Mulino Hamlet to discuss potential for marijuana processing business with guest speaker

The Hamlet of Mulino will hold its monthly town meeting at the Mulino Airport on June 21 at 7:15 p.m. One of the agenda items is a land use application for a marijuana processing business within the town's boundaries.

One of the four partners will speak about Milk Creek Way Limited Partnership at the hearing. The four applicants that include Miguel and Kimberly Morales, Ted Radcliffe and Jose Tayon who want to use the building at 26475 Milk Creek Way in Mulino to process marijuana.

The group wants to process marijuana concentrates in Building S at the above address. It will be done in a 1,000-square-foot space within an existing 12,000-square-foot building with current approval for marijuana production. The exact size of the property is 64.57 acres in an exclusive farm use district. This fills the requirement it be on land over 10 acres.

They will be processing the plant for edible and topical use. In their land use application, they state all products are non-solvent and non-carbon based. They don't use additives like butane or CO2. Currently, they plan to process edibles, topicals, rosin and bubble hash.

Edibles and topicals are coconut oil based. They are boiled on an induction burner and then dehydrated. When dry, the trim (the actual marijuana) is put in a vacuum seal bag with coconut oil and put in a water bath at a low temperature and later strained to separate the trim from cannabis infused oil. The group plans to focus first on chocolates. This is made by putting the oil and chocolate in a chocolate tempering machine and then melted and poured into molds for edibles. For topicals, the oil is put in a double boiler with beeswax, lavender and eucalyptus oils until melted.

Rosin is made by pressing the flower between two hot plates extracting the oil. Bubble Hash is made by putting the trim put in a series of mesh bags with ice and water then agitated. Bags are separated and strained through the last bag.

Waste from processing will be stored and secured within the structure. It will be mulched, shredded and composted 50/50 with cardboard. The plant will not be fenced based on the distance from property lines.

The partners have access rights to the portion of South Milk Creek Way that crosses the property. It has a locked gate that will be maintained separating this portion from the southeastern portion. Access to South Milk Creek Way will only be by the portion that comes from South Mulino Road. All processing will be done during the day. Black out shades will be used at night to block out any indoor security lighting.

Morales or others from the partnership will be on hand for the hearing in case residents have questions.

Clackamas County confirmed that it has given a processing license to the partnership.

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