The Oregon Water Resources Department has implemented water restrictions, including the irrigation of crops

PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - Pictured is the Colton Fire reader board as of Aug. 5.

The Oregon Water Resources Department has notified the Colton Water District of water use restrictions, including the irrigation of crops. These restrictions went into effect Friday, Aug. 3.

The restrictions mandate that there is:

  • No irrigation of crops or pasture grazing.
  • No watering of lawns, gardens, landscape.
  • No watering anything outside, no washing vehicles, no pressure washing, etc.
  • The restriction will end only when the Colton Water District is notified by the Oregon Water Resources Department that stream flows in the Molalla River are sufficient.

    In a letter sent to their patrons, the Colton Water District outlined the types of water usage that will be allowed during this conservation period:

  • Customers may fill water troughs for animals, but are reminded to monitor the fill and to not leave hoses running. Stay until the trough is filled and the water is shut off.
  • All household use is approved. However, it is suggested customers collect gray water –either bath, shower and/or sink water—for hand watering potted plants. For instance, the water district recommends placing a five-gallon bucket in the shower while bathing to capture the water that would otherwise go down the drain.
  • Colton Water District uses surface water from Jackson Creek that is a tributary of Milk Creek and the Molalla River. An estimated 500 customers are expected to be affected by the restriction. All water is publicly owned and the first person to obtain a water right on a stream is the last one to be shut off in times of low stream flows. Colton Water District's water rights were granted in 1965 and 1979, and water rights are currently being regulated back to June 22, 1964.

    "The Oregon Water Resources Department has indicated they will be monitoring the district to ensure the restriction is being adhered to. If anyone is found to be in violation of the restriction, Colton Water District will be assessed a fine by the Oregon Department of Water Resources. Fines start at $500 and go up from there. Any fine(s) assessed to Colton Water District will be passed along to the customer violating the mandatory water restriction," Colton Water District said in the letter to their patrons.

    The Colton Fire District will not be impacted by the water restrictions, and water will be available for all fire emergencies.

    For additional information, call the Colton Water District at 503-824-2500, or contact Amy Kim, Water master with Oregon Water Resources Department, at 503-722-1410. 

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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