Colton High School celebrated Homecoming week, with the king and queen announced at the football game Friday.

Friday, Oct. 5 was the perfect night for a football game. There was no rain, although it had been predicted, and an autumn chill filled the air as the stadium filled for the festive night.

This year, senior night and the annual homecoming celebration fell on the same night. The 18 senior football players and seven senior cheerleaders were honored before kick-off.

The homecoming football game pitted the Colton Vikings against the Culver Bulldogs and as in years past, students, families and alumni came to cheer on the team, reminisce and enjoy the concession and barbecue stands.PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - The senior court arrives. From left to right they are Kaelie Gates, T.J. Tiano, Becca Burge, James Parker, Skyla Crabtree and Miles Payne.

At halftime, the "Viking Ship," a flatbed truck decorated convincingly to look like a sailing vessel of yore, brought the homecoming court into the stadium. Rick Young, Voice of the Vikings, introduced the court as they disembarked from the "ship:" freshmen-Minadora Basargin and Keeden Raasch, sophomores Natalie Penni and Cody Tiano, juniors Alex Terry and Kolby Benthin, the senior court princesses Becca Burge, Skyla Crabtree and Kaelie Gates and princes James Parker, Miles Payne and T.J. Tiano.

Parents of the senior court stepped to boxes emblazoned with their student's name. At the signal, parents released the balloons from inside the boxes. Gold balloons floated in front of Becca Burge and James Parker, signaling they were the homecoming Queen and King for the class of 2018. The crowd erupted in applause while the newest queen and king were crowned by last year's royal couple Brooklyn Olsen and Austin Carlisle. PIONEER PHOTO: CINDY FAMA - Colton's 2018 Homecoming king James Parker and queen Becca Burge.

"At Colton High School, we are all like one big family," Burge said. "I am so excited to be elected queen."

CSD School Board President Tim Behrens said the homecoming game is steeped in memories and traditions that have formed around the special night, and many alumni come out to celebrate, cheer on the team and reminisce.

As the night ended with a Colton win, the once bustling concession stand shuttered its windows and students were making last minute plans for Saturday night's big dance, making memories and forming friendships that will, in small town tradition, bring them back for next year's "Homecoming."

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