Court is set for next week in the case of Joshua Webb, who is accused of killing his mother, carrying human head into grocery store, other crimes

CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Joshua Lee Webb is accused of murder, abuse of a corpse, aggravated animal abuse, attempted murder and assault for events that took place May 14, 2017.On Mother's Day 2017, Joshua Lee Webb allegedly carried what appeared to be a human head into an Estacada grocery store and then stabbed an employee there. Police later found Webb's mother, 59-year-old Tina Marie Webb, deceased at their Colton home. Webb is accused of killing his mother on Mother's Day. The District Attorney expects Webb to be sentenced next week.

The stabbing victim, Harvest Market employee Michael Wagner, recovered.

In May 2017, following the May 14 events, Webb's father David Webb told the Associated Press that he and Tina had recently adopted a dog. A dead dog was also found in the Webb's Colton home.

The full list of charges against Webb are as follows: murder, abuse of a corpse in the first degree, aggravated animal abuse in the first degree, attempt to commit murder and assault in the first degree, according to Clackamas County Court records.

A 12-person jury trial is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26, but Lead Prosecuting Attorney John Wentworth anticipates a less than hour-long hearing instead.

"We expect the case will be resolved by a plea on Tuesday," Wentworth said.

Several motions were made in court during the month of April including to limit the state's psychological examination and defense presence, to exclude gruesome photos or color photos from evidence and to support disclosing protected health information, records show. But in light of the anticipated plea, these motions have not been addressed, Wentworth said.

When asked if plea negotiations have been taking place, Wentworth said, "I wouldn't use that term." Still he expects a plea to charges Tuesday.

Also at the hearing, Wentworth said he believes victims want to address the court and assumes sentencing will take place.

Emily Lindstrand contributed to this report.

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