Colton High School held their annual Night of Excellence for graduating seniors

Colton High School held their annual Night of Excellence on Wednesday, June 6 to honor the achievements of the 48 students in the graduating class of 2018. The class has received approximately $221,791 in scholarship awards. This number is still being updated and the scholarship awards (at least the local ones) will be in next week's edition of Colton Corner.

The following awards were earned for recognition in education, athletics, music and citizenship:

US Marine Corps:  Distinguished Athlete Award: Evan Rasor, Scholastic Excellence Award: Maria Winczewski, Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Morgan Ackermann

School Awards:

CIM (Certificate of Initial Mastery) cords: Hunter Enz, Dawson Hall, Morgan Ackermann, Katie Wills, Grace James, Maria Winczewski, Brooklyn Olsen, Tattum Allen, Elaine Zinsli, Honor Hansen, Austin Carlisle

CAM (Certificate of Advanced Mastery) cords: Haley Wise, Brooklyn Olsen, Hunter Enz, Dawson Hall, Tattum Allen, Maria Winczewski, Austin Carlisle, Katie Wills, Honor Hansen, Grace James, Morgan Ackermann

American Red Cross Cords: Desira Smith

FFA cords: Rayne Burke, Honor Hanse, Kiely Pitts

Military Cords: Kenneth Cassidy (Army National Guard) and Andrew Quinn (US Marine Corps)

Male Athlete of the Year: Dawson Hall

Female Athlete of the Year: Brooklyn Olsen

Perfect Attendance: Brendon Gray

Male Citizens of the Year: Hunter Enz, Carson Donnelly, Kenneth Cassidy

Female Citizens of the Year: Rayne Burke, Katie Wills, Elaine Zinsli

Award: Kristoffer Bjorn

Senior Boy of the Year: Austin Carlisle

Senior Girl of the Year: Brooklyn Olsen

Pictured are the class of 2018 senior boy of the year Austin Carlisle and senior girl of the year Brooklyn Olsen.

Colton High School has long had the tradition of staff selecting a boy and girl of the year. This year's girl student, Brooklyn Olsen, who won every math award the school has to offer, is using her scholarship money to start her continuing education at Clackamas Community College.

"I want to explore different options before I transfer to a university," Olsen said.

Austin Carlisle, boy of the year, is heading the University of Portland to study pre-med. He has been awarded more than $90,000 in scholarship money from the university.

On Thursday morning the graduating class continued the tradition of a "parade" before the last day of school. Students drove down South Wall Street on horses, four-wheelers, roller skates, shopping carts, hot rods and lawnmowers to the applause of onlookers.

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