Colton was well represented at Estacada's annual Timberfest on the Fourth of July

PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - Pictured is Ellan Bundy's winning cut in the Stock Chain Race at Timberfest on July 4.Estacada celebrates every Fourth of July with the annual Timberfest.

The event is held at Timber Park 30878 NW Evergreen Way and competitions include chainsaw contests, pole climbing, choke setting, ax throwing, log rolling and choke setting races for both loggers and kids; and there is more.

There is a lot of fun and sawdust. Besides the logging contest, Timberfest has food carts, a beer garden, live music, lots of activities for kids, llamas and at the end of the evening a fireworks show.  

The logging community of Colton is well represented as participants, event organizers and volunteers.

Vickie Schroeder plays a big part in the event. She schedules the show, helps with registration, and backs up timers. Vickie and her husband, Albert, judge events and help with set-up and clean-up of the timber show.

The list of Colton volunteers is pretty long and includes Ivan and Britny Schroeder, Dale Veelle, Tasha and Ellan Bundy, Lucinda and Wes Young, Maria Coreson, Seth Veelle, Nathan and Kayla Flanagan and Lisa Veelle. New to the volunteer group and competing in events was local Crystal Sweeney.

Vickie, who with her husband Al took first place in Jack and Jill bucking in 2017, could not compete this year because she is healing from a recent surgery.

"Our daughter, Tasha (Bundy), and her dad bucked for the first time this year," Vickie said. "They did pretty good. Third place is good for a team that has never sawed together."

Winning Colton loggers were: 

Stock Chain Race-Ellan Bundy, first place

Double Bucking-Albert Schroeder and John Wood, first place

Jack and Jill Bucking-Albert Schroeder and Tasha Bundy, third place

Log roll-Ivan Schroeder, first place, Nathan Flanagan, third place

Axe throw-Seth Veele, second place

Choker set-Nathan Flanagan, third place

Modified saw 6 cu and under-Albert Schroeder, third place.

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