Over the past two years, Public Works completes 22 projects, with 26 underway and only 3 not yet started

Molalla's Public Works staff is often so busy working on what they need to do that they sometimes forget to point out what they've accomplished, said Gerald Fisher, public works director. In the past two years, Molalla Public Works has undertaken 48 projects and completed at least half. At the May 23 Molalla City Council meeting, members were treated to the list of projects completed since Fisher took over as public works director a couple of years ago.

"Workers have been so focused on getting things done that they just go on to the next project. The public and the City Council don't know everything that we're doing. They don't know about all the projects we're working on and whether they've been completed," Fisher said. Moving forward, the public and city council will get monthly reports on the status of projects, he added.

Most of these have been completed since Fisher became public works director on June 30, 2016.

Only three of the projects on the list, all public capital projects, haven't been started, but 22 have been completed and 23 are currently underway, with just a few on hold. While most of the finished projects are pavement and building repairs, some are updated standards to replace outdated ones.

Many of the completed projects are capital works that include paving and improving facilities. The list includes:

-- City Hall parking improvement;

-- City Hall remodeling;

-- completed the Waste Water Treatment Plant lagoon leak test.

-- reconstruction of 2,000-foot roadway through the downtown commercial district.

-- completed vacation of roadway and partitioned property and exchanged land with the Molalla Buckeroo for the east Clark Park partition.

-- reconstruction at the intersections of Shaver and Highway 211 and Section and Hart along with spot repairs on Heinz, Fenton, Toliver, Mathias and 7th and select locations in the Big Meadows area.

-- completed re-roofing of wastewater treatment plant facility and improvements to the restroom and laboratory spaces.

-- construction of a concreate mural pad with a bike rack and seating at Fox Park.

-- grout sealing of 105 sanitary sewer manholes that were significant or moderate infiltrators.

-- cleaning and underwater video inspection of the 1.2 MG drinking water reservoir at the water treatment plant.

These projects used paperwork to complete projects:

-- Water permit conversion at the Molalla River intake;

--development of a pavement rating system for city-owned and maintained roadways;

--updated city's capital improvement plan to match projects identified in the city's master plans and other operation and maintenance projects;

--updated system development charge methodology based on the updated capital improvement plan;

--created an update to the Wastewater Treatment Operation and Maintenance Manual;

--finished a 5-year rate study analysis to fund further projects in water, wastewater and storm water;

--published an updated set of public works standards to replace the 1996 standards;

--finished a 5-year look behind and a 5-year look ahead at the TMDL implementation plan required by DEQ;

-- developed a work order system to track requested and completed work by the Public Works staff and a purchase order system to track purchases by staff using the city's purchasing rules;

-- developed an update for Class C recycled water for public review and comment in May addressing DEQ and Oregon Health Authority comments;

--developed and submitted a permit modification for the Waste Water Treatment Plant to DEQ to bring plant discharge requirement in line with basin standards and state treatment requirements.

While these have been finished, they've brought up other significant projects. For example, previously, public works followed instructions to clean out the reservoir every 10 years. During the recent cleaning, it was recommended, said Fisher, to inspect the reservoir every three years. Public works is now checking into that frequency.

While all of that has been accomplished there are even more projects underway. Under the administrative projects are:

-- GIS staff started mapping existing public easements for right of way as well as public utility, pipeline and storm water conveyance easements. It is 40 percent complete.

-- boiler plate provisions and standardization of contract documents are underway.

-- individual home construction projects, pre-application projects for new developments, policy and procedure updates and other department improvements.

Public Works also is working on public capital projects, including: -- waterline improvement, currently on hold, prepping contracts and specifications for the project to replace the waterlines on Metzler Avenue (Main-7th Street), 4th Street (Metzler-Hart) and Faurie Street (Frances-Miller) The waterline replacement for 3rd Street (Berkley-Lola) will be moved to the 16-08 Lola Avenue project because of its proximity to Lola waterline work.

-- The Water Right Certificate project will be closed out and a new project started in the 2018-19 fiscal (starting July 1) year to transfer water rights from Trout Creek to Molalla River and design and construct a monitoring station at Trout Creek.

-- the department is repairing a street tree lighting at 16-01 Molalla Ave.

-- phase one of the Shops Facility Improvements to complete underground design and construction, currently in the design stage. Staff expects to be complete this fall with phase 2 to construct the facility building and decant facility.

-- sewer and water improvements on hold, to be budgeted in fiscal 2019-20 due to wastewater related costs associated with the permit modification, recycled water reuse plan modification and ongoing litigant costs. This project will replace the water and sewer system from 5th street to Main Street.

-- City Council and Planning Commission held a joint work session May 30 with hearings scheduled for Aug. 1 for the planning commission and Aug. 22 for a city council hearing;

--the final joint city council and planning commission work session for the Transportation Master Plan work session will be held July 18 and hearings scheduled for the planning commission on Aug.1 and the city council on Aug. 22;

--the county held bidding on Fenton Avenue CDBG in May and construction due to start after July 4;

--Oregon 211 is in a holding pattern while issues with ODOT design requirements are addressed. ODOT staff is reviewing design exception potential for half street improvement by Bear Creek Development east of the Bear Creek Bridge;

--the first phase of the Clark Park sidewalk improvements are sidewalk and driveway aprons along the north side of Shirley from Cole to Buckeroo grounds completed by June 1. Phase two will consist of intersection improvements along the east side of Cole from Shirley to Francis;

--repairs on SSMH completed with 105 sanitary sewers manholes sealed;

--the Water Treatment Plan new Trident 2 MGD filtration plant with chemical and telemetry upgrades is on hold until the new fiscal year starting July 1. It will design and construct a second MGD plant doubling the city's capacity to produce drinking water and design and construct the chemical feed and plant telemetry system upgrades, put on hold to allow higher priority projects under construction;

--Water treatment plant security fencing and gate have been installed, waiting on electrical work for actuators, will be complete by this summer;

--comments from DEQ and Oregon Heath Authority for recycled water reuse modifications and consultants completed updates and posted them on the website for comments.

There are six private projects underway that include:

--contractor has finished the last of the sidewalk, striping and signage for Molalla Redi-Mix frontage improvements with construction complete by June and project closed out by August;

--the Twin Meadow subdivision is complete;

--ODOT reviewing Hezzie Lane subdivision plans, completion of city side of project expected to be complete by August;

--Taco Bell project complete;

--plans approved for Sawyer's Truck Repair, waiting for project construction;

--the South Clackamas Transit District has been completed.

The three projects that have not been started include:

--The Waste Water Treatment plant new headworks screen to install a second screen adding capacity to the headworks was moved to fiscal 2018-19 after reviewing the Wastewater Master Plan capital improvement list.

-- The developer of Lexington Estates pocket park phase 3 dedicated an 11,011 square foot parcel to the city for park use. Public Works intends to move the project up a year to fiscal 2919-20 for design and construction.

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