Chamber directors buy new pots, flowers to make Molalla's downtown sidewalks pretty

COURTESY PHOTO - Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce placed flower pots to beautify Molalla's downtown sidewalks.It was just a couple of weeks ago that Molalla's Chamber of Commerce began asking people for donations to beautify the city's streets. Since then the donations began coming in and Chamber directors have been busy buying new pots and planting new flowers.

On May 17-18, they began planting petunias and other flowers in the eight pots they are reusing from last year. The red, white and purple petunias fit in well with the greenery and stand out on the street. If more donations arrive they hope to add more pots, up to six if possible.

Tracy Cox and Terry Shankle as well as her grandson Carter, were doing the planting.

Two of the eight pots are located in front of the Chamber while two are located on Molalla Avenue in front of the Barber Shop and Dry Cleaners and two more on the other side of Bentleys. The new pots will be located on Main Street and Molalla Avenue. COURTESY PHOTO - THe chamber had a little helper.

"As long as donations keep coming, we'll keep adding the pots and flowers," said Tara Clifford, office manager at the Chamber. "If the Chamber receives more donations than it can use, then we'll hold the money over for next year's street plantings," Clifford said.

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