ryan may not have survived.

PHOTO COURTESY AMERICAN RED CROSS - Zach Rodgers (right) performed CPR on his dad Ryan Rodgers (right) in November 2017.

"I knew what to do for a reason," Zach said in an interview with the Red Cross.

Zach had learned CPR from his Colton Middle School teacher, Veronica Bouck. Because of this lifesaving training, Zach was confident he could perform the skills vital to helping save his father's life. Immediate high-quality CPR is one of the most critical steps in the chain of survival, and it played a pivotal role in keeping Ryan Rodgers alive. Had he not received early CPR, Ryan's chance of survival would have been drastically reduced.

"I think it's really significant Zach stepped up and took the action to start doing CPR on his dad," Firefighter Paramedic Jamie Wakefield, who responded on the call, told the Red Cross. "It's hard enough for anyone to do CPR on a stranger and be able to take that action, let alone a family member. I think without that action his dad wouldn't be here today."

PHOTO COURTESY AMERICAN RED CROSS - Zach Rodgers is pictured with his family and Molalla Firefighters/Paramedics Rob Boren and Byron Wakefield.

Zach was nominated for and received the Youth Good Samaritan Hero award from the American Red Cross this winter. He was presented with the award at the annual Red Cross Heroes Breakfast on March 9.

"I just like to think that I knew how to do it for a reason, and it happened for a reason," Zach said in a video produced by the Red Cross. "I never really thought about being a hero or anything like that."

PHOTO COURTESY OF AMERICAN RED CROSS - Zach Rodgers received the Youth Good Samaritan Hero Award from the American Red Cross on March 9.

The video details the incident in which Zach saved his father's life, and can be viewed here:

To learn more about First Aid/CPR classes in your area please contact:

Molalla Fire District

Lt. Byron Wakefield

320 N Molalla Ave.

Molalla, OR 97038

Office: (503) 829-2200

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also sign up online to take a Red Cross CPR class at

In honor of the heroic action performed by all responders to cardiac arrests in 2017, Molalla Fire District will be holding a Chain of Survival Celebration on April 20. Patients who suffered cardiac arrests in two separate incidents in 2017 will be at the event to present awards to those who were involved in saving their lives.

Community members from Molalla, Colton and Mulino are invited to attend.

Event Details:

April 20, 2018, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

320 N. Molalla Ave.

Molalla, Oregon 97038

Seating is limited and will be prioritized for responders and families involved.

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