Molalla real estate professional Ryan Mutchler appeared on an episode of 'House Hunters' last week

It's a funny thing when opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Ask Molalla resident Ryan Mutchler, he knows all about it. A real estate professional in the area, a chance meeting with the sister of a client led to something pretty special.

Mutchler appeared on an episode of "House Hunters" June 6 and said it was quite the experience.

COURTESY PHOTO - Local real estate professional Ryan Mutchler appeared on an episode of 'House Hunters' last week.

"The experience was a blast," he said.

The episode was filmed over five days in November and December and came about in one of those strange confluence of events and people that often produce interesting results.

Mutchler, who owns Well Loved Real Estate, was working with some clients on a house in Woodburn when a sister of the client noted she was a producer for the show House Hunters. One thing led to another and Mutchler was encouraged to contact the show if he found an interesting client.

Well, he did – in his own family.

Mutchler had sent in an audition tape in the interim and the show liked what they saw of him on film. Then, with his brother and sister-in-law looking for a home, the pieces were suddenly in place. The show liked the concept and a crew arrived to start filming in late November of last year.

"They did five days of filming – eight to nine hours each day," said Mutchler. "They did three days, then came back two or three weeks later to do two more days of filming. It was fun, but also kind of awkward. It's unedited, but there's so much you can't say due to copyrights and those types of things. It was odd trying to find the right clothes with no brand names on them. You don't wear gray or black, but also no patterns. The clothes have to be approved. They tell you to act natural, but there's a camera in your face, so it's kind of strange."

The other oddity about the show is that it's a two-camera shoot, but the crew uses only one camera. That means that every scene has to be reshot with a different camera angle.

"Everything you do has to be done four times exactly the same," Mutchler said. "You have to do it the same way over and over. I have a new respect for actors."

While the entertainment aspect of the show permeates things, Mutchler said that it's still a straight-up real estate deal. All the prerequisites and paperwork have to be done and approved. In the end, his brother and sister-in-law chose a home in South Salem.

"I really enjoyed hanging out with the crew," he said. "I wish there was a blooper reel. Being miked and knowing everyone can hear you – it was so much fun."

The show records more than 15 hours of footage which has to be edited down to a 22-minute segment. What comes of all that was revealed June 6 when the show aired.

"Seeing it on TV, it was really nerve-wracking," said Mutchler. "You don't know how they'll edit it, but we really liked it. They left a lot of my jokes and stupid stuff in there, which I enjoyed. We are family, so there was a lot of banter back and forth, so that was a part of it they left in."

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