City Council discusses fiscal year budget, new SRO, ordinances, resolutions and new business

Molalla City Councilors met to discuss lots of business at their June 13 meeting. Since Mayor Jimmy Thompson was absent, Council President Elizabeth Klein took over. After unanimously passing the fiscal year 2018-19 budget resolution, council members considered an agenda filled with new business and a list of other ordinances and resolutions.

Two of those concerned street maintenance. The ordinance to create a street management system was amended to be repealed. The second part repealed resolution 2018-01, the street maintenance fee of $11 unanimously. One member stated he was doing this reluctantly because the city's streets are really a mess. But because it was strongly defeated in the primary election it had to be repealed.

New business included the unanimous passage authorizing a 5-year contract not to exceed $2.7 million contract to remove biosolids from Lagoon I and do aeration. It's designed to help operations and reduce costs for a new plant. The contract will be awarded to River City Environmental Services. It's estimated that the pay as they do contract costs will decrease as the years go by. Gerald Fisher, director of public works, estimates they will remove 6,000 tons this first year at a cost of about $335,000.

"The aeriation will be complete the first year giving us a jump start on the new plant," Fisher said. He explained the moved biosolids will be spread across fields until saturated with the rest going into landfill.

The ability to hire a school resource officer for Molalla River District's high and middle schools provides a couple of benefits, according to the council. First the SRO will be jointly paid by the city and the district about evenly after start-up costs. Those costs include a police vehicle as well as police equipment for the officer, paid for by the city. After that both will pay about $50,000 for the experienced officer who will have a multitude of skills from counselor to partner to investigator, according to Chief Rod Lucich.

Council members were happy to find that the school and city agreed to share funding for the officer. Funds already were set ahead for the upcoming fiscal year budget starting July 1 that was approved earlier. The council unanimously passed the authorization for the city manager to appropriate funds for the SRO.

While the ordinance for utility payment options continues to be on hold, the ordinance to amend the security/alarms chapter was passed unanimously as were resolutions regarding state revenue sharing, one that certified requirements to receive state shared revenues have been met as was a resolution to initiate a transfer and re-appropriate funds for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

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