Short discussion on 213/Toliver Road, economic development and its effects to Molalla, IGA for library

City Council members discussed a number of subjects on the agenda including an ordinance regarding a mislaid code for marijuana. The council had inadvertedly left the language out for marijuana and marijuana processing out of the Development Code.

All we need to do is reinsert the language into the development code, said Kelly Richardson, city recorder. Without reinserting the language, the city won't be able to participate in revenue sharing, she added.

The language was reinserted amending Title 17 of the Development Code.

Interestingly, when ODOT realized they were proposing a roundabout for the intersection of Highway 213 and Toliver Road, but the city advocated a stoplight ODOT decided to identify the safety issues at the intersection. Finding outsiders to help along with firefighters, the police and city staff, ODOT had them observe the intersection in the morning, afternoon and evening.

They then put together the findings and are drafting alternatives to increase safety at the intersection. ODOT will then send comments back to the city by Oct. 26. The findings will be announced at a meeting between ODOT and the city on Dec. 12.

Another discussion centered on public comments made at the Sept. 12 council meeting concerning economic development. It was suggested that city heads, council members and Chamber of Commerce members meet to discuss the city promoting economic development.

"We need to get economic development going," emphasized Council member Keith Swagert. "We need a better understanding of the Chamber's concerns and the need to bring economic development to Molalla, and we need to address those concerns before the end of the year."

While there wasn't a vote, it appeared that the council members were in favor of setting up a meeting and pushing the city toward bringing new businesses to Molalla.

Council members voted that City Manager Dan Huff sign a letter approving an intergovernmental agreement amendment to the Library District.

Finally, council members, the mayor and staff all agreed that Celebrate Molalla was a huge success. They noted how well it functioned and the large crowds that attended. Several also commented that many attending and selling their wares were so excited they wanted it to happen again next year.

Carol Rosen
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