The Colton High School summer softball team won in state finals, will represent Oregon at regionals

SUBMITTED PHOTO: FORREST RICHARDSON - The Oregon State Senior League Softball champions are from left to right: (standing) Coach Paul Matney, Liz Smith, Paige Pierce, Laina West, Madelyn
Robinson, Kaia Schrosk, Renee Richardson, Madelynne Pierce, Katelyn
Dutton, Lauren Reed, Courtney Weinberger, TaLeah Stephenson, Mercedes
Blasier, Coach Angelia Blasier, and Coach/Manager Jim Brochis, and 
front row:  Hailee Hordichok, Alicia Peraza and
Christina Barrett.

Last school year's Colton High School softball team had eight freshman and two sophomores and had a very successful season, earning a berth to the state payoffs; and now they're having summer success too.

"We decided to play in a summer softball program in order to give our girls more experience," Coach Jim Brochis said. "I have always been a supporter of the Little League Baseball and Softball Program because it is a low cost program for parents and a limited schedule so that players can also enjoy their summer."

Brochis said the roster of the Little League Baseball and Softball District Two Senior League Softball Team (ages 13-16) included 11 players from Colton High School—Katelyn Dutton,  Hailee Hordichok, Madelynne Pierce, Paige Pierce, Lauren Reed, Renee Richardson, Madelyn Robinson, Kaia Schrosk, Courtney Weinberger, Laina West and Amy Wimsatt; four players from the Franklin and David Douglas High Schools—Mercedes Blasier, TaLeah Stephenson, Alicia Peraza, Christina Barrett; and from Estacada—Elizabeth Smith.

In the finals of the state tournament, the local team played the Beaumont Senior League Team from Southeast/Northeast Portland.  

"During the regular season, they had defeated us each time we played," Brochis said. "But on Saturday, July 7, in the best of three games, we were victorious in two very tough games, coming from behind and winning the first game 13-11 and the second game 32-20."

"By winning the State of Oregon Tournament, the team is now heading to Missoula, Montana for the Regional Senior League Softball Tournament," Brochis said. "They will be proudly representing the State of Oregon."

Other teams competing in the regional tournament will be from Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, North California, South California and Wyoming.

"We will be providing updates from the tournament which runs from July 20-24," Brochis wrote. "Some of these games may be televised on ESPN 2."

There is a donation can to help raise funds to get the team to Montana at the Colton Coffee Company; or go to their GoFundMe page to watch for more chances to donate to the team.

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