Molalla FFA member in her last go-around for chapter at this year's Clackamas County Fair

If there's one thing Samantha Moore wants people to understand, it's that cows have distinct personalities.

And Moore should know, she's showed a trio of her cows at this year's Clackamas County Fair as part of the Molalla FFA chapter. She graduated in the spring, so this was her last fling as an FFA shower.

Her time at the fair was filled with showing and other, less glamorous, endeavors.

JOHN BAKER - Molalla FFA member Samantha Moore, who graduated in the spring, is at her last Clackamas County Fair as part of the Molalla High chapter. She hopes to keep showing cows in open division competition in the coming years.

"We spend most of our time picking up manure," she said laughing. "My cows are all for showing, so that takes time to get and keep them ready."

This is Moore's fourth year showing via FFA, but she said she will continue to show her cows in open competitions moving forward.

The time she's spent tending to her cows has been rewarding, she said.

"It is great. You learn to take responsibility for the animals and care for the cows," she said.

And along the way, she's noted that not all cows are created equal. They are distinctive in how they behave.

"Cows definitely have unique personalities," she said. "People kind of think cows are all the same, but they have different personalities. Some are easy to work with and others just have minds of their own. They are different."

As for the future, Moore said she's not sure what she'll be doing. While she knows she wants to continue to show cows, beyond that is a little uncertain.l She's currently working in Union Mills and looking at college opportunities for the future.

And tending to her cows.

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